Number of people in UMH - HIM Coding Department: 58
Maximum Salary$ 90,326.71
Average Salary$ 69,389.99
Minimum Salary$ 47,029.53

Department Results for UMH - HIM Coding 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Pokoyoway, Patricia AMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$90,326.71$0.00
Kuzak, BethMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$90,326.35$0.00
McNair, Victoria LynnMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$90,326.35$0.00
Walton, Charlotte SProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMH - HIM Coding$86,111.90$0.00
Butler, PatriciaClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$85,929.31$0.00
Slater, Deborah AClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$85,642.48$0.00
Umbarger, Rebecca LynnClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$83,447.70$0.00
Whalen, Sharon JClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$82,337.70$0.00
Black, RobinClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$81,903.45$0.00
Moore, RapunzelMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$80,281.29$0.00
Donia, DeborahMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$80,207.53$0.00
Lemke, Shannon LorraineClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$80,207.53$0.00
Hu, BinClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$79,622.72$0.00
Zachow, JulieClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$78,720.67$0.00
Lenz, BarbaraMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$78,597.49$0.00
Chekosky, Michael PaulClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$77,666.88$0.00
Chembola, MiniClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$77,229.38$0.00
Collins, Mary BethMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$77,092.97$0.00
Siemasz, Cathy LClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$77,092.97$0.00
Schmehl, LauraProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMH - HIM Coding$76,492.61$0.00
Brehl, AnnetteUtilization Rev Appeals SpecUMH - HIM Coding$76,112.10$0.00
Cheng, JunClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$75,581.35$0.00
Slessor, KimClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$74,834.84$0.00
Mullaly, Patricia JeanMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$73,307.39$0.00
Armbruster, JuliaClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$73,221.68$0.00
Stricker, Ramona AnitaClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$71,387.42$0.00
Vollick, Linda JuneClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$71,221.99$0.00
Whelan, SusanClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$70,325.48$0.00
Fournier, Janice KayMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$70,010.37$0.00
Hilts, Mavis GayMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$70,000.30$0.00
Wilson, RhondaMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$70,000.05$0.00
Rose, Linda DMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$70,000.03$0.00
West, KirstenClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$69,997.55$0.00
Wood, Heidi AMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$68,937.45$0.00
Das, AnarkaliMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$67,760.55$0.00
Jacob, AmyMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$66,799.88$0.00
Hein, ShariMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMH - HIM Coding$66,584.31$0.00
Ferris, Lori VMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$66,583.64$0.00
Fosgate, CherylClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$66,451.37$0.00
Wilson, Kimberley CharleneClinical Documentation SpecUMH - HIM Coding$66,451.37$0.00
Bradley, Jacqueline AnnMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$65,236.63$0.00
Brown, NancyMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$63,295.30$0.00
McDonald, JennyMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$62,567.13$0.00
Patel, MitaMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$57,866.44$0.00
Bercea, LaviniaMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$57,194.90$0.00
Skinner, LeahMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$56,616.21$0.00
Thelen, DeborahMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$56,551.16$0.00
Mallon, LoriMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$54,695.79$0.00
Krantz, GlyndaMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$53,805.13$0.00
Chuong, TinaMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$53,292.67$0.00
Woody, JenniferMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$53,292.67$0.00
Forrest, MitziMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$51,873.67$0.00
Cates, KarrieMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$51,133.16$0.00
Blankenship, Georgina CHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Coding$49,250.98$0.00
Robey, PenelopeMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$48,903.92$0.00
Castro, Christine MMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$48,440.54$0.00
Crawford, KrystalMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$48,440.54$0.00
Azzouz, LoriMedical Coder InpatientUMH - HIM Coding$47,029.53$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, lead UMH - HIM Coding
Avallone, Kimberly Financial Aid Officer Assoc Ambulatory Pharmacy
Cantor, Daniel STEAMFITTER UMH Cancer Registry
Dietrich, Karl Michael Admin Specialist Inter Health Office of Financial Aid
Herbert, Daniel+Chilcote Financial Aid Admin Inter Procurement Services
Beg, Asim Software Developer Senior %UMH%Path%Central%Distrib%
McDonald, Heather A res% AVPEM Administration
Schauer, Jill A Student Fin Aid Assoc Dir Shared service%
Paradise, project m% %Library%Operations%S%DL%
Beck, Keisha statistician lead %gastroenterology
michelle, wilkins Prod Control Analyst CW Nursing Peds/Perinatal