Number of people in LSA Germanic Languages & Lit. Department: 36
Maximum Salary$ 177,344.00
Average Salary$ 72,636.51
Minimum Salary$ 35,448.76

Department Results for LSA Germanic Languages & Lit. 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Markovits, Andrei SPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$177,344.00$88,672.00
Von Moltke, Johannes EugenPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$140,535.00$70,267.50
Spector, Scott DPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$135,800.00$67,900.00
Puff, HelmutPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$131,716.00$65,858.00
Weineck, Silke-MariaPROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$122,240.00$61,120.00
Amrine, Frederick RASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$117,000.00$117,000.00
Sytsema-Geiger, Sheri LBusiness Administrator SeniorLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$102,756.20$25,689.05
Gailus, AndreasASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$101,572.00$101,572.00
McIsaac, Peter MASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$100,974.00$100,974.00
Barndt, KerstinASSOC PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$99,528.00$99,528.00
Rastalsky, Hartmut MariaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$79,444.78$79,444.78
Thurman, KiraASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$77,525.00$18,762.50
Whitney, TylerASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$75,603.00$75,603.00
Dickinson, KristinASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$75,600.00$75,600.00
White, Jennifer EBusiness Administrator AssocLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$70,500.00$70,500.00
Federhofer, Karl-GeorgLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$65,955.63$65,955.63
Mattingly, Kathleen LExecutive SecretaryLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$64,000.04$64,000.04
Gull, Maria ELEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$57,907.56$38,609.87
Eriksson, Johanna UlrikaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$57,211.46$57,211.46
Toebosch, AnnemarieLEO Lecturer IIILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$56,085.98$56,085.98
Mills, AndrewLEO Lecturer IVLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$54,623.07$54,623.07
Hawkins, Spencer JohnVISITING ASST PROFESSORLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$51,000.00$25,500.00
Dischler, Vicki LLEO Lecturer IIILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$50,658.63$50,658.63
Varner, AnnieStudent Admin Asst SrLSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$49,530.00$49,530.00
Marquardt, Catherine AliceLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$48,368.28$48,368.28
Dabak, ShubhangiLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$46,812.35$46,812.35
Swennes, Erin SLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$45,396.51$45,396.56
Measel, Maria AnnLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$44,764.32$44,764.32
Gruber, Julie AnnLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$44,750.04$44,750.04
Uritescu-Lombard, RamonaLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$44,719.89$29,816.99
Gell, Mary MLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$41,878.50$41,878.50
Rodena-Krasan, MaryLEO Lecturer IILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$39,489.81$39,489.84
Grzeskowiak, SilviaLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$36,363.36$24,245.28
Keener, BrittaLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$36,363.36$30,181.60
Irwin, Vera VLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$35,448.98$29,422.72
Ewing, Megan MarieLEO Lecturer ILSA Germanic Languages & Lit.$35,448.76$11,813.30

Lists of recent searches of
, Major Gifts Officer Senior LSA Germanic Languages & Lit.
Bates, Olivia Major Gifts Officer Inter UMH Cardiac Cath Lab Tech
schneider, erin Medical Assistant Specialist Botanical Gardens & Arboretum
Moraco, Jacqueline Patient care tech associate ROSS SCH Dev&Alum Rltns-Oprtns
maiville, alisa Financial Lead Manager %Flint%Financial%Aid%
Lee, John+C registered nurse %a% %gastroenterology
McKee, Scott+James-Ralph administrative assistant UMH Histocompatibility
Abston, Coreen research area specialist Urology
Wilson, Chakasekera+S %Director% %LSA%Applied%Physics%
Lee, Ron RESEARCH FELLOW %Data%Science%Initiative%
Toth, Steven+R phys Ophthalmology & Visual Science