Number of people in Flint Theatre and Dance: 18
Maximum Salary$ 76,825.50
Average Salary$ 51,216.41
Minimum Salary$ 30,286.90
Department Results for 2016-17
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Mueller ,Douglas ALEO Adjunct LecturerFlint Theatre and Dance$76,825.50$38,412.75
Irwin ,William HASSOC PROFESSORFlint Theatre and Dance$72,233.15$72,233.15
Newport ,ShelbyASSOC PROFESSORFlint Theatre and Dance$69,750.14$69,750.14
Haley ,Janet EASSOC PROFESSORFlint Theatre and Dance$69,727.89$69,727.89
Mueller ,Douglas ATechnical ManagerFlint Theatre and Dance$68,693.06$34,346.53
Dean ,Stephanie CarolineASST PROFESSORFlint Theatre and Dance$63,736.93$63,736.93
Freiman ,Beth EllenLEO Lecturer IVFlint Theatre and Dance$61,217.93$61,217.93
Letts ,Linda KAdministrative Assistant InterFlint Theatre and Dance$60,204.49$60,204.49
Thompson ,David JeromeTechnical ManagerFlint Theatre and Dance$52,121.75$26,060.87
Dill ,AdamTechnical ManagerFlint Theatre and Dance$46,782.00$46,782.00
Borton ,LisaLEO Lecturer IVFlint Theatre and Dance$46,509.69$46,509.69
Broughton ,Nicole LLEO Lecturer IIIFlint Theatre and Dance$43,562.65$32,671.99
Morton ,Andrew JLEO Lecturer IIFlint Theatre and Dance$32,642.61$16,321.31
Davis ,Emma AnnLEO Lecturer IIFlint Theatre and Dance$32,351.95$8,088.00
Jones ,KendrickLEO Lecturer IIFlint Theatre and Dance$32,323.39$24,242.56
Adkins ,Dean PhillipLEO Lecturer IFlint Theatre and Dance$32,108.82$8,027.21
Akinleye ,Adesola ILEO Lecturer IFlint Theatre and Dance$30,816.56$23,112.48
Barnhart ,Phillip ALEO Lecturer IFlint Theatre and Dance$30,286.90$7,571.76