Number of people in OSEH Department: 83
Maximum Salary$ 211,138.67
Average Salary$ 78,152.30
Minimum Salary$ 37,895.61

Department Results for OSEH 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Alexander, Terrance GHlth Sfty & Envrnmntl Top ExecOSEH$211,138.67$211,138.67
Driscoll, Mark LRadiation Safety DirectorOSEH$150,301.54$150,301.54
Steinman, IanAssociate DirectorOSEH$148,361.50$148,361.50
Sheen, Danielle RenaeAssociate DirectorOSEH$147,505.18$147,505.18
Rutter, Pamela MargaretEnvironment Hlth & Safety MgrOSEH$132,892.37$132,892.37
Dressler, Michael LEnvironment Hlth & Safety MgrOSEH$123,022.67$123,022.67
Follo, Janet MEnvironment Hlth & Safety MgrOSEH$118,557.63$118,557.63
O'Rielly, Stephen MichaelEnvironment Hlth & Safety MgrOSEH$117,521.74$117,521.74
Lillemoen, Jon PEnvironment Hlth & Safety MgrOSEH$117,411.44$117,411.44
Palmieri, Dennis ASafety Senior SupervisorOSEH$110,313.00$110,313.00
Miklos, Joseph AnthoSafety Senior SupervisorOSEH$105,828.02$63,496.81
Fischer, KarlEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$103,102.08$103,102.08
Berry, StuartEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$100,997.24$100,997.24
Nord, Mark CSafety Senior SupervisorOSEH$99,563.94$99,563.94
Stowe, Lisa GayEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$99,196.70$99,196.70
Trombley, Keith REnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$98,920.50$98,920.50
Goecke, Roger BEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$98,807.53$98,807.53
Sarkisian, Rhonda MarieEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$95,021.81$95,021.81
Cooney, Sarah PlattEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$93,398.34$93,398.34
Wasalaski, Rick MEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$91,080.00$91,080.00
Taylor, Larry PEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$89,484.58$17,896.92
Kettmann, MatthewEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$89,301.00$89,301.00
Lee, Duane TEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$88,736.42$88,736.42
Evanski, Nancy MEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$86,368.55$86,368.55
Sabon, PhilipEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$85,420.00$85,420.00
Farrackand, WarrekaEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$85,000.00$85,000.00
Martin, SheyaEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$84,440.18$84,440.18
Kosco, JohnEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$83,318.49$83,318.49
Garcia, Russell SEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$83,317.83$83,317.83
Nord, Jennifer HarrisEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$82,759.56$82,759.56
Peters, David MEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$82,557.71$82,557.71
Bunn, Jessica LeeEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$79,985.68$79,985.68
Forbush, TimothyEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$77,503.74$77,503.74
Uitti, Stanley TEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$77,406.84$77,406.84
Quinn, JustinEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$76,192.62$76,192.62
Lee, DanielEnvrnmtl Hlth & Safety Spec LdOSEH$74,675.00$74,675.00
Patton, Tyrone REnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$74,322.77$74,322.77
Szornyi, Philip AEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$72,623.33$72,623.33
Mathias, Jody LynnEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$71,593.13$71,593.13
O'Donnell, CrystalEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$71,492.69$71,492.69
Bennett, JoshEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$71,143.09$71,143.09
Marquis, Gregory JEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$70,431.15$70,431.15
Robke Jr, RobertEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$69,319.00$69,319.00
Ford, Kelli JTraining Assistant SeniorOSEH$69,237.09$69,237.09
Lee, JonahEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$69,213.22$69,213.22
Walstad, Ingrid KEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$69,161.41$69,161.41
Thomas, AnneEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$68,876.00$68,876.00
Laird, DavidEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$68,703.99$68,703.99
Clements, ChristopherEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$66,666.50$66,666.50
Huffman, RaquelEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$65,957.61$65,957.61
Shourds, Anthony EEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$63,765.46$63,765.46
Grover, JenniferEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$63,756.00$63,756.00
Dawson II, WilliamEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$63,404.10$63,404.10
Tyler Jr, JohnEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$63,036.00$63,036.00
Weger, Shannon MEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$62,830.00$62,830.00
Keavey, PhilipEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$62,307.57$62,307.57
Quattro, Patricia LEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$62,146.69$62,146.69
Maue, DanielEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$62,000.00$62,000.00
Rice, Shawn REnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$61,985.40$61,985.40
Diehl, MichaelEnvrnmntl Hlth/Safety Spec SrOSEH$61,800.00$61,800.00
Capron, Donna JAdmin Coord/Project CoordOSEH$60,484.61$60,484.61
Rodriguez, Linda JeanAdmin Coord/Project CoordOSEH$58,938.54$58,938.54
Wilson, Jeffery SEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$58,833.60$58,833.60
Gallup, Julie LEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$58,353.82$58,353.82
O'Jack, Elizabeth MEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$58,211.20$58,211.20
Stafford, Barbara AnneAdministrative Assistant SrOSEH$57,910.40$57,910.40
McKowen, Keith AllenEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$56,200.89$56,200.89
Gallup, Steven HillEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$55,098.91$55,098.91
Roberts, KyleEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$55,000.00$55,000.00
Repka, MatthewEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$54,737.90$54,737.90
Beer, MatthewEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$54,669.96$54,669.96
Heemstra, RonaldEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$54,631.20$40,973.40
McDonald, Kathleen LeeEnvrnmntl Hlth/Sfty Spec InterOSEH$54,374.99$54,374.99
Welch, Tara LAdministrative Assistant SrOSEH$53,738.27$53,738.27
Sefton, JoshuaSafety Technician IntermediateOSEH$49,523.43$49,523.43
Brenner, ChristopherSafety Technician IntermediateOSEH$48,984.63$24,492.32
Pipkin, Debra KayeSecretary SeniorOSEH$46,891.00$46,891.00
Block, Deborah AClerk IntermediateOSEH$45,373.74$31,761.62
Janssen, AndreaAdmin Coord/Project CoordOSEH$45,000.02$45,000.00
Lockwood, Katharine AnnAdministrative Assistant InterOSEH$44,392.94$44,392.94
Bostain, Patricia LSecretary IntermediateOSEH$42,212.85$42,212.85
Nelson, ErinAdmin Coord/Project CoordOSEH$39,999.96$40,000.00
Rudd, Mary LSecretary IntermediateOSEH$37,895.61$37,895.61

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