Number of people in IntMed-Geri - Palliative Med. Department: 64
Maximum Salary$ 225,000.00
Average Salary$ 133,900.27
Minimum Salary$ 33,427.43

Department Results for IntMed-Geri - Palliative Med. 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Alexander, Neil BurtonPROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$225,000.00$0.00
Bynum, Julie P WPROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$225,000.00$31,860.00
Yung, Raymond LPROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$225,000.00$46,785.78
Mody, LonaPROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$224,621.89$33,051.59
Wiggins, Jocelyn ECLINICAL PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$222,521.00$2,897.22
Vitale, Caroline ACLINICAL PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$221,728.00$0.00
Jenq, GraceCLINICAL ASSOC PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$210,330.00$0.00
Suh, TheodoreCLINICAL ASSOC PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$204,808.84$0.00
Montoya, Ana TeresaCLINICAL ASST PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$204,723.77$0.00
Bautista, Liza AlmendrasCLINICAL INSTRUCTORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$200,000.00$0.00
Morrison, Evan SethCLINICAL INSTRUCTORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$200,000.00$0.00
Hummel, Ellen KirkendallCLINICAL ASST PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$197,426.00$0.00
Min, LillianASSOC PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$192,315.42$3,597.48
Montagnini, Marcos LCLINICAL PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$189,195.00$0.00
Nnodim, JosephCLINICAL ASSOC PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$188,318.20$0.00
Stoltz, Anjanette MichelCLINICAL ASST PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$185,405.90$0.00
Stier, NancyleeCLINICAL INSTRUCTORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$185,368.72$0.00
Dewar, ShenbagamCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$185,000.00$0.00
Nwagwu, VeronicaCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$185,000.00$0.00
Krivchenya, TatyanaCLINICAL INSTRUCTORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$184,125.96$0.00
Silveira, Maria JASSOC PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$184,000.16$0.00
Almeda, Marjorie MCLINICAL INSTRUCTORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$183,245.70$0.00
Diviney Chun, Erin MichelleCLINICAL INSTRUCTORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$181,416.85$0.00
Lee, PearlASST PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$180,157.00$0.00
Manu, Erika RozaliaCLINICAL ASST PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$176,782.37$0.00
Marks, Adam DCLINICAL ASST PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$175,349.23$0.00
Galecki, Andrzej TRESEARCH PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$174,420.00$19,883.88
Beal, Jennifer LCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$174,250.00$0.00
Begum, RabeyaCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$174,250.00$0.00
Rangarajan, SoumyaCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$174,250.00$0.00
Taylor, LauraCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$174,250.00$0.00
Keefer, Patricia MiriamCLINICAL ASSOC PROFIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$172,050.99$0.00
Othman, AmalCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$169,125.00$0.00
Hsu, Ao-LinASSOC PROFESSORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$115,837.15$0.00
Leiser, Scott FrederickAsst ProfessorIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$112,631.72$3,378.95
James, PamelaProject Senior ManagerIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$106,567.41$0.00
Jha, RaviFinancial Senior ManagerIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$106,323.89$21,264.78
Ledesma, Tina MarieREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$99,132.80$0.00
Norcott, AlexandraCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$95,495.01$0.00
Maris, EmilyCLINICAL LECTURERIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$91,752.00$0.00
Okammor, NkiruProgram Evaluation SpecialistIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$89,305.47$0.00
Wu, Chun-YiResearch Area Specialist LeadIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$85,171.15$0.00
Hendee, Karly AnnProgram Evaluation SpecialistIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$82,000.00$0.00
Kish, CarlyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$81,339.10$0.00
Ha, JinkyungResearch Lab Specialist SeniorIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$79,270.15$0.00
Smith, David LouisAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$70,910.40$14,182.08
Umbriac, WendyDatabase Analyst/Prgm InterIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$70,254.53$0.00
Vijayasiri, GangaStatistician SeniorIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$70,000.00$0.00
Jones, KarenClinical Res Coordinator HlthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$67,716.00$0.00
Jones, BethQuality Assurance CoordinatorIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$67,568.00$0.00
Nabozny, MartinaClinical Res Coordinator HlthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$64,037.56$0.00
Rentsch, SamuelAdmin Specialist Inter HealthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$61,560.00$0.00
Cassone, MarcoRESEARCH INVESTIGATORIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$60,995.70$1,524.89
Banks, Karen SAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$58,694.37$0.00
Burroughs, JeffreyFinancial Specialist InterIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$56,054.45$0.00
Althuis, Katie ChristineResearch AssociateIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$54,356.35$0.00
Chan, Chiao-LiResearch Lab Specialist InterIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$53,076.78$0.00
Gibson, KristenResearch Lab Specialist InterIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$52,757.54$0.00
Seeger, Julie AnnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$52,326.04$0.00
Fath, Reynetta LAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$49,913.46$0.00
Kolevar, ClareAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$46,728.50$0.00
Micou, StacyAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$45,980.89$0.00
O'Brien, MartinResearch Laboratory Tech SrIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$38,997.48$0.00
Hoelscher, AliseResearch Technician SeniorIntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.$33,427.43$0.00

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