Number of people in LSA English Language - Lit. Department: 114
Maximum Salary$ 222,956.00
Average Salary$ 94,343.91
Minimum Salary$ 39,605.00

Department Results for LSA English Language - Lit. 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Smith, Sidonie APROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$222,956.00$105,904.10
Gere, Anne RugglesPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$205,041.00$51,260.25
Awkward, MichaelPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$201,126.00$201,126.00
Gregerson, Linda KPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$195,580.00$185,801.00
Jordan, Aaron VanPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$192,293.00$192,293.00
Schoenfeldt, Michael CPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$178,556.00$178,556.00
Cohen, Walter IPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$177,809.00$177,809.00
Curzan, Anne LesliePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$174,000.00$43,500.00
Halperin, David MPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$168,089.00$159,684.55
Traub, Valerie JPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$164,172.00$32,834.81
Prins, Johanna HPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$162,983.00$81,491.50
Davies, Peter HoPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$161,450.00$161,450.00
Freedman, Jonathan EPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$159,172.00$79,586.00
Kasischke, Laura KayPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$155,160.00$77,580.00
Crane, Gregg DavidPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$155,000.00$155,000.00
Levinson, MarjoriePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$151,950.00$75,975.00
Howard, June MPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$150,854.00$75,427.00
Blair, Sara BPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$148,472.00$74,236.00
Porter, David LPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$148,000.00$148,000.00
Desai, Gaurav GajananPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$141,704.00$141,704.00
Brater, EnochPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$137,247.00$137,247.00
Pollack, Eileen KPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$135,213.00$105,905.58
Mattawa, Khaled AhmadPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$135,186.00$135,186.00
Tinkle, Theresa LPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$129,555.00$129,555.00
Ellison, JuliePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$129,342.00$64,671.00
Johnson, Jane HBusiness Administrator LeadLSA English Language - Lit.$128,528.16$128,528.16
Hawes, Clement CPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$126,834.00$63,417.00
Nair, Supriya MundadathPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$126,727.00$126,727.00
Pinch, Adela NPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$124,740.00$124,740.00
Kuppers, PetraPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$122,552.00$61,276.00
Trevor, Benjamin DouglasPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$121,900.00$121,900.00
Hartley, LucyPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$120,000.00$120,000.00
Parrish, Susan ScottPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$114,010.33$85,507.75
Mullaney, Steven GPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$113,649.00$113,649.00
Larson, Kerry CPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$113,396.00$113,396.00
Sweeney, Megan LASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$112,800.00$56,400.00
Hack, Daniel SPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$112,489.00$112,489.00
Hu, Tung-HuiASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$111,150.00$38,580.03
Whittier-Ferguson, John APROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$107,219.00$107,219.00
Lyons, Scott RichardASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$106,730.00$106,730.00
Sanok, CatherinePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$105,000.00$105,000.00
Tapia, Ruby Christina-MarieASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$101,690.00$50,845.00
Gold, David PhillipASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$95,685.00$95,685.00
Santamarina, Xiomara AASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$94,890.00$47,445.00
Byers, Michael DenisASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$94,153.00$94,153.00
Levy-Hussen, AidaASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$93,631.00$93,631.00
Najita, Susan YASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$93,084.00$46,542.00
Mendoza, Victor RomanASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,626.00$22,656.50
White, Gillian CahillASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,376.00$90,376.00
Zemgulys, Andrea PatriciaASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,376.00$90,376.00
Yergeau, Melanie RASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,324.00$90,324.00
Miller, Joshua LASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$89,908.00$89,908.00
Potter, William EdwardLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$89,115.08$44,557.60
Traisnel, Antoine GabrielASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$88,977.00$22,244.25
Taylor, Karla TASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$88,882.00$88,882.00
Levinson, Julian ArnoldASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$88,812.00$0.00
Portnoy, Alisse SuzanneASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$87,125.00$87,125.00
