Number of people in LS-A Classical Studies Dept Department: 46
Maximum Salary$ 130,900.00
Average Salary$ 52,952.71
Minimum Salary$ 2,500.00

Department Results for LS-A Classical Studies Dept 2002-03
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Frier, Bruce WPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$130,900.00$65,450.00
MacCormack, Sabine GPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$114,383.00$0.00
Lambropoulos, VassiliosPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$108,279.00$87,331.34
Herbert, Sharon CPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$100,900.00$50,450.00
Scodel, Ruth SPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$96,600.00$96,600.00
Cherry, John FPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$95,000.00$47,500.00
Garbrah, Kweku APROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$89,800.00$89,800.00
Alcock, Susan EPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$88,800.00$48,750.00
Cameron, H DonPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$83,450.00$83,450.00
Potter, David SPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$75,600.00$37,800.00
Porter, James IPROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$74,509.00$74,509.00
Gagos, TraianosASSOC PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$67,866.00$33,933.00
Rappe, Sara LASSOC PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$66,625.00$66,625.00
Collins, Derek BASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$63,150.00$63,150.00
Luebbe, Christopher DavidLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$52,704.00$0.00
Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin BASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$52,050.00$52,050.00
Ross, Deborah PennellASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$51,450.00$51,450.00
Forsdyke, Sara LASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$51,350.00$51,350.00
Verhoogt, Arthur MfwASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$50,450.00$50,450.00
Reed, Joseph DASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$50,400.00$50,400.00
Wallin, Robert DLECTURER II LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$50,000.00$10,000.00
Dufallo, Basil JVISITING ASST PROFESSOR ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$46,125.00$46,125.00
Berwald, Patricia AADMIN ASSOC ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$45,080.00$45,080.00
Stone, David LeonardVISITING PROFESSOR ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$43,000.00$43,000.00
Caldwell, Robert C IIIVISITING ASST RES SCI ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$42,200.00$0.00
Markus, Donka DLECTURER II LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$41,820.00$41,820.00
Soter, Gina MarieLECTURER II LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$41,000.00$13,530.00
Berlin, Netta RuthVISITING PROFESSOR ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$40,000.00$40,000.00
Leontis, Artemis SADJUNCT ASSOC PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$40,000.00$26,400.00
Shackleton-Bailey, DavidADJUNCT PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$40,000.00$10,000.00
Sanders, Susan MSTUDENT SERVICES ASST IILS-A Classical Studies Dept$38,027.00$38,027.00
Thomas, Michael LVISITING PROFESSOR ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$38,000.00$38,000.00
Semanske, Joanna JACADEMIC SECRETARY IVLS-A Classical Studies Dept$33,354.10$16,677.18
Biggs, Michelle MADMIN ASST ILS-A Classical Studies Dept$32,356.22$24,267.10
Williams, Jacqueline ASTUDENT SERVICES ASST IILS-A Classical Studies Dept$30,870.00$30,870.00
Shore, Anne CACADEMIC SECRETARY IVLS-A Classical Studies Dept$30,076.28$30,076.28
Allen, Kelly ElizabethLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$13,175.00
Christensen, Nels ALECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$13,175.00
Fulton, John WarnerLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$13,175.00
Gottesman, AlexLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$13,175.00
Miller-Purrenhage, Laura AnnLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$26,350.00
Pierce, Marc EdwardLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$13,175.00
Sobocinski, Melanie GLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$19,762.50
Starostine, Dmitri NikolaevicLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$19,762.50
Wood, Carrie ElizabethLECTURER I LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$26,350.00$26,350.00
Koenen, LudwigPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ALS-A Classical Studies Dept$2,500.00$0.00
Case, Beau DLECTURER II LSALS-A Classical Studies Dept$0.00$0.00
Dignas, Beate DADJUNCT ASST PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$0.00$0.00
Frier, Bruce WCHAIRLS-A Classical Studies Dept$0.00$0.00
Talalay, Lauren EADJUNCT ASSOC PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$0.00$0.00
Van Dam, Raymond HADJUNCT PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$0.00$0.00
White, James BoydADJUNCT PROFESSORLS-A Classical Studies Dept$0.00$0.00

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