Number of people in Patient Services Dentistry Department: 80
Maximum Salary$ 160,831.76
Average Salary$ 34,350.49
Minimum Salary$ 20,500.22

Department Results for Patient Services Dentistry 2002-03
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Turner, Dennis FASST DEANPatient Services Dentistry$160,831.76$8,041.59
Jacobson, DavidDENTISTPatient Services Dentistry$63,303.20$0.00
Burton, Julie AnnCLIN DEPT ASSOC IIPatient Services Dentistry$61,500.00$0.00
Rife, Vernon EugeneDENTISTPatient Services Dentistry$59,134.58$0.00
Kasko, Georgia LMGR CLIN SUPPRT SVCS-DENTPatient Services Dentistry$53,069.45$53,069.45
Sniderman, Jon HDENTAL EQUIPMENT TECHPatient Services Dentistry$52,336.18$52,336.18
Stults, Debra LDENTAL HYGIENISTPatient Services Dentistry$50,686.12$0.00
Johnson, Juan FDENTISTPatient Services Dentistry$48,616.00$0.00
Navarre, Marie MDENTAL HYGIENISTPatient Services Dentistry$47,690.17$0.00
Armstrong, Pamela BDENTAL HYGIENISTPatient Services Dentistry$46,752.52$0.00
Lobbestael, Pauline EDENTAL HYGIENISTPatient Services Dentistry$45,755.54$0.00
Thompson, Jean FADMIN ASST IIPatient Services Dentistry$44,741.45$0.00
Lentz, Deborah KCLIN DEPT ASSOC IPatient Services Dentistry$44,163.76$44,163.76
Sweier, Gary SCLIN DEPT ASSOC IPatient Services Dentistry$43,756.85$0.00
Casados, Amy ElizabethDENTAL HYGIENISTPatient Services Dentistry$42,650.00$0.00
Seigel, Carlie EMGR DENTAL STORESPatient Services Dentistry$42,642.00$42,642.00
Johnson, Coralie AOFFICE MGRPatient Services Dentistry$42,160.68$42,160.68
Somppi, Ann MPATIENT SVCS ASSTPatient Services Dentistry$42,117.88$42,117.88
Pautler, Patrice ADENTAL ASST IIIPatient Services Dentistry$40,981.46$0.00
Meyer, Marsha NOUTPATIENT CLERK IVPatient Services Dentistry$40,480.96$0.00
Lacey, Maureen AnnDENTAL ASST IIPatient Services Dentistry$39,660.92$39,660.92
Cicchelli, Joyce EDENTAL ASST IIIPatient Services Dentistry$38,306.06$0.00
Quiney, Cheryl DPATIENT SVCS ASSTPatient Services Dentistry$38,228.13$38,228.13
McDougall, Norma JSUPR AUXILIARY SVCS-DENTPatient Services Dentistry$37,821.31$0.00
Osburn, Robin FSR DENTAL X-RAY TECHPatient Services Dentistry$36,728.90$36,728.90
Linley, Karen ADENTAL ASST IIIPatient Services Dentistry$36,627.24$0.00
Baker, Alicia KDENTAL ASST IIIPatient Services Dentistry$36,257.52$0.00
Adas, Coral LPATIENT SVCS ASSTPatient Services Dentistry$35,922.26$35,922.26
Etchison, Valerie RuthOFFICE ASSISTANT IIIPatient Services Dentistry$35,335.04$35,335.04
Davis, Thomas ESUPR AUXILIARY SVCS-DENTPatient Services Dentistry$34,632.97$34,632.97
Russeau, Paul MADMIN ASST IPatient Services Dentistry$34,438.04$0.00
Coss, DonleeDENTAL ASST IIPatient Services Dentistry$34,283.08$34,283.08
Petsch, Sharon KOFFICE ASSISTANT IVPatient Services Dentistry$34,110.18$0.00
Garrelts, Mary EPATIENT SVCS ASSTPatient Services Dentistry$33,805.51$33,805.51
Dodge, Dawn DOUTPATIENT CLERK IVPatient Services Dentistry$33,649.20$0.00
Ehnis, Donita FDENTAL ASST IIPatient Services Dentistry$33,102.68$0.00
Lenzie, Dorecie RDENTAL ASST IIIPatient Services Dentistry$32,839.04$0.00
Lamb, Anita LOUTPATIENT CLERK IVPatient Services Dentistry$32,699.68$32,699.68
Bergen, Judith MDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$32,302.92$32,302.92
Bradley, Carla DDENTAL ASST IIIPatient Services Dentistry$32,040.58$0.00
O'Rielly, Maureen SPAT ACCOUNT REP IPatient Services Dentistry$29,457.74$29,457.74
Deventer, Timothy JSTOCKKEEPER IIPatient Services Dentistry$29,286.40$26,357.76
Dodd, Frank HSTOCKKEEPER IIPatient Services Dentistry$29,286.40$0.00
