Number of people in LSA UG: Residential College Department: 84
Maximum Salary$ 175,000.00
Average Salary$ 65,259.83
Minimum Salary$ 34,500.00

Department Results for LSA UG: Residential College 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Thompson, Heather AProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$175,000.00$43,750.00
Dillard, Angela DeniseProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$153,287.00$19,160.88
Kasischke, Laura KayPROFESSORLSA UG: Residential College$149,156.00$37,289.00
Wells, Jonathan DanielProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$147,332.00$110,499.00
Eagle, Herbert JAssoc ProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$122,306.94$40,361.29
Badgley, Catherine EProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$116,480.00$58,240.00
Turnley, DavidAssoc ProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$115,621.00$57,810.50
Gould, MichaelProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$102,297.00$51,148.50
Caulfield, SueannAssoc ProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$101,236.00$50,618.00
Crowell, Susan EProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$100,034.00$75,025.50
Brown, CatherineAssoc ProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$95,170.00$47,585.00
Andre, Naomi AAssoc ProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$94,488.00$47,244.00
Lucas, Ashley ElizabethAssoc ProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$93,752.00$46,876.00
Ward, Stephen MASSOC PROFESSORLSA UG: Residential College$89,654.00$44,827.00
Genne, BethProfessorLSA UG: Residential College$89,390.67$67,043.00
Fisher, AnnaASST PROFESSORLSA UG: Residential College$83,951.00$41,975.50
Myers, Jennifer TLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$83,097.15$83,097.15
Peters, Frederick GLEO Intermittent LecturerLSA UG: Residential College$82,971.14$82,971.12
Evans, Jeffrey ELEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$81,092.32$40,546.16
Sowers, Cynthia ALEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$80,910.41$40,455.21
Lopez-Cotin, Olga MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$80,819.86$80,819.86
Abrego, Carl OscarBusiness Administrator InterLSA UG: Residential College$80,076.00$80,076.00
Walsh, Martin WLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$76,608.82$76,608.82
Shier, Janet HegmanLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$75,996.83$75,996.83
Burkam, David ThomasLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$75,966.54$75,966.54
Greenspan, HenryLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$75,251.00$37,625.50
Rodriguez, Maria ILEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$72,451.19$72,451.19
Regester, Craig DStudent Affairs Program MgrLSA UG: Residential College$72,250.00$56,355.00
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$68,624.20$22,645.99
Mendeloff, KatherineLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$66,268.16$66,268.16
Walton, Susan PrattLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$65,120.38$32,560.19
Goertz, Karein KLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$64,963.72$64,963.72
Thompson, Frank WilsonLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$64,575.90$21,519.92
Butler-Borruat, Dominique MLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$63,009.20$63,009.20
Berwanger, Paula DLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$62,837.19$62,837.19
Murphy, Charles LAcademic Program ManagerLSA UG: Residential College$62,570.00$62,570.00
Thomas, Laura CLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$61,700.40$61,700.40
Mayesky, VanessaAcademic Program ManagerLSA UG: Residential College$61,160.00$61,160.00
Middlebrook, CandiceExecutive SecretaryLSA UG: Residential College$58,905.00$58,905.00
Makin, Alina UdalchenkoLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$58,517.31$19,310.72
Okuno, TomokoLEO Lecturer IIILSA UG: Residential College$57,072.69$57,072.69
Goodenough, Elizabeth NLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$56,372.31$28,186.16
Espinoza-Pino, Cristhian CarloLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$56,274.39$56,274.39
Kirschenmann, Mark StevenLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$56,242.06$28,121.03
Sanchez-Snell, Teresa RAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA UG: Residential College$54,502.45$36,353.14
