Number of people in LSA Asian Languages & Cultures Department: 59
Maximum Salary$ 240,427.00
Average Salary$ 69,940.59
Minimum Salary$ 34,500.00

Department Results for LSA Asian Languages & Cultures 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Lopez Jr, Donald SPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$240,427.00$228,405.65
Tang, XiaobingPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$148,545.00$37,136.25
Nornes, Mark HPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$144,330.00$72,165.00
Florida, Nancy KPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$114,600.00$114,600.00
Deshpande, MadhavPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$113,500.00$113,500.00
Brown, Miranda DPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$106,000.00$106,000.00
Jackson, Reginald RolandASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$103,100.00$103,100.00
Gastineau, Elizabeth NicoleBusiness Administrator SeniorLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$102,851.74$51,425.87
Merrill, Christi AnnASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$95,920.00$47,960.00
Baxter, William HubbardPROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$95,280.00$47,640.00
Brose, BenjaminASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$94,000.00$94,000.00
Alexy, AllisonASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$93,000.00$93,000.00
Ahn, Juhn YoungASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$91,500.00$91,500.00
Ryu, YoungjuASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$91,000.00$91,000.00
Hill, Christopher LASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$90,750.00$90,750.00
Mandair, Arvind-Pal SinghASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$90,500.00$90,500.00
de la Cruz, Deirdre LeongASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$89,000.00$44,500.00
Auerback, Micah LouisASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$83,500.00$83,500.00
Kile, Sarah EASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$81,500.00$81,500.00
Wilcox, Emily ElissaASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$80,000.00$80,000.00
Chanchani, NachiketASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$79,240.00$39,620.00
Li, KeningLEO Lecturer IIILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$78,809.25$78,809.25
Ozbey, SonyaASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$78,000.00$58,500.00
Brightwell, Erin LeighASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$77,635.00$77,635.00
Oh, Se-MiASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$77,635.00$77,635.00
Rolston, David LeeASSOC PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$75,000.00$75,000.00
White, Erick DASST PROFESSORLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$75,000.00$75,000.00
Oka, MayumiLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$64,158.99$64,158.99
Wolfe, AshleeAcademic Program ManagerLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$63,696.00$31,848.00
Ali, Syed EkhteyarLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$61,303.77$61,303.77
Kelly, Thomas PASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$60,000.00$19,999.80
Grande, Laura Ann SmithLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$54,647.39$54,647.39
Agustini, FnuLEO Lecturer IVLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$54,623.07$54,623.07
Liu, WeiLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$49,841.90$49,841.90
Kondo, JunkoLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$48,968.35$48,968.40
Gu, KarenLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$48,368.26$48,368.26
Gill, Pinderjeet KLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$47,245.85$47,245.92
Nashar, AndreaStudent Admin Asst InterLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$44,880.00$44,880.00
Nguyen, Thuy Anh ThiLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$44,770.85$15,781.72
Li-Stevenson, JinyiLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$44,634.10$44,634.10
Zhao, QiuliLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$44,634.05$44,634.08
Mochizuki, YoshihiroLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$43,908.45$43,908.48
Sakakibara, YoshimiLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$43,070.79$43,070.79
Yasuda, MasaeLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$43,070.70$43,070.70
Larrow, KimberlyAdministrative Assistant InterLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$42,867.00$42,867.00
Han, SangkyungLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$41,079.62$41,079.62
Jung, HunjinLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$40,311.03$32,248.82
Sogabe, AyakaLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$40,311.03$40,311.03
Liu, QianLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$39,955.11$39,955.11
Fulgencio, ZenaidaLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$39,270.23$14,039.11
Zhong, YanLEO Lecturer IILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$39,265.92$39,265.92
Kim, So YeonLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$39,000.00$39,000.00
Hoque, FaijulLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$38,017.50$38,017.50
Kim, Hyun-JuLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$36,761.48$36,761.52
Mori, YutaLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$36,761.48$36,761.52
Dodd, AliceStudent Admin Asst AssocLSA Asian Languages & Cultures$36,000.12$36,000.00
Bunmee, AimkamonLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$35,448.75$35,448.80
Hedayatullah, Saleh MDLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$34,500.00$34,500.00
Yu, XiaoyingLEO Lecturer ILSA Asian Languages & Cultures$34,500.00$34,500.00

Lists of recent searches of
, clin info LSA Asian Languages & Cultures
Pace, Rachael A Business Proc Consultant UMH Chief of Clinical Affairs
Chimbira, Wilson Clinical info analyst UMH 7C Cardiology
Simonson, Mark staff spec LSA II: S. Asian Studies
Swires, Patricia L MGR INFO SYST SVCS Urology Surgery
Merajver, Sofia D Web Fast Forward Med Innovation
Cole, Brian HOUSE OFFICER II LSA Economics
Cohen, David K Product Tech Working Leader OUA Processing
Parsons, Lindsay Statistician senior UMH Food Production
Giner Munoz, Laura Alejandra Chief Fin Officer & Top Exec Office of Student Programs