Number of people in LSA Middle East Studies Department: 43
Maximum Salary$ 138,730.00
Average Salary$ 83,826.09
Minimum Salary$ 31,825.00

Department Results for LSA Middle East Studies 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Bonner, Michael DavidPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$138,730.00$138,730.00
Wilfong, Terry GPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$121,658.00$60,829.00
Knysh, Alexander DPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$121,516.00$121,516.00
Babayan, KathrynASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$118,950.00$0.00
Beckman, Gary MPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$116,516.00$0.00
Hagen, Gottfried JPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$113,928.00$113,928.00
Pinsker, Shahar MPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$112,655.00$56,327.50
Raz, AdiASST RES SCIENTISTLSA Middle East Studies$110,254.17$0.00
Richards, Janet EPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$108,985.00$54,492.50
Boccaccini, GabrielePROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$108,638.00$108,638.00
Bardakjian, Kevork BPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$107,905.00$0.00
Mallette, KarlaPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$107,819.00$26,954.75
Gastineau, Elizabeth NicoleBusiness Administrator SeniorLSA Middle East Studies$105,937.56$52,968.78
Alhawary, MohammadPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$105,169.00$105,169.00
Shammas, AntonPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$102,140.00$51,070.00
Muehlberger, EllenASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$96,268.00$72,201.00
Barzilai, MayaASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$95,640.00$47,820.00
Eliav, Yaron ZASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$94,959.00$94,959.00
Ali, Samer MASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$91,966.67$68,975.00
Schmidt, Brian BPROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$91,382.00$91,382.00
Bardenstein, Carol BASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$87,802.00$87,802.00
Cipa, Hakki ErdemASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$86,878.00$43,439.00
Ginsburg, Elliot KASSOC PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$83,800.00$0.00
Raz, AdiLEO Lecturer IIILSA Middle East Studies$79,567.03$54,105.58
Crisostomo, ChristianASST PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$78,068.00$78,068.00
Cross, CameronASST PROFESSORLSA Middle East Studies$76,190.00$76,190.00
Weizman, PaulaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Middle East Studies$70,635.35$70,635.35
Rosenberg, IlanLEO Lecturer IVLSA Middle East Studies$66,981.01$66,981.01
Wolfe, AshleeAcademic Program ManagerLSA Middle East Studies$65,296.00$32,648.00
Aghaei, BehradLEO Lecturer IILSA Middle East Studies$64,049.69$6,135.96
Sevinc, NilayLEO Lecturer IILSA Middle East Studies$61,525.00$36,915.00
Whitney, PatriceExecutive SecretaryLSA Middle East Studies$58,393.00$58,393.00
Alsayegh, WijdanLEO Lecturer IILSA Middle East Studies$56,648.20$56,648.24
Mohamed, Amina ALEO Lecturer IIILSA Middle East Studies$55,567.20$55,567.20
Aronson, LevanaLEO Lecturer IILSA Middle East Studies$54,500.00$54,500.00
Reading, Liana DanielleLEO Lecturer IILSA Middle East Studies$54,500.00$27,250.00
Davis, KatherineLEO Lecturer ILSA Middle East Studies$53,430.04$0.00
Beebani, Tara MonaLEO Lecturer IILSA Middle East Studies$51,700.00$51,700.00
Madi, AmrLEO Lecturer ILSA Middle East Studies$50,150.00$50,150.00
Hareven, EhudLEO Lecturer ILSA Middle East Studies$50,000.00$50,000.00
Emberling, Geoffrey AlanLEO Intermittent LecturerLSA Middle East Studies$48,000.00$15,840.00
Segal, OrenLEO Lecturer ILSA Middle East Studies$48,000.00$24,000.00
Rodgers, JonathanAdministrative Assistant AssocLSA Middle East Studies$31,825.00$0.00

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