Number of people in Stamps School of Art & Design Department: 107
Maximum Salary$ 331,196.32
Average Salary$ 82,409.27
Minimum Salary$ 38,400.00

Department Results for Stamps School of Art & Design 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Nadarajan, GunalanDEANStamps School of Art & Design$331,196.32$331,196.32
Kumar, MahendraAdministrative DirectorStamps School of Art & Design$200,361.19$200,361.19
Van Gent, Elona DASSOC DEANStamps School of Art & Design$161,211.86$161,211.86
Nunoo-Quarcoo, Francis PPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$160,100.19$160,100.19
Smith, Bradley RPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$149,094.15$149,091.15
Bankert, Mary AliceDevelopment Director SeniorStamps School of Art & Design$146,649.19$146,649.19
Smith, Sherril APROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$144,187.88$144,187.88
Chung, Young-Shik DavidPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$143,093.38$143,093.38
Tobier, Nicholas APROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$134,447.74$67,223.87
McDaniel, Mary JoannAssistant DeanStamps School of Art & Design$133,552.83$133,552.83
Hughes, HollyPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$130,613.65$130,613.65
Poskovic, ElvedinPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$126,089.31$126,089.31
Jacobsen, Carol SPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$123,231.02$123,231.02
Hodges, Patricia LynnExecutive Asst to the DeanStamps School of Art & Design$122,221.15$122,221.15
Kumao, Heidi EPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$121,879.33$121,879.33
Rodemer, Carl MPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$121,575.98$121,575.98
Tharp, Stephanie MunsonASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$119,546.06$119,546.06
Turnley, DavidASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$119,512.84$59,756.42
Cogswell Jr, James APROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$119,075.95$119,075.95
Tharp, Bruce MASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$118,787.18$118,787.18
Porter, MarianettaPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$118,623.60$118,623.60
Marinaro, Louis MPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$110,669.53$110,669.53
Gloeckner, Phoebe LASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$108,095.17$108,095.17
Marshall, John JamesASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$105,664.21$105,664.21
Modrak, RebekahASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$105,403.83$105,403.83
Smotrich, HannahASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$104,658.86$104,658.86
Aristarkhova, IrinaASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$104,292.47$104,292.47
Pachikara, Annie CynthiaASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$101,322.74$101,322.74
Rowden, StephanieASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$100,694.40$100,694.40
Crowell, Susan EPROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$100,034.00$25,008.50
Trumpey, Joseph EASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$99,674.40$74,755.80
Topulli, BesnikBusiness Manager SubunitStamps School of Art & Design$98,886.19$98,886.19
Mondro, Anne MarieASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$98,318.97$98,318.97
Jansen, Peter JohnBuilding/Facilities ManagerStamps School of Art & Design$97,871.95$97,871.95
Moore, Karina ElizabethAdmissions DirectorStamps School of Art & Design$97,861.19$97,861.19
Kirshner, Andrew JASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$97,332.04$48,666.02
Schramm, EricMajor Gifts Officer InterStamps School of Art & Design$95,964.94$95,964.94
Andersen, Jan-HenrikASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$94,012.72$94,012.72
Hamilton, Chrisstina MarinaAdministrative SpecialistStamps School of Art & Design$92,249.75$13,837.46
Park, Sun YoungASST PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$90,766.78$90,766.78
Khan, OsmanASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$90,669.16$90,669.16
Render, TrulyCommunications DirectorStamps School of Art & Design$90,660.56$90,660.56
Graf, RolandASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$90,000.00$90,000.00
Sosa-Tzec, OmarASST PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$88,000.00$88,000.00
Platt, Robert DavidASSOC PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$85,854.48$85,854.48
Mitra, SrimoyeeArts Programming ManagerStamps School of Art & Design$82,486.19$0.00
Hay, Elizabeth KeillorLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$82,262.03$82,262.03
Wiley, Sandra KIntl Studies Education DirStamps School of Art & Design$81,023.23$81,023.23
Murdoch-Kitt, Kelly MichelleASST PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$81,000.00$81,000.00
Creech, Scott RHR Generalist SeniorStamps School of Art & Design$80,826.19$80,826.19
Brueckner, SophiaASST PROFESSORStamps School of Art & Design$79,838.05$79,838.05
Banks, Brian SAcademic Advisor/Couns SeniorStamps School of Art & Design$74,286.19$74,286.19
