Number of people in Metabolism Endo and Diabetes Department: 113
Maximum Salary$ 225,000.00
Average Salary$ 91,427.08
Minimum Salary$ 25,000.04

Department Results for Metabolism Endo and Diabetes 2014-15
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Arvan, PeterPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$225,000.00$33,795.00
Grekin, Roger JPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$225,000.00$0.00
Herman, William HPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$225,000.00$0.00
Burant, CharlesPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$224,006.28$34,788.18
Myers Jr, Martin GPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$219,300.00$14,539.59
Hammer, Gary DPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$213,180.00$78,215.74
Lash, Robert WCLINICAL PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$210,792.18$0.00
Koenig, Ronald JayPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$205,073.04$6,972.48
Bernal-Mizrachi, ErnestoASSOC PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$200,000.00$9,382.30
Auchus, RichardPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$198,645.00$16,785.50
Jaffe, Craig AlanCLINICAL ASSOC PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$198,308.00$0.00
Kumagai, Arno KCLINICAL PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$189,082.50$7,563.30
Barkan, Ariel LPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$184,136.86$0.00
Schipani, ErnestinaPROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$178,500.00$0.00
Wrobel, James StanleyCLINICAL ASSOC PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$172,086.75$6,311.96
Clines, Gregory AdamASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$171,360.00$0.00
Busui, RodicaASSOC PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$170,850.00$11,959.50
Gianchandani, Roma YCLINICAL ASSOC PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$168,712.50$0.00
Tan, MengCLINICAL PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$167,362.39$11,715.37
Douyon, LiselleCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$160,076.25$0.00
Oral, Elif AASSOC PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$156,825.00$0.00
Esfandiari, NazaneneCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$156,060.00$6,242.40
Rothberg, Amy ElizabethCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$151,540.50$5,303.92
Dimaraki, Eleni VCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$147,740.05$0.00
Franzese, Jennifer RCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$146,599.50$0.00
Holmes, Crystal MurrayCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$146,013.00$0.00
Haymart, MeganASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$144,585.00$0.00
Wyckoff, Jennifer ACLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$143,927.33$0.00
Choksi, PalakCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$142,519.50$0.00
Kraftson, Andrew TimothyCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$137,700.00$0.00
Soleimanpour, ArashASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$134,000.00$0.00
Chun, Tae-HwaASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$130,848.51$0.00
Ajluni, Nevin NurayCLINICAL INSTRUCTORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$121,900.00$0.00
Hodish, IsraelCLINICAL ASST PROFMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$119,944.46$0.00
Else, TobiasASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$118,000.00$0.00
Munson, MichaelCLINICAL INSTRUCTORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$117,300.00$0.00
Liu, MingASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$107,100.00$0.00
Noel, Ryan RichardAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$105,009.00$0.00
Qi, Nathan RRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$92,892.76$0.00
Papaleontiou, MariaCLINICAL LECTURERMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$86,913.00$0.00
Evans, Charles RobertRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$78,956.53$0.00
Das, Arun KumarASST RES SCIENTISTMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$78,344.16$0.00
Haataja, LeenaASST RES SCIENTISTMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$77,520.00$0.00
Malec, Mary AAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$75,388.38$0.00
Alejandro, EmilynRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$75,000.00$0.00
Turcu, AdinaCLINICAL LECTURERMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$75,000.00$0.00
Cras-Meneur, CorentinRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$73,317.00$0.00
Uelmen, Sacha LAdmin Specialist Senior HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$72,598.88$0.00
Xu, BinRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$72,513.76$0.00
Wu, Grace Li-HsingAdmin Specialist Inter HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$72,125.57$18,031.39
Larkin, Dennis DResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$71,703.84$0.00
Ramm, CaroleClinical Res Project Mgr HlthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$70,530.12$0.00
Yu, JingchengResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$70,249.14$0.00
Clines, KatrinaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$69,018.75$0.00
McEwen, Laura NicoleStatistician IntermediateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$66,907.42$0.00
McPeake, JenniferFinancial Specialist InterMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$64,752.03$0.00
Eggleston, Rebecca LynnClinical Res Coordinator HlthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$63,797.25$0.00
