Number of people in MAIS SA CPU Department: 42
Maximum Salary$ 168,161.00
Average Salary$ 81,973.29
Minimum Salary$ 45,320.08

Department Results for MAIS SA CPU 2008-09
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Gohsman Jr, John LIS DirectorMAIS SA CPU$168,161.00$168,161.00
Turbett, Jon LApplications Programming MgrMAIS SA CPU$113,066.00$113,066.00
Kuffner, Karen RERP Project ManagerMAIS SA CPU$106,000.00$106,000.00
Nowak, ElaineIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS SA CPU$105,111.00$105,111.00
Perhne, David CApp Sys Analysis/Prgmming MgrMAIS SA CPU$100,713.00$100,713.00
Poulson, Lisa AIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS SA CPU$95,836.00$95,836.00
Kassa, Erin EApp Sys Analysis/Prgmming MgrMAIS SA CPU$91,670.00$91,670.00
Serri, Barbara BreedingApp Sys Analysis/Prgmming MgrMAIS SA CPU$91,453.00$91,453.00
Nelson, Mark SIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS SA CPU$91,276.00$91,276.00
Lyke-Whiting, Lynn LERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$87,801.00$87,801.00
Wallace, Carmen DApp Sys Analyst/Programmer LdMAIS SA CPU$86,936.00$86,936.00
Masters, Joan LERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$86,609.00$86,609.00
Emery, Lisa BIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS SA CPU$86,000.00$86,000.00
Robson, Brian KERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$85,409.00$85,409.00
Sieg, Reni RApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS SA CPU$84,951.00$84,951.00
Tsui, NingApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS SA CPU$84,526.00$84,526.00
Haskins, Mark CApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS SA CPU$84,284.00$84,284.00
Gohsman, Mary KERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$83,732.00$62,799.00
Marts, Patricia LouiseERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$83,357.00$83,357.00
Roane Jr, James HERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$82,654.00$82,654.00
Dietrich, Karl MichaelERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$80,885.00$80,885.00
Anderson, Lori Jean PanorERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$80,884.00$80,884.00
Gluski, Kari EApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS SA CPU$76,828.00$76,828.00
Castle, Jeffrey JERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$76,710.00$0.00
Irwin, Shelley MApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$76,668.00$57,501.00
Novara, David MApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS SA CPU$76,440.00$76,440.00
Matola, Michael GApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$74,706.00$74,706.00
Ford, Phyllis AERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS SA CPU$74,297.00$74,297.00
Tiffany, Lyle BApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$73,492.00$73,492.00
Behrendt, Peggy JERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$73,210.00$73,210.00
Stebbins, Edward WERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$71,750.00$71,750.00
Besancon, James EricApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$70,720.00$70,720.00
White, Tena LERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$69,861.00$69,861.00
Mathew, ManjuApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$69,630.00$69,630.00
Sayre, Cynthia CERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$69,535.00$69,535.00
Palacios, Richard AApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$69,401.00$69,401.00
Patel, Rohin BhanuApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$69,010.00$69,010.00
Easthope, Joseph JERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$65,304.00$65,304.00
Kedar, Anjali SureshApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$65,088.00$65,088.00
Grikschat, John AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS SA CPU$64,397.00$64,397.00
Shand, MaryjaneAdministrative Assistant SrMAIS SA CPU$49,196.94$49,196.94
Parker, Crystal SueApp Programmer/Analyst AssocMAIS SA CPU$45,320.08$45,320.08

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