Number of people in LSA Near Eastern Studies Department: 49
Maximum Salary$ 137,030.00
Average Salary$ 74,318.58
Minimum Salary$ 31,200.00

Department Results for LSA Near Eastern Studies 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Bonner, Michael DavidPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$137,030.00$137,030.00
Wilfong, Terry GPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$118,000.00$59,000.00
Babayan, KathrynASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$117,270.00$73,293.75
Knysh, Alexander DPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$116,516.00$116,516.00
Beckman, Gary MPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$115,066.00$0.00
Hagen, Gottfried JPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$110,502.00$110,502.00
Boccaccini, GabrielePROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$107,138.00$107,138.00
Bardakjian, Kevork BPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$106,705.00$0.00
Mallette, KarlaPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$106,219.00$26,554.75
Richards, Janet EPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$104,539.00$52,269.50
Alhawary, MohammadPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$103,369.00$103,369.00
Gastineau, Elizabeth NicoleBusiness Administrator SeniorLSA Near Eastern Studies$102,851.74$51,425.87
Pinsker, Shahar MASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$100,585.00$50,292.50
Shammas, AntonPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$99,940.00$49,970.00
Eliav, Yaron ZASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$93,959.00$93,959.00
Muehlberger, EllenASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$91,368.33$68,526.25
Schmidt, Brian BPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$90,182.00$90,182.00
Barzilai, MayaASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$89,964.00$44,982.00
Ali, Samer MASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$85,300.00$63,975.00
Cipa, Hakki ErdemASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$83,778.00$41,889.00
Ginsburg, Elliot KASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$83,000.00$0.00
Bardenstein, Carol BASSOC PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$81,684.00$81,684.00
Soulaimani, DrisLEO Lecturer IIILSA Near Eastern Studies$80,000.00$0.00
Raz, AdiLEO Lecturer IIILSA Near Eastern Studies$77,062.50$77,062.50
Crisostomo, ChristianASST PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$76,568.00$76,568.00
Cross, CameronASST PROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$74,918.00$74,918.00
Le Gassick, TrevorPROFESSORLSA Near Eastern Studies$66,010.00$66,010.00
Wolfe, AshleeAcademic Program ManagerLSA Near Eastern Studies$63,696.00$31,848.00
Vinea, Ana MariaASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFLSA Near Eastern Studies$60,000.00$19,995.00
Weizman, PaulaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$58,135.35$58,135.35
Aghaei, BehradLEO Lecturer IILSA Near Eastern Studies$56,049.69$5,369.56
Whitney, PatriceExecutive SecretaryLSA Near Eastern Studies$55,743.00$55,743.00
Rosenberg, IlanLEO Lecturer IVLSA Near Eastern Studies$55,481.01$55,481.01
Mohamed, Amina ALEO Lecturer IIILSA Near Eastern Studies$53,430.00$53,430.00
Beeman, Kathryn ElizabethStudent Admin Asst SrLSA Near Eastern Studies$51,867.00$51,867.00
Davis, KatherineLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$51,375.00$0.00
Sevinc, NilayLEO Lecturer IILSA Near Eastern Studies$51,000.00$31,344.60
Alsayegh, WijdanLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$49,242.23$49,242.24
Aronson, LevanaLEO Lecturer IILSA Near Eastern Studies$44,765.79$44,765.84
Reading, Liana DanielleLEO Lecturer IILSA Near Eastern Studies$43,699.66$21,849.84
Meyer, AnthonyRESEARCH FELLOWLSA Near Eastern Studies$41,476.00$0.00
Beebani, Tara MonaLEO Lecturer IILSA Near Eastern Studies$39,265.92$39,265.92
Pifer, Michael BedrosianLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$39,000.00$26,003.25
Emberling, Geoffrey AlanLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$36,761.48$12,131.29
Fisher, Marjorie MartinLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$35,448.76$11,698.09
Meyer, AnthonyLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$35,448.75$11,813.30
Hareven, EhudLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$34,500.00$34,500.00
Menchinger, EthanLEO Lecturer ILSA Near Eastern Studies$34,500.00$23,002.88
Rodgers, JonathanAdministrative Assistant AssocLSA Near Eastern Studies$31,200.00$0.00

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