Number of people in School of Social Work Department: 177
Maximum Salary$ 269,343.00
Average Salary$ 80,143.58
Minimum Salary$ 32,000.02

Department Results for School of Social Work 2013-14
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lein, LauraDEANSchool of Social Work$269,343.00$269,343.00
Wade, KathleenAssistant DeanSchool of Social Work$231,774.16$25,495.16
Terhune-Flannery, Candace EAdministrative DirectorSchool of Social Work$177,649.85$177,649.85
Taylor, Robert JPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$173,892.91$121,725.04
Dunkle, Ruth EASSOC DEANSchool of Social Work$161,691.72$121,268.79
Dunkle, Ruth EPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$161,691.72$40,422.93
Checkoway, Barry NPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$160,022.00$112,015.40
Gutierrez, Lorraine MPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$159,901.08$79,950.54
Faller, Kathleen CPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$159,881.03$39,970.26
Ingersoll-Dayton, BeritPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$159,871.85$159,871.85
Oyserman, Daphna RPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$159,313.88$79,656.94
Tolman, Richard MPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$154,840.06$154,840.06
Ruffolo, Mary CASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$153,802.71$80,706.59
Ruffolo, Mary CDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$153,802.71$0.00
Delva, JorgeASSOC DEANSchool of Social Work$153,363.83$76,681.91
Delva, JorgePROFESSORSchool of Social Work$153,363.83$76,681.92
Danziger, Sandra KDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$151,941.49$113,956.12
Danziger, Sandra KPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$151,941.49$37,985.37
Root, LawrenceDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$151,088.32$45,326.50
Root, LawrencePROFESSORSchool of Social Work$151,088.32$105,761.82
Tropman, John EPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$151,001.86$151,001.86
Spencer, MichaelASSOC DEANSchool of Social Work$148,923.51$111,692.63
Spencer, MichaelPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$148,923.51$37,230.88
Saunders, Daniel GPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$145,763.17$145,763.17
Chatters, Linda MProfessorSchool of Social Work$145,398.07$72,699.04
Goldman, KarlaPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$143,448.80$35,862.20
Voshel, Elizabeth HDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$137,846.84$137,846.84
Chadiha, LethaPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$137,828.00$137,828.00
Gant, Larry MPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$137,821.64$103,366.23
Zebrack, Bradley JayASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$137,536.52$96,275.56
Himle, Susan RDevelopment Director SeniorSchool of Social Work$135,136.00$135,136.00
Himle, Joseph AlanASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$128,741.49$57,933.67
Himle, Joseph AlanDIRECTORSchool of Social Work$128,741.49$38,622.45
Kieffer, Edith CASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$127,239.02$89,067.31
Joe, SeanASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$125,379.04$106,572.18
Reed, Beth GloverASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$122,320.55$122,320.55
Ribaudo, Julie MarieCLINICAL ASSOC PROFSchool of Social Work$122,211.24$122,211.24
Ortega, Robert MASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$117,954.12$117,954.12
Perron, Brian EASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$117,640.73$117,640.73
Staller, Karen MASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$116,239.40$58,119.70
Staller, Karen MCHAIRSchool of Social Work$116,239.40$58,119.70
Kossoudji, Sherrie AASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$116,175.27$116,175.27
Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew CASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$113,758.43$113,758.43
Colenback, Timothy LAdmissions Director UnitSchool of Social Work$113,411.37$113,411.37
Hollingsworth, Leslie DASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$109,088.05$109,088.05
Ryan, Joseph PASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$108,872.35$108,872.35
Shanks, Trina RASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$107,819.42$107,819.42
Vinokur, Diane KaplanASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$107,273.92$107,273.92
Harlow-Rosentraub, KarenRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$106,911.95$10,691.20
Li, Lydia WailingASSOC PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$104,430.20$73,101.14
Savas, Sue AnnCLINICAL ASST PROFSchool of Social Work$103,785.68$67,460.69
Seefeldt, Kristin SASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$101,834.00$101,834.00
Sherman, Beth ACLINICAL ASST PROFSchool of Social Work$100,959.08$80,767.26
Jacobs, Daphne C WatkinsASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$100,650.70$70,455.49
Shaefer, Harry LukeASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$100,048.55$40,019.42
Seeley, John ArthurADJUNCT RES SCIENTISTSchool of Social Work$100,000.00$50,000.00
