Number of people in Shared Services Center - HR Department: 58
Maximum Salary$ 109,741.80
Average Salary$ 47,702.86
Minimum Salary$ 29,870.00

Department Results for Shared Services Center - HR 2016-17
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Erickson, MargaretHuman Resources ManagerShared Services Center - HR$109,741.80$109,741.80
Morin, DianneCustomer Service ManagerShared Services Center - HR$98,828.50$98,828.50
Hermansen, Sherri LynnHR Assistant SeniorShared Services Center - HR$85,551.96$85,552.05
Driver, Belinda JaneHR Assistant SeniorShared Services Center - HR$73,636.68$73,636.67
Leverett, Tamaria EPayroll Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$69,615.00$69,615.00
Tomb, JasonBenefits Administrator LeadShared Services Center - HR$69,360.00$0.00
Tiede, KimberlyHR Administration Inter SuprShared Services Center - HR$61,997.44$61,997.44
Eccleston, Christine KHR Assistant IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$56,000.00$56,000.00
Adams, Jacqueline MCall Center Sr Supr InboundShared Services Center - HR$55,046.90$0.00
Gaston, KatherineBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$54,884.96$54,885.00
Foster, John AmosHRIS Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$53,460.94$53,461.00
Cornell, Betty MBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$52,619.00$0.00
Miller, AshleyHR Assistant SeniorShared Services Center - HR$51,896.00$51,896.00
Sindlinger, Shirley AnnHR Assistant SeniorShared Services Center - HR$51,589.71$51,589.71
Swanson, SherriHR Assistant SeniorShared Services Center - HR$51,000.00$51,000.00
Saxton, Dianne MarieHRIS Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$50,860.61$50,860.61
Santuci, Venus AyannaHR Service Center Rep SrShared Services Center - HR$50,845.41$0.00
Kerr, Emily MargaretBenefits Administrator InterShared Services Center - HR$50,842.57$25,421.29
Wilson, Pamela DBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$50,630.00$0.00
Shock, Shelley AnnPayroll Clerk AssociateShared Services Center - HR$50,500.00$50,500.00
Frank, Deborah MHRIS Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$50,473.61$50,473.61
Phillips, DoraBenefits Administrator InterShared Services Center - HR$49,719.08$0.00
Reeves, Gail CBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$49,712.00$0.00
Altstetter, Lorna MHR Assistant IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$49,691.98$49,691.98
Galpin, Karen HPayroll Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$49,588.94$49,588.94
Frazier, Shelli AHRIS Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$49,512.20$49,512.20
Zuo, JingningHRIS Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$49,512.20$49,512.20
Wilson, AngelaPayroll Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$48,083.37$38,466.68
Dewolf, Tenia LHRIS Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$48,070.10$48,070.10
Cruz, Cynthia CHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$46,765.94$0.00
Velner, John RPayroll Clerk AssociateShared Services Center - HR$43,967.30$43,967.30
Calderon, JessicaHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$43,593.00$0.00
Hornbacker, MichelleHR Assistant SeniorShared Services Center - HR$43,260.00$43,260.00
Cheesman, Nicole AutumnHRIS Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$42,558.59$42,558.59
Ott, Jeannine MariePayroll Clerk SeniorShared Services Center - HR$40,540.15$40,540.15
Williams, BrockBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$40,010.88$0.00
Laymon, JohnHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$39,658.52$0.00
Baringer, JoBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$39,015.00$0.00
Zaycosky, EmilyHR Assistant IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$38,760.00$38,760.00
Beairsto, JessicaBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$38,250.00$38,250.00
Baugher, SamanthaHRIS Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$38,160.75$38,160.75
Howard, ElizabethHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$38,118.33$38,118.33
Moncrief, MichelleHR Assistant AssociateShared Services Center - HR$36,414.00$36,414.00
French, LakeiaHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$36,222.18$0.00
Branam, TraceyBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$36,050.00$36,050.00
Boddy, ChrisHR Assistant AssociateShared Services Center - HR$33,999.94$34,000.00
Craig, KyleHR Assistant AssociateShared Services Center - HR$33,999.94$34,000.00
Dea, AshleyBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$33,999.94$0.00
Harris, EmilyBenefits Clerk IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$33,990.00$0.00
Maki, ErinHR Assistant IntermediateShared Services Center - HR$33,990.00$33,990.00
Burzan, JamieHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$33,660.12$0.00
Coy, AmberHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$33,660.12$0.00
Eckler, AshleyHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$33,660.00$0.00
Sayomac, DenverHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$33,660.00$0.00
Steinaway, KeelyHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$33,660.00$0.00
Aguirre, JacquelineHR Service Center Rep AssocShared Services Center - HR$32,999.98$0.00
Saya, AlexHR Assistant AssociateShared Services Center - HR$31,000.06$31,000.00
Dingeldey, KaylaHR Assistant AssociateShared Services Center - HR$29,870.00$29,870.00

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, ASST PROFESSOR Shared Services Center - HR
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Kretzler, Annette ASSOC PROFESSOR %UMH%Domino%Med%Derm%Facility%
Miller, Jessie+Monica Communications Specialist COE EECS - ECE Division
Shapiro, Lilly HOUSE OFFICER VIII Ross School of Business
Glebe, Gregory NP CARDIOTHORACIC SURG TIER %chemistry%
Taylor, Deanna Customer Service Supervisor Grounds Services
Hower, Julia+Ann Database Analyst/Prgm Assoc UMH Int Med Clinic Nursing
schroeder, a Administrative Assistant Inter Aerospace Engineering