Number of people in SOE- Teacher Education Department: 37
Maximum Salary$ 146,180.32
Average Salary$ 59,146.16
Minimum Salary$ 40,000.00

Department Results for SOE- Teacher Education 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Boerst, Timothy ArthurCLINICAL PROFESSORSOE- Teacher Education$146,180.32$73,090.16
Saunders, Shari LCLINICAL PROFESSORSOE- Teacher Education$105,005.68$52,502.84
Khasnabis, DebiCLINICAL ASSOC PROFSOE- Teacher Education$104,337.20$104,337.20
Keren-Kolb, Elizabeth FCLINICAL ASSOC PROFSOE- Teacher Education$96,659.20$96,659.20
Robertson, Katrin OLEO Lecturer IVSOE- Teacher Education$93,910.42$62,286.09
Tenney Muirhead, Meri NoelleAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr AssocSOE- Teacher Education$79,953.75$79,953.75
Hankinson, KevinAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr AssocSOE- Teacher Education$79,953.00$79,953.00
Shaughnessy, Meghan MaryLEO Lecturer IVSOE- Teacher Education$75,776.27$18,944.07
Mrachko, JeanAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr AssocSOE- Teacher Education$71,963.55$0.00
Stockdill, DarinLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$64,752.00$16,188.00
Wall, Marie ELEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$57,552.17$2,877.68
Graham, GwendolynLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$57,151.36$14,287.84
Klingelhofer, Rachel RennieLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$54,578.34$27,289.20
Powers, Sarah JAcademic Advisor/Couns InterSOE- Teacher Education$53,300.00$53,300.00
Madden, MicheleLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$53,254.74$18,639.16
Blunk, Merrie LynnLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$51,797.61$10,359.60
Goldin, SimonaLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$49,857.92$12,464.48
Ott, MercedesLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$49,857.76$3,116.11
Jabulani, Shomari ManuLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$48,665.48$6,083.19
Cornish, Barbara JLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$48,665.46$9,976.42
Stull, Melissa KathleenLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$48,665.15$17,032.80
Warner, BetsyLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$47,811.27$16,734.00
Kamuyu, NjokiLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$46,810.16$11,702.54
Crowley, AnnLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$46,803.61$5,850.45
Bruder, Shelley ELEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$46,802.23$9,360.48
Fortini, KathleenLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$46,802.16$21,528.96
Berge, CarolynLEO Lecturer IISOE- Teacher Education$46,802.14$11,700.54
Chamberlain, LynnStudent Admin Asst InterSOE- Teacher Education$45,777.16$45,777.16
Everett, CandiceStudent Admin Asst InterSOE- Teacher Education$43,049.76$43,049.76
Hoops, Bettina LLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$41,612.16$5,201.52
Coultas, Jill CressmanLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$41,100.00$10,275.04
Davis, Rachel PalmerLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$41,100.00$15,412.56
Morales, Consuelo JulietteLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$41,100.00$10,275.04
Santone, SusanLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$41,000.00$10,250.00
Caldwell, PhillipLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$40,000.00$10,000.00
Carr, Cori GaylenLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$40,000.00$10,000.00
Small, Cedric QLEO Lecturer ISOE- Teacher Education$40,000.00$10,000.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Administrative Assistant SOE- Teacher Education
Little, Robert+E CHAIR SRC-Seh-House
Sonntag, Edythe+Louise CLIN CARE COORD-COMPETENT Biointerfaces
Jarvie, Sally A Acquisitions Editor Senior %med%
Behm, Betsy Student Affairs AVP LSA Chemistry
Jarvie, Instructional Learning Senior athletics
Morgan, Laurie+A Nuclear OAMI Gear Up
McGuire, Eric+T RESEARCH FELLOW VProv Academic Innovation
Falk, Jon Meeting/special %UMH%Entrance%Services%
Beyer, Danielle+Marie PROFESSOR Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases
Barbee, Melissa+Wells %improvement% LSA Psychology