Powell, Thomas JPROFESSORSchool of Social Work$96,748.18$96,748.18
Stanfill, ScottResearch Process Sr ManagerSchool of Social Work$96,635.14$96,635.14
Momper, Sandra LeeASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$96,122.50$67,285.75
Lee, Shawna JoASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$92,973.00$92,973.00
Woodford, Michael RossASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$88,611.83$88,611.83
Woods, MichellePlacement/Career Svcs Dir UnitSchool of Social Work$87,538.04$87,538.04
Nicklett, Emily JoyASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$87,144.62$65,358.47
Walters, Matthew ScottIT Acad/Admin Divs Assoc DirSchool of Social Work$86,850.01$86,850.01
Raycraft, LisaCorporate Communications MgrSchool of Social Work$86,000.00$86,000.00
Cordova Jr, DavidASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$85,153.50$34,061.40
Vanderwill, William LLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$83,270.75$83,270.75
Avi-Yonah, OrliSocial Worker MSWSchool of Social Work$83,077.67$0.00
Clark, George WLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$81,631.85$81,631.85
Garrow, Eve ElizabethASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$81,046.78$81,046.78
Richards-Schuster, Katherine EASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$80,500.00$68,425.00
Richards-Schuster, Katherine EDIR ACADEMIC PROGRAMSchool of Social Work$80,500.00$12,075.00
Wiersema, Melissa NHR Officer SeniorSchool of Social Work$79,847.98$79,847.98
Kuester, OlivaLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$79,458.81$79,458.81
Patton, Desmond UptonASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$79,014.50$79,014.50
Miller, ReubenASST PROFESSORSchool of Social Work$77,000.00$77,000.00
Robertson, Leigh ALEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$73,427.22$73,427.22
Peterson, Stacy LLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$69,147.90$69,147.90
Ortega, Mary BSocial Worker MSWSchool of Social Work$68,276.74$3,413.84
Crabb, Susan KLEO Lecturer IVSchool of Social Work$68,256.56$68,256.56
Plahta, Regina JoanAsst To the Dean or VP InterSchool of Social Work$66,859.37$66,859.37
Spencer, Elizabeth BrockProject Intermediate ManagerSchool of Social Work$65,920.00$0.00
Bell, Verna TSchool RegistrarSchool of Social Work$65,785.40$65,785.40
Alvarez, Mario AntonioLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$62,139.44$51,777.68
LaRoe, RobertWeb Designer/Administrator SrSchool of Social Work$62,062.65$62,062.65
Williams, Rachel ReneeProject Associate ManagerSchool of Social Work$62,062.65$0.00
Marcoux, Joann PAccounting Clerk SeniorSchool of Social Work$61,861.61$61,861.61
Hirshon, RobertaSocial Worker MSWSchool of Social Work$61,835.32$0.00
Zimmer, Erin Lyn-PenaStudent Administration ManagerSchool of Social Work$61,196.56$61,196.56
Disney, CarrieResearch Process CoordinatorSchool of Social Work$61,044.19$61,044.19
Rork, Jerome DFacilities Coordinator/ManagerSchool of Social Work$59,069.94$59,069.94
Sinco, Brandy RResearch AssociateSchool of Social Work$58,993.28$20,647.65
Foley, Sallie MartinLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$58,730.00$22,023.76
Galura, Joseph AAcademic Advisor/CounselorSchool of Social Work$58,451.21$38,972.34
Mays, ClaritaStudent Admin Asst SrSchool of Social Work$57,844.80$28,922.40
Schmall, Sally AnnLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$57,723.02$28,861.52
Bueche, Laurie DDevelopment GeneralistSchool of Social Work$57,608.91$57,608.91
Cushman, Julie DolingerLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$57,529.50$14,382.38
Mattison, Debra KLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$57,529.50$21,573.60
Sanders, Laura LLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$57,529.50$45,548.96
Chute, Ellen YashinskyLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$56,529.50$28,264.72
Foley, Steven JLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$56,529.50$14,132.38
Glenn, Tammie BLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$56,529.50$56,529.52
Stauffer, Gary ALEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$56,529.50$14,132.40
Weissman, Scott JLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$56,529.50$28,264.72
Pelz-Davis, Kathryn LLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$56,192.30$14,048.08
Huynh, Todd DatStudent Admin Asst SrSchool of Social Work$53,322.83$53,322.83
Loy, RoxanneSecretary IntermediateSchool of Social Work$52,336.12$52,336.12
Siegel, AndreaProgram ManagerSchool of Social Work$52,000.00$0.00
Heath, Renee MOffice Admin Assoc SuprSchool of Social Work$51,562.28$51,562.28
Lopez, Kathleen LindseyProgram ManagerSchool of Social Work$51,453.65$51,453.65
Bilby, RandallWeb Software DeveloperSchool of Social Work$49,440.00$49,440.00
Leacock, GordonWeb Software DeveloperSchool of Social Work$48,000.00$24,000.00
Ortega, Mary BLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$47,527.41$11,881.84
Noronha, Jane MaryAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$47,514.77$47,514.77
Lugo, MarilynResearch Technician SeniorSchool of Social Work$47,179.14$0.00
Sennett, JayFacilities AssistantSchool of Social Work$46,902.47$46,902.47