Whalen, JasonResearch Lab Specialist InterMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$63,395.00$0.00
Lasichak, AndreaClinical Res Coordinator HlthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$62,423.63$0.00
Peng, Hwei-MingASST RES SCIENTISTMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$61,325.46$0.00
Cole, Elizabeth AnnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$61,317.43$0.00
Patterson, ChristaRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$60,000.00$0.00
Elghazi-Cras, LyndaResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$58,735.74$0.00
Vowler, Dawne MichelleAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$58,661.56$0.00
Neidert, AdamResearch Lab Specialist SeniorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$57,338.60$0.00
Byrd, Lisa KAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$57,327.47$0.00
La Pensee, Christopher RyanRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$55,080.00$0.00
Stites, Heather AAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$54,017.24$5,401.63
Grachtchouk, VladimirResearch Lab Specialist InterMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$53,630.13$0.00
Madrigal, DavidClinical Res Coordinator HlthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$53,216.15$0.00
Kempf, Lori AClinical Res Coordinator HlthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$53,170.00$0.00
Gilbert, LisaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$52,753.39$0.00
Miller, NicoleResearch Area Specialist InterMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$52,019.69$0.00
Blandino Rosano, Manuel AlejandroRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$52,000.00$0.00
Muth, TimothyClinical Res Coordinator HlthMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$50,199.00$0.00
Leone, Virginia AnnClinical Subjects CoordinatorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$49,591.13$0.00
Jones, Justin CResearch Lab Specialist AssocMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$49,126.46$0.00
Gay, Brittany LynnResearch Area Specialist InterMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$48,925.00$0.00
Chai, BiaoxinResearch Lab Specialist AssocMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$48,653.77$0.00
Liu, JiayanResearch Lab Specialist InterMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$47,977.50$0.00
Finco, IsabellaRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$47,244.00$0.00
Flak, Jonathan NicholasRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$47,244.00$0.00
Upadhyay, Sunil KRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$47,244.00$0.00
Lathkar-Pradhan, SangeetaClinical Subjects CoordinatorMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$46,751.28$0.00
Garber, Amy BCommunications SpecialistMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$46,613.80$0.00
Kellogg, Aaron PRESEARCH INVESTIGATORMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$46,092.00$0.00
Sun, JinhongResearch Lab Specialist AssocMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$45,777.33$0.00
Morishita, YoshiakiRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$45,432.00$0.00
Xing, YeweiRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$45,432.00$0.00
Basham PH.D., Kaitlin JRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$45,000.00$0.00
Bonneau, Amy KAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$44,960.55$22,480.24
Murphy, Annette KayAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$43,529.48$0.00
Akama, TakeshiRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$43,000.00$0.00
Raman, PriyaRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$43,000.00$0.00
Kessler, Nancy LResearch Area Specialist AssocMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$42,760.44$0.00
Hughbanks, Sonja LAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$42,300.46$0.00
Citterio, Cintia ElianaRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$42,000.00$0.00
Guo, HuanResearch Lab Tech IntermediateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$40,575.36$0.00
Jiang, YibinResearch Tech IntermediateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$39,535.09$0.00
Zhu, ShuaishuaiRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$39,500.00$0.00
El Azzouny, MahmoudRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$39,264.00$0.00
Bridges, SydneyResearch Lab Specialist AssocMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$38,280.83$0.00
Barnes II, RichardResearch Tech IntermediateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$38,185.36$0.00
Jimenez-Palomares, MargaritaRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$38,110.00$0.00
Wilson, TremikaResearch Lab Specialist AssocMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$38,000.00$0.00
Wiersba, Priya NaliniAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$37,832.58$0.00
Manickam, NandiniRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$37,500.00$0.00
Chen, WeiRESEARCH FELLOWMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$36,000.00$0.00
Barbaresso, Rebecca SuzanneResearch Technician AssociateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$30,850.83$0.00
See, LaurenResearch Technician AssociateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$28,999.88$0.00
Kasper, Chelsea LeighResearch Technician AssociateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$28,629.92$0.00
Plunkett, BrittanyResearch Technician AssociateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$28,118.69$0.00
Botezatu, NathalieResearch Technician AssociateMetabolism Endo and Diabetes$25,000.04$0.00

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