Number of people in LSA English Language - Lit. Department: 114
Maximum Salary$ 222,956.00
Average Salary$ 94,343.91
Minimum Salary$ 39,605.00

Department Results for LSA English Language - Lit. 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Smith, Sidonie APROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$222,956.00$105,904.10
Gere, Anne RugglesPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$205,041.00$51,260.25
Awkward, MichaelPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$201,126.00$201,126.00
Gregerson, Linda KPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$195,580.00$185,801.00
Jordan, Aaron VanPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$192,293.00$192,293.00
Schoenfeldt, Michael CPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$178,556.00$178,556.00
Cohen, Walter IPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$177,809.00$177,809.00
Curzan, Anne LesliePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$174,000.00$43,500.00
Halperin, David MPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$168,089.00$159,684.55
Traub, Valerie JPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$164,172.00$32,834.81
Prins, Johanna HPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$162,983.00$81,491.50
Davies, Peter HoPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$161,450.00$161,450.00
Freedman, Jonathan EPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$159,172.00$79,586.00
Kasischke, Laura KayPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$155,160.00$77,580.00
Crane, Gregg DavidPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$155,000.00$155,000.00
Levinson, MarjoriePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$151,950.00$75,975.00
Howard, June MPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$150,854.00$75,427.00
Blair, Sara BPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$148,472.00$74,236.00
Porter, David LPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$148,000.00$148,000.00
Desai, Gaurav GajananPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$141,704.00$141,704.00
Brater, EnochPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$137,247.00$137,247.00
Pollack, Eileen KPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$135,213.00$105,905.58
Mattawa, Khaled AhmadPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$135,186.00$135,186.00
Tinkle, Theresa LPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$129,555.00$129,555.00
Ellison, JuliePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$129,342.00$64,671.00
Johnson, Jane HBusiness Administrator LeadLSA English Language - Lit.$128,528.16$128,528.16
Hawes, Clement CPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$126,834.00$63,417.00
Nair, Supriya MundadathPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$126,727.00$126,727.00
Pinch, Adela NPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$124,740.00$124,740.00
Kuppers, PetraPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$122,552.00$61,276.00
Trevor, Benjamin DouglasPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$121,900.00$121,900.00
Hartley, LucyPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$120,000.00$120,000.00
Parrish, Susan ScottPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$114,010.33$85,507.75
Mullaney, Steven GPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$113,649.00$113,649.00
Larson, Kerry CPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$113,396.00$113,396.00
Sweeney, Megan LASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$112,800.00$56,400.00
Hack, Daniel SPROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$112,489.00$112,489.00
Hu, Tung-HuiASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$111,150.00$38,580.03
Whittier-Ferguson, John APROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$107,219.00$107,219.00
Lyons, Scott RichardASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$106,730.00$106,730.00
Sanok, CatherinePROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$105,000.00$105,000.00
Tapia, Ruby Christina-MarieASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$101,690.00$50,845.00
Gold, David PhillipASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$95,685.00$95,685.00
Santamarina, Xiomara AASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$94,890.00$47,445.00
Byers, Michael DenisASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$94,153.00$94,153.00
Levy-Hussen, AidaASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$93,631.00$93,631.00
Najita, Susan YASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$93,084.00$46,542.00
Mendoza, Victor RomanASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,626.00$22,656.50
White, Gillian CahillASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,376.00$90,376.00
Zemgulys, Andrea PatriciaASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,376.00$90,376.00
Yergeau, Melanie RASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$90,324.00$90,324.00
Miller, Joshua LASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$89,908.00$89,908.00
Potter, William EdwardLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$89,115.08$44,557.60
Traisnel, Antoine GabrielASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$88,977.00$22,244.25
Taylor, Karla TASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$88,882.00$88,882.00
Levinson, Julian ArnoldASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$88,812.00$0.00
Portnoy, Alisse SuzanneASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$87,125.00$87,125.00
