Number of people in LSA UG: Comprehensive Studies Department: 40
Maximum Salary$ 101,621.00
Average Salary$ 54,508.21
Minimum Salary$ 35,448.76

Department Results for LSA UG: Comprehensive Studies 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Waters, HaroldAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr SrLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$101,621.00$101,621.00
Story, Ralph DAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr SrLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$88,343.00$44,171.50
Davenport, Demond J CBusiness Manager SubunitLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$85,000.00$85,000.00
Fontenot, Dwight LAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$84,136.00$84,136.00
Khumbah, Nkem-Amin NLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$74,578.58$74,578.58
Wood, Laury JLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$72,090.54$72,090.54
Turner, Makeda KaPriceAcad &/Or Res Prgm Ofcr AssocLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$72,000.00$72,000.00
Castaneda, Carol AnnLEO Lecturer IIILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$70,000.00$35,000.00
Giffen, Cynthia JLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$64,879.60$64,879.60
Hull, Liese AnnAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$63,320.00$63,320.00
Melnichuk, MikeLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$62,212.72$62,212.72
Lofton, Shylynn NLEO Lecturer IVLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$61,281.76$61,281.76
Story, Ralph DLEO Adjunct LecturerLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$61,057.62$30,528.80
Williams, Chauncey JAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$60,251.00$60,251.00
Ruffino, MicheleAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$58,733.00$58,733.00
Tessier, Randall LLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$55,271.62$55,271.62
Jason, KeithAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$55,000.00$55,000.00
Taylor III, Charles LavelleLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$52,666.57$52,666.57
Lee, Denise MicheleLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$51,808.06$51,808.06
Conger, Mark AdamsLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$51,199.42$51,199.44
Weatherspoon, DellareeseSecretary SeniorLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$50,174.00$50,174.00
Gray-Catera, Jennifer LynnAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$50,080.00$50,080.00
Wilbert, Terrance RaShaneAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$50,010.00$50,010.00
DeLosh, LeanneAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$49,000.00$49,000.00
Taylor, AndariusAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$48,500.00$48,500.00
Williams, JazminAcademic Advisor/Couns InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$48,000.00$48,000.00
Allen, Kelly ElizabethLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$45,353.21$45,353.21
Lee, Duane CarlLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$42,367.44$42,367.44
Williams, ArdellaStudent Admin Asst InterLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$41,500.00$41,500.00
Finseth, DennisLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$41,308.46$41,308.48
Lande, ElaineLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$39,661.50$39,661.52
Piper, Teresa MilesLEO Lecturer IILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$39,270.23$39,270.23
Epstein, Marcy JoyLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$36,761.48$36,761.48
Farokhrani, YounessLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$36,761.48$36,761.52
Horvath, Paul MLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$36,761.48$36,761.52
Naylor, Michael LeeLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$36,761.48$18,380.72
Laundra, BridgetStudent Admin Asst AssocLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$36,209.94$36,210.00
So, ElizabethStudent Admin Asst AssocLSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$35,499.88$35,500.00
Basu, SukanyaLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$35,448.76$35,448.80
Johnson, Michael AlexanderLEO Lecturer ILSA UG: Comprehensive Studies$35,448.76$35,448.80

Lists of recent searches of
, Solution Architect Lead LSA UG: Comprehensive Studies
Link, Hope+M admin UMH Neurology IOM
Berridge, Kent C Business Systems Analyst Sr Student Life Assoc VP-Fin and HR
Zernicke, Ronald+F REHABILITATION Biological Chemistry Dept
Kaba, Sekouba CHAIR LSA DAAS
Salerno, Jennifer+A ASST CURATOR MICHR - Operations
Kartha, C+Peethambaran LEO Lecturer III UMH H.O. Peds - Infectious Dis
Sachdev, Namita Designer Senior UMH Device - Pacemaker Mgmt
Armstrong, Patrick Buyer Intermediate Dbn Col of Eng-Electric and Comp