Grogan-Kaylor, ShariAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$46,254.06$23,127.03
Weaver, AddieRESEARCH INVESTIGATORSchool of Social Work$46,000.00$41,400.00
Mitchell, Katherine LynnResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$45,000.00$2,250.00
Gaertner, JeremyResearch AssociateSchool of Social Work$44,990.40$2,249.52
Sundstrom, Laura Alysse ElbertResearch AssociateSchool of Social Work$44,990.40$6,748.56
Kelley, Lisa EwaldAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$44,820.17$44,820.17
Thomas, KevinAudio-Visual TechnicianSchool of Social Work$44,557.80$44,557.80
Price, Nyshourn DeneenAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$44,159.61$44,159.61
Gorton, Michelle ThereseStudent Admin Asst SrSchool of Social Work$44,148.02$44,148.02
Tropman, Penelope SLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$44,000.00$11,000.00
Vlnka, Sarah WResearch AssociateSchool of Social Work$43,897.36$0.00
Liwosz, DesireeResearch AssociateSchool of Social Work$43,680.00$2,184.00
Lagua, Patrick YContract & Grant SpecialistSchool of Social Work$43,602.99$43,602.99
Westbrook, JasonDesktop Support Spec InterSchool of Social Work$43,602.99$43,602.99
Thomason, Elizabeth NajetRESEARCH FELLOWSchool of Social Work$43,000.00$43,000.00
Kennedy, Dona LEvaluatorSchool of Social Work$42,975.51$42,975.51
Gonzalez, LisaAdministrative Assistant AssocSchool of Social Work$42,848.00$0.00
Lash, MarciCommunications Editor InterSchool of Social Work$42,848.00$21,424.00
Harrison, JasonAdministrative SpecialistSchool of Social Work$42,745.05$42,745.05
Davis, LaurenAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$42,415.83$42,415.83
Trosell, StacyDevelopment Events SpecialistSchool of Social Work$42,000.00$42,000.00
Cramer, Kimberly ASecretary IntermediateSchool of Social Work$41,754.11$41,754.11
Edwards, ChristianeResearch AssociateSchool of Social Work$40,705.60$0.00
Thomas, Laura AAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$40,590.25$20,295.13
May, Brittany Holmes BrevardContinuing Education SpecSchool of Social Work$40,500.00$20,250.00
Wesala, Alia GraceInstructional Learning InterSchool of Social Work$40,500.00$40,500.00
Hopson, JenniferResearch Area Specialist AssocSchool of Social Work$40,332.77$5,041.52
Schwankl, PeterCall/Cust Svc Admin Asst AssocSchool of Social Work$40,314.20$40,314.20
Wortz, MandyAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$40,216.35$0.00
Leier, Michael AAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$40,016.41$40,016.41
Mishkin, Alice OgleAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$39,999.96$40,000.00
Dumbeck, Kari LynnAccounting Clerk IntermediateSchool of Social Work$39,693.79$39,693.79
Svensson, James SLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$39,678.18$3,305.20
Adlaf, Alison LottieLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$39,520.40$19,760.24
Galura, Joseph ALEO Adjunct LecturerSchool of Social Work$38,967.48$12,985.92
Waters, Victoria GarciaAdministrative Assistant InterSchool of Social Work$38,563.20$0.00
Ray, Janet LynnLEO Lecturer IISchool of Social Work$38,201.92$19,100.96
Kennedy, SusanAdministrative Assistant InterSchool of Social Work$38,110.02$38,110.00
Noronha, JaniceEvaluatorSchool of Social Work$38,000.04$19,000.00
Rector, EmmaAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$38,000.04$38,000.00
Timmermans, RebeccaAdmin Coord/Project CoordSchool of Social Work$37,594.96$1,879.75
Spencer, Elizabeth BrockLEO Adjunct LecturerSchool of Social Work$36,790.82$13,796.56
McGuire, James MichaelLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$35,925.48$8,981.36
Wiland, SteveLEO Lecturer ISchool of Social Work$35,757.36$2,976.80
Rothschild, Anthony JamesLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$35,044.56$8,761.12
Demery, Joseph O'LearyBusiness Systems Analyst AssocSchool of Social Work$34,999.90$17,500.00
McDermott, MichaelAcademic Records Asst InterSchool of Social Work$34,468.17$34,468.17
Brady, Shane RyanLEO Lecturer ISchool of Social Work$34,407.50$25,805.60
Grawi, Carolyn LouiseLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$34,407.50$8,601.84
Haas, Elizabeth MarieLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$34,407.50$8,601.84
Thompkins, RelandoLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.15$5,552.80
Brydon, Daphne MLEO Adjunct LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.00$8,325.04
Cabin, William DaneLEO Lecturer ISchool of Social Work$33,300.00$19,422.24
Crane, Colleen ElizabethLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.00$16,650.00
Hiltz, Barbara StacyLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.00$8,325.04
Okasinski, Maureen MLEO Lecturer ISchool of Social Work$33,300.00$8,325.04
Piper, Claudia KrausLEO Adjunct LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.00$4,162.48
Song, Linh ThuyLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.00$8,325.04
Stern, Amy MichelleLEO Intermittent LecturerSchool of Social Work$33,300.00$8,325.04
McPherson, MelissaAdministrative Assistant AssocSchool of Social Work$32,000.02$16,000.00

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