Ervamaa, Katri MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$54,379.61$54,379.61
Gordon-Gurfinkel, Deborah MaeArts Education Program CoordLSA UG: Residential College$54,239.99$9,221.71
Gutierrez Tashian, Wendy PaolaLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Residential College$52,060.75$52,060.75
Wingfield, Isaac ChristianLEO Lecturer IIILSA UG: Residential College$51,727.64$51,727.64
Rosegrant, Susan RuthLEO Lecturer IIILSA UG: Residential College$51,375.00$34,254.28
Hamilton, GrahamArts Programming CoordinatorLSA UG: Residential College$51,200.00$38,400.00
Bayraktar, Elissa Justine BellLEO Lecturer IIILSA UG: Residential College$50,869.76$50,869.76
Murphy, Virginia ELEO Lecturer IIILSA UG: Residential College$50,347.50$25,173.75
Willette, Thomas ChauncyLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Residential College$50,327.27$16,771.57
Thomas, KevinMedia ConsultantLSA UG: Residential College$50,220.00$25,110.00
Burton, Cynthia AStudent Admin Asst SrLSA UG: Residential College$50,071.00$50,071.00
Burde, MarkLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Residential College$49,320.00$49,320.00
Regester, Craig DLEO Adjunct LecturerLSA UG: Residential College$48,166.66$10,596.64
Miller, MiaishaStudent Admin Asst SrLSA UG: Residential College$47,600.00$47,600.00
Racine, IngridAcademic Program SpecialistLSA UG: Residential College$47,420.00$23,710.00
Corey, LoganStudent Admin Asst SrLSA UG: Residential College$46,628.00$46,628.00
Hernandez, LolitaLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Residential College$46,504.91$36,169.20
Moore-Marshall, Emily JAdmin Coord/Project CoordLSA UG: Residential College$45,625.58$0.00
Gordon-Gurfinkel, Deborah MaeLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Residential College$44,943.05$14,977.28
Sanchez-Snell, Teresa RLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Residential College$43,866.38$14,618.48
Heinen, MaryStudent Admin Asst SrLSA UG: Residential College$43,000.10$43,000.00
Millman, TobyLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$40,000.00$26,670.00
Copeland, Diana GayleLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$36,761.48$16,340.48
Elkins, Alexander BivasLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$36,681.02$12,223.95
Hottmann, XiaodongLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$36,368.74$12,119.88
Nunez Marquez De Marino, Sandra DianaLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$36,363.32$24,245.28
Messer, SarahLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$36,363.23$36,363.23
Biswas, EshaStudent Affairs Program SpecLSA UG: Residential College$36,251.00$36,251.00
Berger, MarionAdministrative Assistant InterLSA UG: Residential College$36,140.00$36,140.00
Fox, HelenLEO Intermittent LecturerLSA UG: Residential College$35,448.76$7,878.49
Galvan-Santibanez, MariaLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$35,448.76$23,635.44
King, Robert ThompsonLEO Intermittent LecturerLSA UG: Residential College$35,448.76$11,813.30
Matthews, ChristopherLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$35,448.76$35,448.76
Schwartz-Bishir, Rebecca AmieLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$35,448.76$11,813.36
Stainton, Leslie AnneLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$35,448.75$11,813.30
Wetzel, Raymond TLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$35,448.75$11,813.30
Grzeskowiak, SilviaLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$34,500.00$11,497.13
Stoll, MarieLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$34,500.00$23,002.88
Zapf-Garcia, IrisLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Residential College$34,500.00$11,497.12

Lists of recent searches of
, CLINICAL ASSOC PROF LSA UG: Residential College
rachal, tadarious ASST COACH UMH H.O. Ophthalmology
Spilker, Theodore Admin Manager assoc Healthcare %Aid%
Alpers, Dirk Laboratory Manager UMH Medical Short Stay Units
Elkins, Christiana Research Compliance Spec Sr UMH Patient Food Svcs
Carlson, Wendy Michelle ASSOC PROFESSOR lsa political science
Hernandez, Valentine HRIS Top Executive UMHS Compliance - Shared Srvcs
Ray, Leonard+Reico TELECOM SPECIALIST Flint Physical Therapy
Shockley-Swyer, Natasha+Ann Billing Clerk Senior HITS Departmental Applications
Martins, Joaquim R R A Financial CW - Pharmacy
Mazzaro, Rocko RN CASE MANAGER-COMPETENT UMH H.O. Core Pathology