Number of people in Library - Health Sciences Department: 28
Maximum Salary$ 107,817.74
Average Salary$ 72,516.47
Minimum Salary$ 45,242.88

Department Results for Library - Health Sciences 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Allee, Nancy JLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$107,817.74$106,739.56
Lalwani, Leena NLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$96,200.00$96,200.00
Smith, Judith EllenLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$95,152.02$95,152.02
Song, Jean ChungLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$90,165.90$90,165.90
Conte, Marisa LenoreLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$89,833.64$89,833.64
Brandenburg, Marci DanielleLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$88,491.24$64,598.61
Tschirhart, Lori-AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$84,000.00$84,000.00
Anderson, Patricia FLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$82,114.10$82,114.10
Rana, Gurpreet KaurLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$80,119.22$68,101.34
Rosenzweig, MerleLIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$79,285.12$79,285.12
Schnitzer, Anna ErcoliASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$72,889.08$36,444.54
Townsend, Whitney AnnSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$71,189.06$71,189.06
Grochowski, Paul FSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$71,045.21$71,045.21
Mac Eachern, Mark PaulSR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,810.41$70,810.41
Martin, Scott ASR ASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$70,501.96$70,501.96
Sevryugina, Yulia VASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$67,600.00$67,600.00
Ginier, Emily CatherineASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$66,426.20$56,462.27
Saylor, Kate MacDougallASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$66,426.20$66,426.20
Glenn, Jacob KennethASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$65,045.07$65,045.07
Niehof, Jamie MarieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$65,045.07$65,045.07
Masters, ChaseASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$64,614.36$64,614.36
Nix, Addicus TylerASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$64,614.36$64,614.36
Samuel, Sara MarieASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$64,000.00$64,000.00
Shannon, Marjorie CarolASSOC LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$63,282.11$63,282.11
Freeman, JacquelineASST LIBRARIANLibrary - Health Sciences$56,327.05$56,327.05
Price, Kelly MarieInfo Resources Spec InterLibrary - Health Sciences$46,237.50$46,237.50
Donovan, KaiyanneInstructional Learning AsstLibrary - Health Sciences$45,985.64$45,985.64
Casey, MaryAdministrative Assistant InterLibrary - Health Sciences$45,242.88$45,242.88

Lists of recent searches of
, Physician Asst Cardio Surg T3 Library - Health Sciences
Wrobleski, Shirley Health Information Svcs Dir SRO Proposal Development - Fin
Navarro, Julian Alexander Technical Writer Lead Mechanical Engineering
Buonarroti, Adrianna surgical technologist senior % ITS
Martin, Johnathan asst professor Procurement Services
Russell, Sharon L ELECTRICIAN c%
Sneed, Glenda L assoc professor LSA Mathematics
Zakrajsek, Jennifer S %transport %%%%%%%%%%
Ghiron, Laura Jane clinical manager UMH Emergency Department
Chardoul, UNIX Systems Admin Inter UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)
Buno, Amy professor UMHS - HIM Administration