Number of people in Library - Health Sciences Department: 28
Maximum Salary$ 103,670.85
Average Salary$ 69,518.50
Minimum Salary$ 44,032.00

Department Results for Library - Health Sciences 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Allee, Nancy JLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$103,670.85$103,670.85
Smith, Judith EllenLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$92,605.37$92,605.37
Shipman, Barbara LSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$89,272.69$66,954.52
Lalwani, Leena NLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$89,254.22$89,254.22
Song, Jean ChungLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$87,752.70$87,752.70
Conte, Marisa LenoreLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$86,378.50$86,378.50
Brandenburg, Marci DanielleLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$86,122.86$86,122.86
Anderson, Patricia FLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$79,916.40$79,916.40
Rosenzweig, MerleLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$77,163.13$77,163.13
Rana, Gurpreet KaurLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$77,037.71$65,482.05
Schnitzer, Anna ErcoliASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,938.28$35,469.14
Tschirhart, Lori-AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,906.13$70,906.13
Townsend, Whitney AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$68,683.76$68,683.76
Martin, Scott ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$68,615.05$68,615.05
Mac Eachern, Mark PaulSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$66,001.43$66,001.43
Grochowski, Paul FASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$65,229.96$65,229.96
Sevryugina, Yulia VASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$65,000.00$65,000.00
Niehof, Jamie MarieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$61,500.00$61,500.00
Saylor, Kate MacDougallASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$60,692.96$60,692.96
Masters, ChaseASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$59,836.73$59,836.73
Glenn, Jacob KennethASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$59,632.49$59,632.49
Shannon, Marjorie CarolASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$58,158.31$58,158.31
Ginier, Emily CatherineASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$58,137.53$55,230.65
Nix, Addicus TylerASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$58,000.00$58,000.00
Freeman, JacquelineASST LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$52,224.00$52,224.00
Price, Kelly MarieInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary - Health Sciences$45,000.00$45,000.00
Donovan, KaiyanneInstructional Learning AsstLibrary - Health Sciences$44,754.88$44,754.88
Casey, MaryAdministrative Assistant InterLibrary - Health Sciences$44,032.00$44,032.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Database Analyst% Library - Health Sciences
Zontini, Carl A Major Gifts Officer Inter UMH Gold Cancer Center
Flannery, Denise Database Analyst/Prgm Inter HITS Analytics - BI
Andersen, Elizabeth project senior manager UMH Laundry Administration
Long, Kaelynn ASST PROFESSOR UMH Central Staff Resource
Beck, Keisha Emergency services tech UMOR Functional MRI Lab (fMRI)
Andersen, Database Analyst/Programmer % UMH Microbiol Pathology
Pandey, Aditya S Chief nursing officer UMH 8D
Fields, Courtney Shanae Database Analyst/Programmer %ITS%Program%Proj%Mgmt%Office%
Babcock, Jared NP MEDICAL SUBSPECIALTY TIER 2 Neurosurgery
herbel, maria Research Analyst Michigan Radio