Number of people in MAIS Fin/Phys CPU Department: 42
Maximum Salary$ 164,146.00
Average Salary$ 78,980.41
Minimum Salary$ 46,847.06

Department Results for MAIS Fin/Phys CPU 2009-10
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Mero, Deborah SueIS DirectorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$164,146.00$164,146.00
Fons, PamelaERP Project ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$125,886.00$125,886.00
Madden, Thomas EERP Project ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$119,110.00$119,110.00
Byrkit, Mary MIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$104,710.00$104,710.00
Carson, Cassandra LIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$103,667.00$103,667.00
Wood, Brandy LeeIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$102,400.00$102,400.00
Zaidi, Nadeem IIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$102,043.00$102,043.00
Bhatia, Martha TIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$101,132.00$91,018.80
Tawakkol, DimaIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$97,850.00$0.00
Barge, Sylvia JIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$96,550.00$96,550.00
Harris, Lisa LERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$90,287.00$90,287.00
Creager, Jackie LERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$88,504.00$88,504.00
Schmidt, Richard JApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$85,419.00$85,419.00
Chou, Hue-Chung NinaApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$85,389.00$85,389.00
Haskins, Mark CApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$85,127.00$85,127.00
Zhang, XiaoyanApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$81,409.00$81,409.00
Samdani, MahboobApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$78,155.00$78,155.00
Klaffke, Robert NERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$77,790.00$77,790.00
Bumby, Margaret AnnApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$76,672.00$76,672.00
Groce, Marian ReneeERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$72,842.00$0.00
Atluru, SahithiApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$71,767.00$71,767.00
Jin, WeiApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$71,050.00$71,050.00
McAlinden, Patrick MApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$69,763.00$69,763.00
Deromedi, Lori AInstructional DesignerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$67,383.00$67,383.00
Hartman, BryanERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$66,831.00$66,831.00
Hu, YajingApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$66,638.00$66,638.00
Tietz, Nancy JApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$66,188.00$66,188.00
Peters, Amy KristineInstructional DesignerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$65,873.00$52,698.40
Dinsdale, Kendra KERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$65,528.00$65,528.00
Rose, Holly AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$65,439.00$65,439.00
Jia, HongyanApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$65,418.00$65,418.00
Hiremath, Gurudev SApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$65,173.00$0.00
Crouch, Catherine MERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$64,349.00$64,349.00
Sprunk, Gladys AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$63,575.00$63,575.00
Wlosinski, Brian RobERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$62,192.00$62,192.00
Allan, Christopher JamesERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$61,889.00$61,889.00
Kaminski, JeffERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$61,004.00$61,004.00
Stark, DeepaliInstructional DesignerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$55,636.00$55,636.00
Witherspoon, Ken AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$55,278.00$55,278.00
VanMeerbeeck, Lisa HAdministrative Assistant SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$52,179.92$52,179.92
Torgersen, John ArthurApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$48,088.13$12,022.03
Evers, Julie AAdministrative Assistant InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$46,847.06$46,847.06

Lists of recent searches of
, Accounts Payable Manager MAIS Fin/Phys CPU
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