Williams, Ralph GPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ALSA English Language - Lit.$87,123.78$29,034.00
Toon, Thomas EASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$82,017.00$82,017.00
O'Dowd, Patricia TLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$81,443.45$81,443.45
Ensor, Sarah EASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$81,058.00$40,529.00
Lahiri, MadhumitaASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$79,850.00$79,850.00
Khan, Aliyah RASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$77,581.00$38,790.50
Knuth, Aric DavidLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$72,863.79$72,863.79
Bakara, HadjiASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$71,977.00$71,977.00
Makman, Lisa HermineLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$70,677.50$70,677.50
Brandolino, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$69,159.08$22,822.50
Walker, James CodyLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$69,159.08$69,159.08
Nichols, DanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$67,276.21$22,201.15
Chamberlin, Jeremiah MichaelLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$67,159.64$67,159.64
Harp, Nicholas AllenLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$67,000.00$67,000.00
Curtis, Lisa AnnAdministrative SpecialistLSA English Language - Lit.$66,462.00$66,462.00
Kumarasamy, AkilLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$66,000.00$66,000.00
Sloan, Aisha SabatiniLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$66,000.00$0.00
Cicciarelli, Louis ALEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$65,000.00$21,450.00
Murphy, DanaRESEARCH FELLOWLSA English Language - Lit.$65,000.00$65,000.00
Swanson, Fritz GarnerLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$62,903.20$62,903.20
Argersinger, Amy SueExecutive SecretaryLSA English Language - Lit.$62,600.00$62,600.00
Bude, TheaStudent Administration ManagerLSA English Language - Lit.$62,600.00$62,600.00
Mangrum, BenjaminASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFLSA English Language - Lit.$60,000.00$20,000.00
Ensor, HannahAdministrative SpecialistLSA English Language - Lit.$59,378.00$59,378.00
Coyle, Stacy GillettLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$59,194.32$29,597.16
Hinken, Michael AllenLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$58,668.08$58,668.08
Schutz, Gregory MichaelLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$58,315.00$58,315.00
West, MayaAcademic Program ManagerLSA English Language - Lit.$57,669.70$0.00
Burch, Aaron MatthewLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$55,319.00$55,319.00
Karczynski, David EdwardLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$54,500.00$17,985.00
Davis, Lewander GAdministrative Assistant SrLSA English Language - Lit.$54,128.00$54,128.00
Catey, JenniferStudent Admin Asst SrLSA English Language - Lit.$53,079.00$53,079.00
Berkley, Angela MarieLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$17,061.00
Christman, PhilipLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Khleif, Patricia LailaLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Pinto, JamesLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Ward, DavidLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Vasquez, Senia WaleskaStudent Admin Asst InterLSA English Language - Lit.$50,582.00$50,582.00
Looker, Denise AStudent Admin Asst InterLSA English Language - Lit.$50,506.00$50,506.00
Beer, MollyLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,840.00
Bruno, RobertLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Buckley, JohnLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Conway, April RayanaLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Diran, IngridLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,996.00
Engel, Steven JohnLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Eriks Cline, LaurenLEO Adjunct LecturerLSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,996.00
Jenkins, MarlinLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Jensen, Samuel MiltonLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Kupetz, JonathanLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Lynch, MollyLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
McLaughlin, Emily JeanLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$32,160.00
Wall, JoshuaLEO Adjunct LecturerLSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,996.00
Eriks Cline, LaurenRESEARCH FELLOWLSA English Language - Lit.$47,476.00$0.00
Wall, JoshuaRESEARCH FELLOWLSA English Language - Lit.$47,476.00$0.00
Mitchell, JeremyAdministrative Assistant InterLSA English Language - Lit.$47,000.00$47,000.00
Rivers, SimonStudent Admin Asst InterLSA English Language - Lit.$42,610.00$42,610.00
Huff, Karena MAdministrative Assistant AssocLSA English Language - Lit.$39,605.00$39,605.00

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, Patient Services Associate LSA English Language - Lit.
Ditah, Awah Research compliance UMH Ortho Sports Medicine Te
Weatherup, Shelley %police officer UMH - Ortho Sports Medicine Te
Kaba, Saran Guest Services Specialist HHCSS Guest Services
Hu, Shixin Jack application UMH Radiology UH
Lozon, Rebecca Patient Services Senior ITS AIS Enabling Technology Sv
Villarreal, Maria Patient Services Assistant Orthopaedic surgery
Shahabi, Mehrdad Locksmith UMHS Development - Operations
Harmon, Derek SHEET METAL WORKER LSA Psychology
Starzec, Patricia L Data Entry Operator Inter UMH Anesthesia CRNA - UH
Costello, Anna Marie %Fin%manager% CW Security & Entrance Svcs