Number of people in LSA Classical Studies Department: 46
Maximum Salary$ 135,172.00
Average Salary$ 60,518.32
Minimum Salary$ 30,532.84

Department Results for LSA Classical Studies 2004-05
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Frier, Bruce WPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$135,172.00$67,586.00
Carson, AnnePROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$119,800.00$14,975.00
Janko, RichardPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$117,659.00$117,659.00
Lambropoulos, VassiliosPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$112,861.00$34,596.41
Herbert, Sharon CPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$107,043.00$53,521.50
Obbink, Dirk DPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$106,000.00$106,000.00
Cherry, John FPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$100,783.00$50,391.50
Scodel, Ruth SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$100,167.00$100,167.00
Alcock, Susan EPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$93,310.00$46,655.00
Garbrah, Kweku APROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$90,750.00$90,750.00
Cameron, H DonPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$85,050.00$85,050.00
Potter, David SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$77,501.00$77,501.00
Collins, Derek BASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$72,400.00$72,400.00
Gagos, TraianosASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$72,022.00$36,011.00
Ahbel-Rappe, Sara LASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$69,375.00$0.00
Leontis, Artemis SADJUNCT ASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$65,258.66$43,723.30
Sulewski, Robert MichaelLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$63,550.00$0.00
Verhoogt, Arthur MfwASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$59,600.00$59,600.00
Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin BASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$55,050.00$55,050.00
Nevett, Lisa CASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$54,400.00$27,200.00
Ross, Deborah PennellLECTURER III LSALSA Classical Studies$53,454.00$53,454.00
Forsdyke, Sara LASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$53,200.00$53,200.00
Grewing, Farouk FASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$53,000.00$53,000.00
Reed, Joseph DASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$53,000.00$53,000.00
Fortson, Benjamin WASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$52,900.00$52,900.00
Wallin, Robert DLECTURER II LSALSA Classical Studies$52,033.00$10,406.60
Dufallo, Basil JLECTURER II LSALSA Classical Studies$47,517.00$31,836.39
Soter, Gina MarieLECTURER III LSALSA Classical Studies$45,000.00$45,000.00
Berlin, NettaLECTURER II LSALSA Classical Studies$43,083.04$43,083.04
Markus, Donka DLECTURER II LSALSA Classical Studies$43,083.04$43,083.04
Blake, Emma CameronVISITING PROFESSOR ILSA Classical Studies$40,500.00$40,500.00
Pappas, AlexandraVISITING ASST PROFESSOR ILSA Classical Studies$40,500.00$40,500.00
Semanske, Joanna JACADEMIC SECRETARY IVLSA Classical Studies$34,654.10$17,326.92
Walls, Debra ASECRETARY IVLSA Classical Studies$34,499.92$25,875.00
Biggs, Michelle MADMIN ASST ILSA Classical Studies$34,174.92$25,631.06
Williams, Jacqueline AStudent Services Asst IILSA Classical Studies$32,085.04$32,085.04
Christensen, Nels AnchorLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,775.00$27,008.75
Morse, David LawrenceLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,775.00$15,887.50
Pierce, Marc EdwardLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,775.00$10,803.50
Wood, Carrie ElizabethLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,775.00$31,775.00
Allen, Kelly ElizabethLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,774.00$15,887.00
Nichols, Ulrike PetersLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,000.00$10,540.00
Nuffer, Gerhard FelixLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,000.00$15,500.00
Ramsburgh, John StephenLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,000.00$23,250.00
Roussanova, Rossitza BLECTURER I LSALSA Classical Studies$31,000.00$15,500.00
Norton, Sean PACADEMIC SECRETARY IVLSA Classical Studies$30,532.84$11,449.82
Case, Beau DLECTURER II LSALSA Classical Studies$0.00$0.00

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Franks, Kelly Sue Laboratory Supervisor LSA Classical Studies
, App Programmer/Analyst Inter %Nutritional%Sciences%
Franks, Emily Marie Laboratory/Classroom Svcs Mgr ITS SS Service Center
Frankowiak, Andrew Wesley Continuing Education Director AEC%A%E%O%M%ENGR
Carter, E Follett animal att UMH 6B1
Boggs, Christine clinical subjects associate Office of the General Counsel
Franklin, Jennifer E Reg% nur% Epidemiology Department
Franklin, Jamie Michelle Human Resources Manager UMH H.O. Core Thoracic Surg
Franklin, Courtney Marie v Computational Medicine and Bio
Franklin, Byron F Professor CW Child - Family Life
Frank, Kyle HOUSE OFFICER I SOE-Educational Studies