Number of people in ITS SS MiWorkspace Department: 83
Maximum Salary$ 113,120.00
Average Salary$ 61,054.17
Minimum Salary$ 34,370.00

Department Results for ITS SS MiWorkspace 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
McDowell, SusanDesktop Support ManagerITS SS MiWorkspace$113,120.00$0.00
Miskevich, VladislavDesktop Support ManagerITS SS MiWorkspace$109,924.00$0.00
Bingham, William TDesktop Support ManagerITS SS MiWorkspace$109,432.00$0.00
Zajkowski, James EdwardOS Programming SuprITS SS MiWorkspace$109,180.00$0.00
Miller, Terrence SOS Programmer LeadITS SS MiWorkspace$98,844.00$0.00
Copeland, Rhian CQuality Assurance Analyst SuprITS SS MiWorkspace$94,277.00$0.00
Stuhr, ChristopherOS Programmer SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$92,180.00$0.00
Hogan, Dennis WilliamDesktop Support Spec Sr SuprITS SS MiWorkspace$86,108.00$0.00
Kopmanis, Jeffrey JApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrITS SS MiWorkspace$85,747.00$0.00
Maser, Steven MSystems Administrator SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$83,193.00$0.00
Dailey, Brendan WilliamOS Programmer SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$80,568.00$0.00
Pugh, MarkInventory Control ManagerITS SS MiWorkspace$80,126.00$0.00
Hoenig, Jeffrey SOS Programmer SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$79,300.00$0.00
Elger, Joseph MDesktop Support Spec Sr SuprITS SS MiWorkspace$76,832.00$0.00
Stiff, Michael AOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$75,562.00$0.00
Emery, Michael ScottDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$75,058.00$0.00
Beres, StefanDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$74,679.00$0.00
Bishir, DavidDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$73,848.00$0.00
Buswinka, William JDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$73,767.46$29,507.00
Apap, JasonDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$70,663.00$0.00
Taylor-Stebbins, Holly LDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$68,875.00$0.00
Fichter, Alex SOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$68,809.00$0.00
Milligan, MatthewOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$68,667.00$0.00
Power, Zachary AdolphusDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$68,194.10$0.00
Jones, Elizabeth ReaganIT Asset Mgmt AdministratorITS SS MiWorkspace$66,965.00$0.00
Hamermesh, Amy BDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$66,772.00$0.00
Dodak, Matthew ADesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$65,836.00$0.00
Zemina, Jimmy JDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$65,488.00$0.00
Fazzari, Kirsten EDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$64,927.00$0.00
Pope, Daniel LDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$64,896.00$0.00
Ellsworth, William RDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$64,334.00$0.00
Love, NeilOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$63,786.00$0.00
Ronewicz, Andrew TOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$62,400.00$0.00
Hansen, Jeffrey MDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$62,218.00$0.00
Hibdon, MicahOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$62,138.00$0.00
Arena, LeslieDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$61,205.00$0.00
Hoyt, James EDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$61,126.00$0.00
Doa, Michael GeorgeDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$60,710.00$0.00
Milety, Nathan LuisOS Programmer IntermediateITS SS MiWorkspace$60,256.00$0.00
Trumitch, Jeffrey MichaelPC Maintenance Tech SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$59,226.00$0.00
Evans, Gary EDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$58,963.00$0.00
Parker, DonaldDesktop Support Specialist SrITS SS MiWorkspace$58,448.00$0.00
Tant, Kari MyersDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$57,726.00$0.00
Riemersma, BenjaminOS Programmer AssociateITS SS MiWorkspace$57,590.00$0.00
Wolodkin, StevenDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$56,681.00$0.00
Hall, Jon AdamDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$56,417.00$0.00
Schwankl, PeterOS Programmer AssociateITS SS MiWorkspace$55,080.00$0.00
Coe, ThomasOS Programmer AssociateITS SS MiWorkspace$54,975.00$0.00
Norris, JesseDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$53,041.00$0.00
Najera, DavidDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$52,291.00$0.00
Bell, ChristopherDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$52,000.00$0.00
Erb, KevinDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$52,000.00$0.00
Dorton jr, LarryLogistics CoordinatorITS SS MiWorkspace$51,576.00$0.00
Bonam, MatthewDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$51,341.00$0.00
Tangalakis, TheodoreDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$51,118.00$0.00
Molnar, JamesOS Programmer AssociateITS SS MiWorkspace$50,902.00$0.00
McCarthy, DanielDesktop Support Spec InterITS SS MiWorkspace$50,284.00$0.00
Guerena, MarioDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$49,470.00$0.00
Bevill, GregoryDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$45,925.00$0.00
Joseph, AlexisDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$44,739.00$0.00
Lopatin, DmitriDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$44,500.04$0.00
Bovenschen, Kathleen SDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$44,305.00$0.00
Soule, AaronDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$44,000.06$0.00
Dair, RobynDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,911.00$0.00
Gibeson, NoelleLogistics CoordinatorITS SS MiWorkspace$43,724.00$0.00
Goggins, ZacharyLogistics CoordinatorITS SS MiWorkspace$43,511.00$0.00
Bolger, KristenInventory Control Clerk SeniorITS SS MiWorkspace$43,509.00$0.00
Saladiak, SebastianDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,392.00$0.00
Peer, JacobDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,386.00$0.00
Collier Jr, TimothyDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,174.00$0.00
Gruber, AlexanderDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,075.00$0.00
Pena, PatrickDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,075.00$0.00
Zielinski, MichaelDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$43,000.10$0.00
Glud, VincentDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$42,979.00$0.00
Cranmer, ChaseDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$42,657.00$0.00
Tang, EdwinDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$42,657.00$0.00
Thomas, KaraDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$42,550.00$0.00
Gabriel, MeganDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$42,500.12$0.00
Foldesi, AndrewQA Analyst AssociateITS SS MiWorkspace$42,454.00$0.00
Stites, RobertQA Analyst AssociateITS SS MiWorkspace$42,242.00$0.00
Aben, ChristopherDesktop Support Spec AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$41,999.88$0.00
Enochs, Michael ScottInventory Control Clerk AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$36,721.00$0.00
Shawcross, CameronInventory Control Clerk AssocITS SS MiWorkspace$34,370.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
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Calabrese, Kelly Jean %desktop support% UMH Cardiac Cath Lab Tech
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Zebley, Denise M Program director CW anesthesia%
Tedla, Lidia E Unit Host UMH Cardiovascular Center 4
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