Number of people in Health Svc Clinic Operations Department: 70
Maximum Salary$ 229,621.36
Average Salary$ 85,768.59
Minimum Salary$ 27,986.89

Department Results for Health Svc Clinic Operations 2015-16
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Ernst, Robert DamienMedical Director MDHealth Svc Clinic Operations$229,621.36$0.00
D'Silva, AnthonyStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$173,429.45$0.00
Hendrickson, C DanielStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$168,935.18$0.00
Farrehi, JaniceStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$166,654.86$0.00
Goraya, Saima TauqirStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$164,419.64$0.00
McCort, JaneStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$163,387.54$0.00
Corrigan, Michael LStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$161,041.01$0.00
Bemer, Julia AndreaStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$159,915.27$0.00
Shellhaas, Jason ScottStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$158,788.47$0.00
Khanderia, ShamoliStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$157,662.74$0.00
Hudson, Stefani AnnStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$157,662.73$0.00
Bialikiewicz, AgnieszkaStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$156,536.00$0.00
Cardinale, ElizabethStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$154,960.98$0.00
Maslach, AmelitaStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$154,960.78$0.00
Wilcox, RachelleStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$152,753.05$0.00
Saulles, HowardOptometry ManagerHealth Svc Clinic Operations$151,078.31$0.00
Speck, Aimee LeytonStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$149,757.89$0.00
Parvaz, JasmineStaff PhysicianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$147,033.29$0.00
Myers, Joseph MOptometristHealth Svc Clinic Operations$117,041.23$0.00
Mosher, William BradfordPhysician Asst General Med T1Health Svc Clinic Operations$115,427.18$0.00
Kakish, Dina MOptometristHealth Svc Clinic Operations$107,131.56$0.00
Cabble, Erik CPhysician Asst General Med T1Health Svc Clinic Operations$106,940.64$0.00
VanderHyde, KristiNP GENERAL MEDICAL TIER 1Health Svc Clinic Operations$106,940.64$0.00
Steel, MoniqueNurse ManagerHealth Svc Clinic Operations$103,374.61$0.00
Becker, JenniferNP GENERAL MEDICAL TIER 1Health Svc Clinic Operations$98,452.44$0.00
Guifarro, TatyanaPhysician Asst Med SubSpec T2Health Svc Clinic Operations$98,000.00$0.00
Cano, Maria CREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DHealth Svc Clinic Operations$96,928.00$0.00
Clair-Schlak, Debra YREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL DHealth Svc Clinic Operations$96,928.00$0.00
Grady, Eileen MREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CHealth Svc Clinic Operations$95,076.80$0.00
Law, LorraineREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CHealth Svc Clinic Operations$95,076.80$0.00
Conyers, Desiree LREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)Health Svc Clinic Operations$93,724.80$0.00
Stechow, ReneeNP GENERAL MEDICAL TIER 1Health Svc Clinic Operations$93,359.38$0.00
Ewing, Alice GREGISTERED NURSE - LEVEL CHealth Svc Clinic Operations$93,204.80$0.00
Frisby, DianeREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)Health Svc Clinic Operations$91,873.60$0.00
Riemenschnitter, DianeREG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC)Health Svc Clinic Operations$91,873.60$0.00
Bopp, MaryAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareHealth Svc Clinic Operations$56,100.00$0.00
Kile, KristinaMental Health Case ManagerHealth Svc Clinic Operations$55,918.44$0.00
Miner, Conerd EClinic Associate ManagerHealth Svc Clinic Operations$53,234.01$0.00
Parrish, Diana MichelleMental Health Case ManagerHealth Svc Clinic Operations$52,705.96$0.00
Greene, CorinLicensed Practical NurseHealth Svc Clinic Operations$51,540.84$0.00
Schaible, Diane MarieOphthalmic Technician InterHealth Svc Clinic Operations$51,048.61$0.00
Thues-Easley, VeronicaLicensed Practical NurseHealth Svc Clinic Operations$48,518.94$0.00
Thiele, Janice LOphthalmic Technician InterHealth Svc Clinic Operations$47,987.41$0.00
Sherman, JanAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareHealth Svc Clinic Operations$46,849.13$0.00
Cannon, FrankieAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareHealth Svc Clinic Operations$46,848.64$0.00
Rhoades, Linnette JanicePatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$46,245.95$0.00
Pafford, LindaOpticianHealth Svc Clinic Operations$44,737.30$0.00
Selogy, TeriLicensed Practical NurseHealth Svc Clinic Operations$44,456.11$0.00
Tucker, Rose MPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$43,231.32$0.00
Mitchell, Denise APatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$42,915.12$0.00
Williams, Venus MPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$42,254.86$0.00
Trombley-Muckles, KelliePatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$38,967.62$0.00
Burcroff, KathyPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$38,122.22$0.00
Spencer, Kimura MignonPatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$35,309.00$0.00
Martin, Venessa LPatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$34,504.71$0.00
Cannon, DorisPatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$32,471.84$0.00
Crews, Samantha FPatient Services AssociateHealth Svc Clinic Operations$32,250.84$0.00
Bradley, EmilyMedical Asst Specialist LeadHealth Svc Clinic Operations$32,247.02$0.00
Foster, NicholeMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$31,314.92$0.00
Hoffman, KellyMedical Assistant SpecialistHealth Svc Clinic Operations$31,068.96$0.00
Edmond, StaceyPatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$30,546.00$0.00
Wilton, HeatherMedical Assistant SpecialistHealth Svc Clinic Operations$30,440.02$0.00
Budzinski, MichelleMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$30,366.24$0.00
Leonard, JeremyPatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,400.54$0.00
Muldoon, CrystalMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,312.56$0.00
Fairchild, AnnePatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$29,267.47$0.00
Combs, JamieMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$28,717.52$0.00
Welch, RachelMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$28,539.50$0.00
Donahoe, DeAnnaMedical AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$28,422.30$0.00
Bierema, AndreaPatient Services AssistantHealth Svc Clinic Operations$27,986.89$0.00

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