Number of people in MAIS Fin/Phys CPU Department: 36
Maximum Salary$ 150,230.69
Average Salary$ 73,634.09
Minimum Salary$ 45,928.22

Department Results for MAIS Fin/Phys CPU 2004-05
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Mero, Deborah SueDIR FIN/PHY RES CPUMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$150,230.69$150,230.69
Fons, PamelaMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$104,500.00$104,500.00
Schlecht, Steven JMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$95,500.00$95,500.00
Bhatia, Martha TMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$88,168.37$88,168.37
Byrkit, Mary MMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$86,163.76$86,163.76
Frost, Jeanette RMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$85,340.07$85,340.07
Wood, Brandy LeeMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$85,340.07$85,340.07
Barge, Sylvia JMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$84,926.22$84,926.22
Wolf, Arlene EMAIS MANAGERIAL-LEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$84,926.22$84,926.22
Xie, XiaobingSR APPLICATION DEVELMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$83,000.00$83,000.00
Zaidi, Nadeem ISR APPLICATION DEVELMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$82,989.61$82,989.61
Gillespie, Kathleen ASR BUS SYST ANALYSTMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$80,209.13$80,209.13
Lindner, John DSR BUS SYST ANALYSTMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$79,820.30$39,910.15
Chou, Hue-Chung NinaAPPLICATION DEVEL IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$76,590.01$76,590.01
Sieg, Reni RAPPLICATION DEVEL IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$76,218.84$76,218.84
Geren, Virginia LPERF SUPP ANALYST IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$74,421.50$74,421.50
Creager, Jackie LBUS SYST ANALYST IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$73,688.81$73,688.81
Klaffke, Robert NBUS SYST ANALYST IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$73,331.79$73,331.79
Bumby, Margaret AnnAPPLICATION DEVEL IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$70,134.82$70,134.82
White, Karen MAPPLICATION DEVEL IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$69,839.60$69,839.60
Harris, Lisa LBUS SYST ANALYST IIIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$68,201.90$68,201.90
Zhang, XiaoyanAPPLICATION DEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$66,203.47$66,203.47
Howland, Raburn LBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$62,500.00$0.00
Stebbins, Edward WBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$62,500.00$62,500.00
Dinsdale, Kendra KBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,859.07$60,859.07
Atluru, SahithiAPPLICATION DEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,778.18$60,778.18
McAlinden, Patrick MAPPLICATION DEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,778.18$60,778.18
Sims, Bic NguyenAPPLICATION DEVEL IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,778.18$60,778.18
Bossory, Alexander CBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,500.00$60,500.00
Komives, Kristine MBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,500.00$60,500.00
Crouch, Catherine MBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$57,442.52$57,442.52
Ayotte, Todd JBUS SYST ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$57,000.00$57,000.00
Deromedi, Lori APERF SUPP ANALYST IIMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$57,000.00$57,000.00
Wilson, Gregory GlenAPPLICATION DEVEL IMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$54,017.56$54,017.56
Erickson, Lisa HADMIN ASSOC I NEMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$50,500.06$50,500.00
Evers, Julie AADMIN ASST II NEMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$45,928.22$39,038.80

Lists of recent searches of
Martinez, Tracie L App Programmer/Analyst Ld DLHS Division of Prof Ed
Logarbo, Mona L Medical Technologist UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)
Keller, Susan+R Patient Services Assistant IT%
Soofi, Abdulsalam Am App Programmer/Analyst Inter Law School
Amin, Camron+M Storeroom/Warehouse Sr Supr UMH Cardiovascular Center 4
Claboine, Yuka Acad Affairs Asst Vice Provost UMH Amb Care Admin
Cody, Kevin R adm% MICHR - Operations
Caulfield, Sueann psych Otorhinolaryngology Department
Jin, Taocong Financial or Bus Analyst Sr CBSSM
Welsh, Robert C Patient Services Associate Ambulatory Care Services