Number of people in Molecular - Behav Neurosc Inst Department: 96
Maximum Salary$ 337,509.27
Average Salary$ 68,699.21
Minimum Salary$ 25,000.04

Department Results for Molecular - Behav Neurosc Inst 2007-08
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Watson Jr, Stanley JRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$337,509.27$59,964.44
Akil, HudaRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$255,542.21$45,465.03
Frey, Kirk ARESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$212,788.89$1,309.40
Young, Elizabeth ARESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$204,604.35$71,221.63
Luma, Jill BeckerRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$200,109.77$68,333.49
Zubieta, Jon KRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$189,043.80$1,222.17
Lopez, Juan FRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$158,844.60$39,711.00
Goldman, Daniel JRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$135,461.04$88,049.65
Uhler, Michael DRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$126,863.23$69,774.65
Patel, Paresh DRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$126,673.80$7,086.78
Seasholtz, Audrey FRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$123,796.43$120,701.10
Burmeister, MargitRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$123,516.90$29,644.08
Fisher, Stephen KRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$119,295.19$53,683.00
Freedman, Ruth PAdministrative Dir HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$118,984.00$118,984.00
Turner, David LRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$103,791.50$36,326.06
Ueda, TetsufumiRESEARCH PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$96,624.45$53,143.35
Murphy, Geoffrey GRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$93,196.85$34,949.10
Sutton, Michael Mark AlexandRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$89,610.00$85,130.00
Umemori, HisashiRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$88,940.87$84,494.00
Weinberg, Virginia MCLIN CARE COORDMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$77,979.20$0.00
Burke, Sharon MResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$74,966.00$56,224.50
Chang, HsienyuanSystems Programmer/Analyst SrMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$74,273.00$37,136.50
Dai, ManhongApplications Programmer LeadMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$73,367.00$0.00
Stinnett, Steven JFinancial Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$72,131.00$72,131.00
Vance, Cynthia AFinancial Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$72,131.00$72,131.00
Jakupovic, ElvisSystems Programmer/Analyst SrMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$71,750.00$17,937.50
Rector, Loren ENetwork Administrator LeadMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$71,735.56$71,735.56
Xuan, WeijianApp Programmer/Analyst SrMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$69,805.00$0.00
Heacock, Anne MRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$65,654.98$65,655.00
Caamano, Claudio AlejandroRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$65,263.80$0.00
Liu, JingRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$65,000.00$21,664.50
Griggs, Richard ATool Design Engineer InterMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$63,651.12$63,651.12
Smith, Douglas JSys Programmer/Analyst InterMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$62,139.00$62,139.00
Ding, FeiTechnical Service Engineer SrMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$60,870.42$60,870.42
Hoversten, Mary TResearch Lab Specialist InterMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$60,692.00$60,692.00
Bole, David GilesRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$60,543.04$0.00
Williams, Kenneth JLAN Support Tech IntermediateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$60,304.40$45,228.30
Wei, QiangRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$57,279.05$0.00
Prossin, Alan RodneyRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$55,000.00$0.00
Stewart, James AAnimal Care SupervisorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$53,933.36$10,786.67
Gates, Linda HResearch Lab Specialist InterMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$52,968.00$24,365.28
Beals, James LResearch Technician SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$52,814.58$0.00
Burton, James EEngineering TechnicianMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$52,684.06$52,684.06
Hebda-Bauer, Elaine KResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$52,579.00$0.00
Wang, HengApplications Programmer InterMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$52,400.00$0.00
Miller, Susette RochelleResearch Lab Specialist AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$52,191.00$0.00
Dixon, Tom AEngineering TechnicianMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$51,849.20$51,849.20
Stinnett, Gwen SchaferResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$51,560.00$51,560.00
Kerman, Ilan ARESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$50,808.00$0.00
Cecchi, MarcoResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$49,429.00$0.00
Villafuerte Monje, Sandra MariaRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$49,200.00$0.00
Capriles, Nancy Del RosarioRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$46,992.00$0.00
Clinton, Sarah MRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$45,048.00$0.00
Hsu, David TaiRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$45,048.00$0.00
Medina Marin, Adriana MRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$45,048.00$0.00
Carruthers, Cynthia JResearch Lab Specialist AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$45,000.00$0.00
Flagel, Shelly BethRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$44,514.00$0.00
Miller, Ann OAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$44,070.00$44,070.00
Macpherson, Peter CharlesRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$43,971.99$0.00
Shafir, TalRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$43,428.00$0.00
Wilson, Justin RossApp Programmer/Analyst AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$43,049.76$0.00
Garcia-Fuster, Maria JuliaRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,796.00$0.00
Krolewski, David MichaelRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,796.00$0.00
Munoz-Cuevas, Francisco JavierRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,796.00$0.00
Qiu, YunhaiRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,796.00$0.00
Zhang, HuanqingRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,796.00$0.00
Slater, Jeannie BethAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,663.18$41,663.18
Quaine, Janet MAdmin Coord/Project CoordMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,516.28$41,516.28
Eichstead, Barbara AAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$41,342.60$41,342.60
Holcomb, Carolyn DAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$40,656.46$40,656.46
Tang, HuibinResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$40,374.00$0.00
Marrocco-Redmond, Tanya MResearch Lab Specialist AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$40,230.00$0.00
Egnatuk, Christine MApp Programmer/Analyst AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$39,975.00$0.00
Yasuda, MasahiroRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$39,784.00$0.00
Kubish, Ginger MResearch Lab Specialist AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$38,177.00$0.00
Floran, LeonorResearch Lab Tech IntermediateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$38,120.94$0.00
Terauchi, AkikoRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$38,106.00$0.00
Yang, HongyanResearch Lab Specialist InterMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$38,007.00$0.00
White, Jessica AResearch Lab Specialist AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$37,413.00$0.00
Cummings, Jennifer ARESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$36,996.00$0.00
Qin, ZhaopingRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$36,996.00$0.00
Driscoll, Mary KSecretary HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$36,896.86$29,148.52
Zhang, MeiResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$36,413.00$0.00
Devlin, Constance JCOOK IIIMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$36,233.60$27,175.20
Sliwerska, ElzbietaResearch Lab Specialist AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$35,875.00$0.00
Paluck, Andrea MarieResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$35,578.92$0.00
Paluck, Andrea MarieAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$35,233.64$0.00
Ramachandran, RajeshRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$35,000.00$0.00
Almani, FaridehResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$33,490.60$0.00
Melendez, Tori LynnResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$32,999.98$1,650.08
Fitzpatrick, Jennifer JResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$32,338.80$0.00
Simmons, Tracy AnneResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$29,560.96$0.00
Luma, Melissa JoLaboratory/Classroom Svcs CoorMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$29,389.88$0.00
Bernsteel, Donald JosephResearch Technician AssociateMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$27,499.94$13,749.97
Luma, Brandon DResearch Laboratory Tech AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$26,956.80$0.00
Ranjbar, RaminLaboratory Tech General AssocMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$25,000.04$12,500.02
Burghardt, Paul RyenRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Davis, Brooke ARESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Eren Kocak, EmineRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Fentress, Hugh MontrellRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Meng, FanRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Morrison, SeanRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Mueller, Helena TRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Peckham, Elizabeth MarieRESEARCH FELLOWMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00
Thompson, Robert CRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMolecular - Behav Neurosc Inst$0.00$0.00

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