Number of people in MAIS Fin/Phys CPU Department: 40
Maximum Salary$ 160,927.00
Average Salary$ 76,307.83
Minimum Salary$ 45,928.22

Department Results for MAIS Fin/Phys CPU 2008-09
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Mero, Deborah SueIS DirectorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$160,927.00$160,927.00
Fons, PamelaERP Project ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$121,008.00$121,008.00
Madden, Thomas EERP Project ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$109,074.00$109,074.00
Byrkit, Mary MIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$100,167.00$100,167.00
Carson, Cassandra LIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$99,169.00$99,169.00
Wood, Brandy LeeIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$98,922.00$98,922.00
Bhatia, Martha TIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$98,654.00$88,788.60
Zaidi, Nadeem IIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$96,658.00$96,658.00
Tawakkol, DimaIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$95,000.00$0.00
Barge, Sylvia JIT Project Senior ManagerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$92,347.00$92,347.00
Creager, Jackie LERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$86,768.00$86,768.00
Chou, Hue-Chung NinaApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$84,127.00$84,127.00
Harris, Lisa LERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$83,475.00$83,475.00
Schmidt, Richard JApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$83,327.00$83,327.00
Klaffke, Robert NERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$77,790.00$77,790.00
Zhang, XiaoyanApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$77,501.00$77,501.00
Samdani, MahboobApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$77,000.00$77,000.00
Bumby, Margaret AnnApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$74,794.00$74,794.00
Atluru, SahithiApp Programmer/Analyst SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$70,359.00$70,359.00
Jin, WeiApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$70,000.00$70,000.00
McAlinden, Patrick MApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$68,053.00$68,053.00
Groce, Marian ReneeERP Business Analyst SeniorMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$68,000.00$0.00
Deromedi, Lori AInstructional DesignerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$66,061.00$66,061.00
Dinsdale, Kendra KERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$65,528.00$65,528.00
Jia, HongyanApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$63,500.00$63,500.00
Hu, YajingApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$63,440.00$63,440.00
Hartman, BryanERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$63,000.00$63,000.00
Tietz, Nancy JApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$63,000.00$63,000.00
Crouch, Catherine MERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$61,850.00$61,850.00
Hiremath, Gurudev SApp Programmer/Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$60,255.00$0.00
Rose, Holly AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$59,360.00$59,360.00
Sprunk, Gladys AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$59,360.00$59,360.00
Peters, Amy KristineInstructional DesignerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$58,140.00$43,605.00
Allan, Christopher JamesERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$57,240.00$57,240.00
Kaminski, JeffERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$57,240.00$57,240.00
Wlosinski, Brian RobERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$57,240.00$57,240.00
Witherspoon, Ken AERP Business Analyst InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$54,194.00$54,194.00
Stark, DeepaliInstructional DesignerMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$52,700.00$52,700.00
VanMeerbeeck, Lisa HAdministrative Assistant SrMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$51,157.08$51,157.08
Evers, Julie AAdministrative Assistant InterMAIS Fin/Phys CPU$45,928.22$45,928.22

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, Software Developer Senior MAIS Fin/Phys CPU
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