Number of people in LSA Finance% Department: 47
Maximum Salary$ 86,300.00
Average Salary$ 56,911.30
Minimum Salary$ 38,880.00

Department Results for LSA Finance% 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Angelopoulos, Kimberly KayFinancial Associate ManagerLSA Finance: Modern Languages$86,300.00$86,300.00
Hornbeck, Laura DFinancial Associate ManagerLSA Finance: East Hall$83,955.73$83,955.73
Berg, BrandiResearch Process ManagerLSA Finance: Kraus$75,489.82$75,489.82
Thomson, AnneResearch Process ManagerLSA Finance: West Hall$75,024.04$75,024.04
Dyer, Nicole LynnResearch Process ManagerLSA Finance: CBBO$73,916.66$73,916.66
Schlag, JacobResearch Process ManagerLSA Finance: East Hall$73,487.85$73,487.85
Madias, Heidi MResearch Process ManagerLSA Finance: Randall$73,001.84$73,001.84
Cranson, SherriResearch Process ManagerLSA Finance: Haven Hall$72,080.00$72,080.00
Renner, Kendra SResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: Kraus$66,196.04$66,196.04
Rodriguez, BenjaminResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: Randall$65,003.50$65,003.50
Rea, Kristen ElizabethResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: CBBO$64,311.14$64,311.14
Rider, MelissaResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: West Hall$64,311.14$64,311.14
Clendenin, Lori AnneResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: East Hall$63,984.60$63,984.60
Green, DanielResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: Haven Hall$63,842.86$63,842.86
Kachman, DonaldResearch Process CoordinatorLSA Finance: CBBO$62,451.50$62,451.50
Tsang, JeanineContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$59,500.00$59,500.00
Gentz, Sandra KayContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$58,771.38$58,771.38
Gong, FeiContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$58,555.00$58,555.00
Brown, ToddContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$58,500.00$58,500.00
Wright, Shana MFinancial Specialist InterLSA Finance: Haven Hall$58,000.00$58,000.00
Pawloski, MaryContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$57,165.00$57,165.00
Flood, HananFinancial Specialist InterLSA Finance: Haven Hall$57,000.00$57,000.00
Frost, Kassandra LynnContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Haven Hall$56,500.00$56,500.00
Henson-Jones, KhristineContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$54,540.00$54,540.00
Blackmore, StephanieContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$54,412.85$54,412.85
Alguire, Melinda AnnContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: East Hall$54,010.40$54,010.40
Marks-Wilt, LydiaContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: CBBO$53,550.00$53,550.00
Hudson, MichaelContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$53,500.00$53,500.00
Love, TonyaContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Modern Languages$53,500.00$53,500.00
Lingle, AmyContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: East Hall$53,040.00$53,040.00
Briggs, SarahContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$53,025.00$53,025.00
Martell, ReynaldoContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: West Hall$53,019.69$53,019.69
Altizer, WilliamContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Randall$53,000.00$53,000.00
Szakal, JessicaContract & Grant SpecialistLSA Finance: Kraus$52,500.00$52,500.00
Widlak, Halley AnneFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: Modern Languages$47,893.00$47,893.00
Szalay, DonnaFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: Kraus$46,061.60$46,061.60
Russ, TheresaFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: Randall$45,999.80$45,999.80
Summers, WendyFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: East Hall$45,701.10$45,701.10
Kearney, JeanetteFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: Haven Hall$45,500.00$45,500.00
Seagraves, AaronFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: East Hall$43,299.88$43,299.88
Li, RujiaFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: CBBO$43,200.04$43,200.04
Campbell, RyanFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: West Hall$42,500.12$42,500.00
Cochran, AbigailFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: Modern Languages$41,999.88$42,000.00
Kemeter, BrianFinancial Specialist AssociateLSA Finance: Modern Languages$39,999.96$40,000.00
Esch, JulieAccounting Clerk SeniorLSA Finance: Haven Hall$39,249.60$39,249.60
Tackett, KimberlyAccounting Clerk SeniorLSA Finance: Modern Languages$39,100.10$39,100.10
Hoss, NicholasAccounting Clerk SeniorLSA Finance: Modern Languages$38,880.00$38,880.00

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