Number of people in LSA Classical Studies Department: 36
Maximum Salary$ 147,330.00
Average Salary$ 81,582.08
Minimum Salary$ 34,000.00

Department Results for LSA Classical Studies 2014-15
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Herbert, Sharon CPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$147,330.00$147,330.00
Scodel, Ruth SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$146,000.00$146,000.00
Collins, Derek BPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$145,000.00$36,250.00
Janko, RichardPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$142,060.00$134,957.00
Lambropoulos, VassiliosPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$140,910.00$31,000.20
Potter, David SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$136,023.00$136,023.00
Ratte, Christopher JohnPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$119,000.00$44,625.00
Terrenato, NicolaPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$115,053.00$115,053.00
Schultz, Celia EPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$109,250.00$109,250.00
Nevett, Lisa CPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$108,152.00$108,152.00
Forsdyke, Sara LPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$105,000.00$105,000.00
Ahbel-Rappe, Sara LPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$101,586.00$50,793.00
Schironi, FrancescaASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$96,007.00$96,007.00
Verhoogt, Arthur MfwPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$94,567.00$52,324.87
Leontis, Artemis SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$90,297.00$90,297.00
Fortson, Benjamin WASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$84,049.00$84,049.00
Dufallo, Basil JASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$74,670.33$56,002.75
Ross, Deborah PennellLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$73,949.99$73,949.99
Schmerl, SoniaBusiness Administrator InterLSA Classical Studies$69,928.00$69,928.00
Caston, Ruth RothausASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$69,156.00$69,156.00
Sells, DonaldASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$63,650.02$63,650.02
Asso, PaoloASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$63,155.00$63,155.00
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$62,564.59$41,918.28
Haug, BrendanASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$62,220.00$31,110.00
Markus, Donka DLEO Lecturer IILSA Classical Studies$57,491.62$57,491.62
Berlin, NettaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$57,356.26$57,356.26
Margomenou, DespinaLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$51,964.38$51,964.38
Biggs, Michelle MStudent Admin Asst SrLSA Classical Studies$49,013.00$49,013.00
Moyer, Anna FrancesExecutive SecretaryLSA Classical Studies$44,746.00$44,746.00
Wood, Carrie ElizabethLEO Lecturer IILSA Classical Studies$44,255.46$44,255.46
Andrade, SandraAdministrative Assistant InterLSA Classical Studies$41,338.00$20,669.00
Motta, LauraLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$35,212.18$11,734.48
Chawla, SuphakLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$34,000.00$34,000.00
Groves, Joseph ViguersLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$34,000.00$34,000.00
LaFray, ElizabethLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$34,000.00$22,780.00
McAlpine, Lynley JaneLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$34,000.00$34,000.00

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