Number of people in HITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD Department: 46
Maximum Salary$ 88,089.66
Average Salary$ 59,480.14
Minimum Salary$ 41,600.00

Department Results for HITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Jordan, Steven EBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$88,089.66$0.00
Smith, BrianBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$86,212.75$0.00
Belcher, Cynthia AnnDesktop Support Spec Ld SuprHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$85,292.17$0.00
Noyed, ChristopherDesktop Support Spec Ld SuprHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$76,875.00$0.00
Young, Craig WDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$76,168.10$0.00
Newman, CalebMedia Services ManagerHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$71,717.87$0.00
Moore, Ira EdwinBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$67,844.11$1,696.10
Ray, Kenneth CBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$66,625.00$0.00
Deneen, JamesDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$66,619.87$0.00
Lochner, Kathy AnnDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$66,552.03$0.00
Baragar, Jeremy LenDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$66,345.44$0.00
Brown, George FDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$65,946.67$0.00
Golden, MichaelDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$65,226.26$0.00
Ley, Mark KDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$65,226.26$0.00
Perrin, Stephen RInstructional Learning InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$64,739.90$0.00
McClenaghan, DanielDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$64,182.41$0.00
Getchell, Hume LDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$64,062.60$0.00
Whitbeck, Scott RDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$64,062.60$0.00
Brubaker, Tyler AaronSystems Administrator InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$63,687.10$0.00
Offen, Karen RDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$62,994.47$0.00
Chapman, Shawn PDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$62,665.61$0.00
James, RobertDesktop Support Specialist SrHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$61,875.44$0.00
Escobar, Raul ADesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$59,408.45$0.00
Smith, EricDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$59,380.73$0.00
Budde, Joshua DavidDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$57,417.16$2,870.86
DeBois, GinaDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$54,960.30$0.00
Chrumka, Nicholas RDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$54,720.45$0.00
Brussolo, Maria LDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$54,653.82$0.00
Hicks, James CDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$54,498.34$0.00
Fisanick, JasonDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$53,762.11$0.00
Frost, ConnieDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$53,300.00$0.00
Cristick, MichaelDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$53,224.58$0.00
Vaughn, William JDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$52,663.72$0.00
Ziegler, Elizabeth ADesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$52,643.88$0.00
Vaughn, LeonardDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$51,320.97$0.00
Seaton, AudraDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$49,571.79$0.00
Florian, ThomasDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$48,687.42$0.00
Jeffries, JamesDesktop Support Spec AssocHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$48,315.80$0.00
Tibbits, JustinDesktop Support Spec AssocHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$46,227.62$0.00
Schilling, FrankDesktop Support Spec AssocHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$46,125.02$0.00
Ceballos, FranciscoDesktop Support Spec AssocHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$46,114.89$0.00
Binder, Matthew RMedia ConsultantHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$44,927.80$0.00
Tucci, MarkDesktop Support Spec InterHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$44,000.06$0.00
Goepp, RobertMedia ConsultantHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$43,049.88$0.00
Oberle, KyleDesktop Support Spec AssocHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$42,500.12$0.00
Kennedy, JamesDesktop Support Spec AssocHITS AOM DeviceOps-RCD$41,600.00$0.00

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