Grewe, Andre ToddWeb Designer/Administrator SrStamps School of Art & Design$72,355.47$72,355.47
Luther, John WesleyStudent Affairs Program MgrStamps School of Art & Design$71,629.62$71,629.62
Krecic, Mark RStudio CoordinatorStamps School of Art & Design$69,413.58$34,706.79
Burgard, William CLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$68,178.41$68,178.41
Luchs, Kathryn ELEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$67,280.70$67,280.70
Greene, Carl DMultimedia DesignerStamps School of Art & Design$67,255.87$67,255.87
Connell, AmberAnl Giving/Alumni Rel Asst DirStamps School of Art & Design$65,755.19$65,755.19
White, Howard WLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$62,675.25$20,682.83
Steichmann, Lisa LLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$62,640.18$41,968.92
Thayer, Nancy JLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$62,614.89$41,951.98
Constant, David PBudget Analyst IntermediateStamps School of Art & Design$61,249.77$61,249.77
Leyland, John VStudio CoordinatorStamps School of Art & Design$61,154.65$61,154.65
Metsker, Jennifer ALEO Lecturer IIIStamps School of Art & Design$60,992.40$60,992.40
Rubin, Kathleen KirbyLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$60,533.60$60,533.60
VanVoorhis, Catherine LLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$60,007.32$60,007.32
Brienza, JoyceLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$57,456.30$57,456.30
Hill-Cronin, RomyAcademic Advisor/Couns InterStamps School of Art & Design$57,136.19$57,136.19
Jellema, Meghan MAdministrative SpecialistStamps School of Art & Design$57,136.19$57,136.19
Wubbenhorst, Jennifer MarieOffice Admin Assoc SuprStamps School of Art & Design$55,286.66$55,286.67
Venturelli, Nora NoeLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$54,912.54$54,912.54
Bierl, MatthewStudio CoordinatorStamps School of Art & Design$53,925.68$53,925.68
Vitale, Michael PeterStudio CoordinatorStamps School of Art & Design$53,874.53$53,874.53
Greene, JillLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$53,477.92$53,477.92
Earley, PreciousMktg Communications SpecialistStamps School of Art & Design$52,472.38$26,236.19
Yang, HuiLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$52,455.44$35,145.14
Deva, Adrian ALEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$52,320.83$52,320.83
Thompson, AndrewLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$51,805.15$51,805.15
Frelinghuysen, Jessica RLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$50,727.05$50,727.05
Manos, Melanie ViolaLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$50,585.25$50,585.25
Barry, CatherineLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$50,543.42$46,499.95
Pritchard, MatthewStudio CoordinatorStamps School of Art & Design$49,586.78$49,586.78
Lew, JulianaRecruiting Coord Sr UnitStamps School of Art & Design$49,386.47$49,386.47
McGowan, Michael FLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$49,216.62$16,241.52
Beals, Patricia FerrerLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$48,207.02$48,207.02
Dowgwillo, NicholasStudio CoordinatorStamps School of Art & Design$48,164.77$48,164.77
Amtower, LauraAdmin Coord/Project CoordStamps School of Art & Design$46,999.94$23,500.00
Funkenstein, Susan ShareLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$45,767.24$17,391.60
Gieske, EricStudent Admin Asst InterStamps School of Art & Design$45,000.02$36,000.00
Tremel, Kathleen MLEO Lecturer IIStamps School of Art & Design$44,344.05$14,633.54
Neville, MichaelArts Education Program CoordStamps School of Art & Design$43,614.44$21,807.22
Hixson, Steven TimothyLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$43,590.92$29,205.92
Cardinal, Andrea LouvainLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$43,397.90$43,397.92
Burns, Seder NotaLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$43,175.68$14,248.00
Teague, BenjaminLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$43,159.74$14,242.72
Mendoza, Cristobal LorenzoLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$41,818.18$13,800.00
Hoge, SusanLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$41,690.62$41,690.64
Cuppetelli, Annica LeahLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$41,492.34$27,799.92
Cozad, AlyssaAcademic Advisor/Couns AssocStamps School of Art & Design$41,000.00$41,000.00
White, EmilyLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$40,279.28$13,292.16
Beattie, Nicole PLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$39,850.78$15,143.36
Schoenborn, CandiceAdmissions Officer InterStamps School of Art & Design$39,436.23$39,436.23
Hiraga, XijinLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$39,231.82$26,285.36
Zhai, MichaelLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$38,787.88$12,800.00
Holoweski, Cooper AlanLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$38,609.28$9,652.32
Hirsch, AllieLEO Lecturer IStamps School of Art & Design$38,400.00$38,400.00

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