Gee, Nancy EOUTPATIENT CLERK IVPatient Services Dentistry$29,005.08$29,005.08
Patterson, Teresa HAUXILIARY SVCS TECH-DENTPatient Services Dentistry$28,550.86$28,550.86
Melson, Carolyn MDENTAL X-RAY TECH IIPatient Services Dentistry$28,000.18$28,000.18
Craft, Judy CINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORPatient Services Dentistry$27,955.20$13,977.60
Hunsche, Donald RINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORPatient Services Dentistry$27,955.20$13,977.60
Irby, Donna LINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORPatient Services Dentistry$27,955.20$27,955.20
Lewis, Deshuna MINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORPatient Services Dentistry$27,955.20$13,977.60
Pauley, Karl AINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORPatient Services Dentistry$27,955.20$0.00
Sutton, Valerie LeeINSTRUMENT/STER PROCESSORPatient Services Dentistry$27,955.20$13,977.60
Strouse, Patricia AnnSECRETARY IIPatient Services Dentistry$26,859.56$0.00
Modica, Wanda RDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$25,701.78$25,701.78
Lusk, Clarissa APAT ACCOUNT REP IPatient Services Dentistry$25,523.42$25,523.42
Daroci, Ellen LDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$24,040.38$24,040.38
Vamvoudakis, GeorgeMEDICAL RECORDS CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,396.10$23,396.10
Helton, Nicole NDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,283.26$23,283.26
Orskey, Amanda MMEDICAL RECORDS CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,283.26$23,283.26
Gauntlett, Heather MDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,175.10$23,175.10
Robinson, Karen ADENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,112.96$23,112.96
Brand, Benjamin JDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,100.22$23,100.22
Martin, Shawnda LDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$23,000.12$23,000.12
Smith, Kimberly MDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIIPatient Services Dentistry$22,950.20$22,950.20
Wold, Sarah ADENTAL CLINIC CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$22,451.26$22,451.26
Fuller, Chizell DDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$22,116.64$22,116.64
Blaine, Alice CDENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$22,113.26$0.00
Largin, JodiDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$22,040.72$22,040.72
Towler, JeremyDENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$22,029.80$22,029.80
Shobe, Elizabeth LassetterDENTAL CLINIC CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$21,500.18$21,500.18
Williams, Shelli ADENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$21,498.88$0.00
St Clair, Donna JDENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$21,315.32$0.00
Bauman, Lynn DMEDICAL RECORDS CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$21,166.60$21,166.60
Jarrell, Timothy EMEDICAL RECORDS CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$21,166.60$21,166.60
Laughlin, Travis KMEDICAL RECORDS CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$21,166.60$21,166.60
Schiel, Joanne CDENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$21,115.12$0.00
Davis, Sarah ADENTAL CLINIC CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$21,000.20$21,000.20
Saylor, Paul PorterDENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$21,000.20$0.00
Tyner, Dannette JDENTAL DISPENSING CLERKPatient Services Dentistry$20,951.32$0.00
Suma, CobinabaMEDICAL RECORDS CLK IIPatient Services Dentistry$20,500.22$20,500.22

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