Number of people in Healthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI Department: 28
Maximum Salary$ 201,973.70
Average Salary$ 84,209.63
Minimum Salary$ 45,000.02

Department Results for Healthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Campanella, Gail AInstitute Managing DirectorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$201,973.70$0.00
Keiser, Joan AAdministrative Dir HealthcareHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$200,000.00$0.00
Kostanecki, EileenGovt Aff Top Exec Fed LevelHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$176,108.08$0.00
Meyer, Patricia AAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$119,925.16$0.00
Camilli-Whisenhunt, ChristinaCommunications DirectorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$111,542.14$0.00
Kamdar, NeilStatistician ExpertHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$103,250.00$0.00
Solway, EricaProject Intermediate ManagerHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$91,565.20$0.00
Brady, PatrickAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$91,481.25$0.00
Burris, Jessica AnnFinancial Specialist SeniorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$84,362.44$0.00
Lombard, WendyAdmin Specialist Senior HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$81,948.75$0.00
Hutchens, LaurenCommunications ManagerHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$80,093.27$0.00
Kirch, MatthiasStatistician SeniorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$71,842.91$0.00
Ng, SophiaStatistician SeniorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$71,500.00$0.00
Wolfe, JasonProject Intermediate ManagerHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$70,917.19$0.00
Moore, JodieAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$66,480.46$0.00
Steppe, EmmaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$63,468.00$0.00
Wang, Sarah JAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$62,525.00$0.00
Trosell, StacyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$62,012.50$0.00
Basu, TanimaStatistician SeniorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$61,500.00$0.00
Lin, Paul JuStatistician SeniorHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$61,500.00$0.00
Russell, DawnAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$58,717.75$0.00
Holden, PatriciaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$58,502.08$0.00
Smith, Emily LouiseMultimedia DesignerHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$58,066.25$0.00
Beathard, Erin ReillyAdmin Specialist Inter HealthHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$55,069.03$27,534.52
Ashbaugh, KathrynResearch Area Specialist InterHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$52,500.00$0.00
Lubin, MarkCommunications SpecialistHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$48,181.66$0.00
Seiler, KristianDatabase Administrator AssocHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$47,836.75$0.00
Jared, StephanieAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareHealthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI$45,000.02$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, LEO Lecturer IV Healthcare Policy - Innov-IHPI
Somerville, Shawn M NP CARDIOTHORACIC SURG TIER 3C Graham Sustainability Inst.
ducharme, Revenue Cycle Coding Dir UMH CVICU APT
Liu, Zhixin Medical Technologist UMH Blood Bank Bone Marrow
McCoy, Karla PATIENT UMH Pathology Blood Bank
beehner, Laboratory Supervisor UMH Special Chemistry
bergman, Clinical Technologist Senior UMH Microbiol Pathology
Brophy, Medical Technologist Spec Michigan Society of Fellows
Marsh+Jr, Gerald+J Mktg communications SPHDO%
Masson, med%tech% UMH QI - GTMLP