Number of people in LSA Germanic Languages - Lit. Department: 36
Maximum Salary$ 179,117.00
Average Salary$ 82,356.11
Minimum Salary$ 48,000.00

Department Results for LSA Germanic Languages - Lit. 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Markovits, Andrei SPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$179,117.00$89,558.50
Von Moltke, Johannes EugenPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$145,875.00$72,937.50
Spector, Scott DPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$140,600.00$35,150.00
Puff, HelmutPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$137,716.00$68,858.00
Hell, Julia CPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$132,500.00$132,500.00
Weineck, Silke-MariaPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$130,000.00$65,000.00
Amrine, Frederick RASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$118,000.00$118,000.00
Gailus, AndreasASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$113,760.00$113,760.00
Sytsema-Geiger, Sheri LBusiness Administrator SeniorLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$105,838.68$26,459.67
McIsaac, Peter MASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$104,524.00$104,524.00
Barndt, KerstinASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$103,020.00$103,020.00
Rastalsky, Hartmut MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$88,944.78$88,944.78
Thurman, KiraASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$79,075.00$39,537.50
Federhofer, Karl-GeorgLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$78,455.63$78,455.63
Whitney, TylerASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$77,103.00$77,103.00
Dickinson, KristinASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$77,100.00$77,100.00
Lucas, Jennifer EBusiness Administrator AssocLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$73,500.00$73,500.00
Eriksson, Johanna UlrikaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$68,711.46$68,711.46
Gull, Maria ELEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$68,407.56$45,610.75
Mattingly, Kathleen LExecutive SecretaryLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$64,739.96$64,739.96
Dischler, Vicki LLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$63,704.73$63,704.73
Mills, AndrewLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$61,123.07$61,123.07
Toebosch, AnnemarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$59,785.98$59,785.98
Marquardt, Catherine AliceLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$58,868.28$51,804.09
Dabak, ShubhangiLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$58,500.00$58,500.00
Gell, Mary MLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$57,500.00$57,500.00
Gruber, Julie AnnLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$56,000.00$56,000.00
Measel, Maria AnnLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$56,000.00$56,000.00
Swennes, Erin SLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$56,000.00$56,000.00
Uritescu-Lombard, RamonaLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$54,500.00$18,162.16
Rodena-Krasan, MaryLEO Lecturer IIILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$52,500.00$52,500.00
Winkler, Annie VarnerStudent Admin Asst SrLSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$51,350.00$51,350.00
Ewing, Megan MarieLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Grzeskowiak, SilviaLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Irwin, Vera VLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Keener, BrittaLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00

Lists of recent searches of
, training specialist LSA Germanic Languages - Lit.
Anderson, Tina Marie Pharmacy Technician Coord UMH 5A
Magee, Sean Program Manager LSA II: S. Asian Studies
Bratschi, Kristine Kay Facilities - Ops Top Executive Family Medicine
Baier, Henry D SOFTWARE % Facilities Services Admin
Al-dulimi, Nimat Admin Specialist Assoc Health Pediatrics Primary Care
Koziol, Matthew Statistician Senior Psychiatry Department
Czarny, Admissions Assistant Director LSA Chemistry
Dulimi, Nimat Statistician Lead Mary Rackham Inst Central Off
Harris Jr, Robert Charles %inpatient unit clerk Pediatrics-Pulmonary Medicine
Kirby, Joslyn Financial Specialist Associate UMH AMB CARE ADMIN