Number of people in LSA Classical Studies Department: 51
Maximum Salary$ 137,172.00
Average Salary$ 61,464.36
Minimum Salary$ 8,525.00

Department Results for LSA Classical Studies 2005-06
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Frier, Bruce WPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$137,172.00$68,586.00
Carson, AnnePROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$124,600.00$15,575.00
Janko, RichardPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$120,515.00$120,515.00
Lambropoulos, VassiliosPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$115,711.00$35,470.05
Herbert, Sharon CPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$110,725.00$55,362.50
Obbink, Dirk DPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$106,000.00$106,000.00
Scodel, Ruth SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$105,000.00$105,000.00
Cherry, John FPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$100,783.00$50,391.50
Alcock, Susan EPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$93,310.00$46,655.00
Garbrah, Kweku APROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$91,650.00$91,650.00
Cameron, H DonPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$86,900.00$86,900.00
Potter, David SPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$84,500.00$84,500.00
Porter, James IPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$81,149.00$41,149.00
Ellis, Steven James RossLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$80,000.00$80,000.00
Gagos, TraianosASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$77,944.00$38,972.00
Collins, Derek BASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$74,050.00$74,050.00
Ahbel-Rappe, Sara LASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$71,042.00$71,042.00
Leontis, Artemis SLEO Lecturer IIILSA Classical Studies$66,563.83$44,431.36
Verhoogt, Arthur MfwASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$61,000.00$30,500.00
Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin BASSOC PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$60,750.00$60,750.00
Baker, Mariette SBusiness Administrator InterLSA Classical Studies$58,008.00$58,008.00
Nevett, Lisa CASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$55,500.00$27,750.00
Forsdyke, Sara LASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$54,615.00$54,615.00
Ross, Deborah PennellLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$54,523.08$54,523.08
Reed, Joseph DASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$54,350.00$54,350.00
Fortson, Benjamin WASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$54,300.00$54,300.00
Wallin, Robert DLEO Intermittent LecturerLSA Classical Studies$53,073.66$10,614.73
Dufallo, Basil JASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$53,000.00$39,750.00
Seo, Joanne MiraASST PROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$53,000.00$39,750.00
Caston, Ruth RothausLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$50,000.00$16,500.00
Caston, Ruth RothausRESEARCH INVESTIGATORLSA Classical Studies$50,000.00$33,500.00
Markus, Donka DLEO Lecturer IILSA Classical Studies$46,141.93$46,141.93
Soter, Gina MarieLEO Lecturer IVLSA Classical Studies$45,900.00$30,753.00
Berlin, NettaLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$41,929.00$41,929.00
Bolmarcich, Sarah MLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$40,000.00$40,000.00
Kramer-Hajos, Margaretha TheodoraLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$40,000.00$20,000.00
Bettenworth, AnjaVISITING ASST PROFESSOR ILSA Classical Studies$38,400.00$9,600.00
Walls, Debra AExecutive SecretaryLSA Classical Studies$36,056.02$27,042.08
Irelan, Matthew FreemanStudent Admin Asst SrLSA Classical Studies$35,499.88$35,499.88
Semanske, Joanna JAdministrative Assistant AssocLSA Classical Studies$35,153.82$17,577.04
Margomenou, DespinaLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$35,000.00$35,000.00
Cecchini, Carrie RomantPublic Relations CoordinatorLSA Classical Studies$34,999.90$35,000.00
Biggs, Michelle MClerk SeniorLSA Classical Studies$34,641.36$25,981.02
Wood, Carrie ElizabethLEO Lecturer IILSA Classical Studies$34,031.03$34,031.03
Morse, David LawrenceLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$32,410.52$16,205.26
Allen, Kelly ElizabethLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$32,409.48$24,307.11
Case, Beau DLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$32,000.00$0.00
Cleary, Kristin MargaretLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$31,000.00$23,250.00
Fisher, Anne O'brienLEO Lecturer ILSA Classical Studies$31,000.00$23,250.00
Dyson, Henry NMNRESEARCH INVESTIGATORLSA Classical Studies$29,850.00$0.00
Kehoe, Dennis PVISITING PROFESSOR ILSA Classical Studies$8,525.00$8,525.00
Caston, VictorPROFESSORLSA Classical Studies$0.00$0.00
Janko, RichardCHAIRLSA Classical Studies$0.00$0.00

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