Williams, Ralph GPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ALSA English Language - Lit.$87,123.78$29,034.00
Toon, Thomas EASSOC PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$82,017.00$82,017.00
O'Dowd, Patricia TLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$81,443.45$81,443.45
Ensor, Sarah EASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$81,058.00$40,529.00
Lahiri, MadhumitaASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$79,850.00$79,850.00
Khan, Aliyah RASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$77,581.00$38,790.50
Knuth, Aric DavidLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$72,863.79$72,863.79
Bakara, HadjiASST PROFESSORLSA English Language - Lit.$71,977.00$71,977.00
Makman, Lisa HermineLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$70,677.50$70,677.50
Brandolino, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$69,159.08$22,822.50
Walker, James CodyLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$69,159.08$69,159.08
Nichols, DanaLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$67,276.21$22,201.15
Chamberlin, Jeremiah MichaelLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$67,159.64$67,159.64
Harp, Nicholas AllenLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$67,000.00$67,000.00
Curtis, Lisa AnnAdministrative SpecialistLSA English Language - Lit.$66,462.00$66,462.00
Kumarasamy, AkilLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$66,000.00$66,000.00
Sloan, Aisha SabatiniLEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$66,000.00$0.00
Cicciarelli, Louis ALEO Lecturer IIILSA English Language - Lit.$65,000.00$21,450.00
Murphy, DanaRESEARCH FELLOWLSA English Language - Lit.$65,000.00$65,000.00
Swanson, Fritz GarnerLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$62,903.20$62,903.20
Argersinger, Amy SueExecutive SecretaryLSA English Language - Lit.$62,600.00$62,600.00
Bude, TheaStudent Administration ManagerLSA English Language - Lit.$62,600.00$62,600.00
Mangrum, BenjaminASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFLSA English Language - Lit.$60,000.00$20,000.00
Ensor, HannahAdministrative SpecialistLSA English Language - Lit.$59,378.00$59,378.00
Coyle, Stacy GillettLEO Lecturer IVLSA English Language - Lit.$59,194.32$29,597.16
Hinken, Michael AllenLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$58,668.08$58,668.08
Schutz, Gregory MichaelLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$58,315.00$58,315.00
West, MayaAcademic Program ManagerLSA English Language - Lit.$57,669.70$0.00
Burch, Aaron MatthewLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$55,319.00$55,319.00
Karczynski, David EdwardLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$54,500.00$17,985.00
Davis, Lewander GAdministrative Assistant SrLSA English Language - Lit.$54,128.00$54,128.00
Catey, JenniferStudent Admin Asst SrLSA English Language - Lit.$53,079.00$53,079.00
Berkley, Angela MarieLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$17,061.00
Christman, PhilipLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Khleif, Patricia LailaLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Pinto, JamesLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Ward, DavidLEO Lecturer IILSA English Language - Lit.$51,700.00$51,700.00
Vasquez, Senia WaleskaStudent Admin Asst InterLSA English Language - Lit.$50,582.00$50,582.00
Looker, Denise AStudent Admin Asst InterLSA English Language - Lit.$50,506.00$50,506.00
Beer, MollyLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,840.00
Bruno, RobertLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Buckley, JohnLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Conway, April RayanaLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Diran, IngridLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,996.00
Engel, Steven JohnLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Eriks Cline, LaurenLEO Adjunct LecturerLSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,996.00
Jenkins, MarlinLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Jensen, Samuel MiltonLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Kupetz, JonathanLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
Lynch, MollyLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$48,000.00
McLaughlin, Emily JeanLEO Lecturer ILSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$32,160.00
Wall, JoshuaLEO Adjunct LecturerLSA English Language - Lit.$48,000.00$15,996.00
Eriks Cline, LaurenRESEARCH FELLOWLSA English Language - Lit.$47,476.00$0.00
Wall, JoshuaRESEARCH FELLOWLSA English Language - Lit.$47,476.00$0.00
Mitchell, JeremyAdministrative Assistant InterLSA English Language - Lit.$47,000.00$47,000.00
Rivers, SimonStudent Admin Asst InterLSA English Language - Lit.$42,610.00$42,610.00
Huff, Karena MAdministrative Assistant AssocLSA English Language - Lit.$39,605.00$39,605.00

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Wahl, Research Lab Tech Intermediate LSA English Language - Lit.
, Data Engineering Manager Neurology Department
Whitley, Brian Robert engineer UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)
Conrado, Bronson REG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC) %
Chen, Sijing POWERHOUSE OPERATOR (NCRC) Int Med-Nephrology
Enzler, major gifts UMH 4B/C Card/Thor/Vas
Purta, Michael Policy Advis to Vice Prov/Dean c%
Ohair, Nickolas ASST DIR ACAD PROGRAM UMH Patient Food Svcs
Auwers, Kelly Psychologist PhD DPSS U of M Police Dept
Collins, Emily Anne Research Lab Specialist Senior UMH Mat%
Riegle, Stephanie Gayle App Sys Analyst/Programmer Sr College of Pharmacy