Number of people in Flint School of Management Department: 50
Maximum Salary$ 230,391.04
Average Salary$ 108,639.90
Minimum Salary$ 37,000.08

Department Results for Flint School of Management 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Person, Ruth JPROFESSORFlint School of Management$230,391.04$230,391.04
Kandogan, YenerASSOC DEANFlint School of Management$222,251.72$148,908.66
Lotfi, VahidPROFESSORFlint School of Management$180,604.77$180,604.77
Chen, Clement Chih HaoPROFESSORFlint School of Management$160,161.88$160,161.88
Simon, MarkPROFESSORFlint School of Management$157,393.89$157,393.89
Mehdian, Seyed MPROFESSORFlint School of Management$154,376.48$154,376.48
Blume, Brian DPROFESSORFlint School of Management$151,460.91$151,460.91
Kandogan, YenerPROFESSORFlint School of Management$150,183.88$49,560.68
Cavusgil, ErinPROFESSORFlint School of Management$149,006.53$149,006.53
Li, ZhaochuASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$146,055.71$146,055.71
Liu, ZhenfengASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$144,747.07$144,747.07
Helmuth, John APROFESSORFlint School of Management$143,868.40$143,868.40
Moreland, Keith APROFESSORFlint School of Management$143,583.60$95,698.47
Perry, Mark JPROFESSORFlint School of Management$143,583.60$71,791.80
Hemphill, Thomas APROFESSORFlint School of Management$143,204.34$143,204.34
Miller, Cathleen LASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$142,178.96$142,178.96
Kartha, C PeethambaranPROFESSORFlint School of Management$139,675.68$139,675.68
Xu, ShichunASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$138,390.28$138,390.28
Banerjee, SyagnikASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$134,906.42$134,906.42
Laurence, Gregory AllenASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$132,642.39$132,642.39
Perera, SandunASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$130,000.00$130,000.00
Kang, Min JungASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$128,398.17$128,398.17
White III, George OASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$128,293.75$128,293.75
Ahmed, Muhammad UsmanASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$124,375.95$124,375.95
Longstreet, PhillipASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$118,771.74$118,771.74
Li, WeiqiASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$117,968.08$117,968.08
Kelley, KeithASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$116,029.50$116,029.50
Stephens, JohnLEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$100,182.90$100,182.90
Cullari, Francine LenoraLEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$90,267.70$67,700.78
Tuttle, Dale BLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$83,381.26$74,730.46
Nelson, DavidLEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$82,959.24$82,959.24
Lake, Daniel ALEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$74,394.24$55,795.68
Knesek, GeraldLEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$72,789.96$72,789.96
Nichols, LarryLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$71,804.96$53,853.76
Witt, Michael DLEO Lecturer IIIFlint School of Management$71,400.00$17,850.00
Harrison, Brenda LProgram ManagerFlint School of Management$70,562.22$70,562.22
Lezovich, ChristopherLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$66,128.80$33,064.40
Bush, Peter JLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$62,809.32$62,809.32
McCarthy, Michael BLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$61,598.40$30,799.20
Gomolka, CraigRecruiting Coordinator UnitFlint School of Management$60,056.01$60,056.01
Carolan, JosephLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$59,404.80$14,851.20
Sabolish, Jeffrey JLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$56,004.24$28,002.16
Fields, RitaLEO Lecturer IIIFlint School of Management$53,600.00$26,800.00
Fusero, DominicDesktop Support Specialist SrFlint School of Management$51,838.46$51,838.46
Petrak, Rachel KLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$49,920.00$12,480.00
Riggs, AntonioEmployer Recruiting CoordFlint School of Management$49,388.55$49,388.55
Ekstrom, AndrewLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$48,000.00$24,000.00
Bennett Reed, AnnaAcademic Advisor/Couns InterFlint School of Management$45,393.57$45,393.57
Swartz, AnnaAdministrative Assistant InterFlint School of Management$40,605.72$40,605.72
Thomas, BrittneyAdministrative Assistant InterFlint School of Management$37,000.08$37,000.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Desktop Support Specialist Sr Flint School of Management
Nassiri, Shima Benefits Administrator Inter Cell and Developmental Biology
Lyon, Thomas Peyton ADMIN MANAGER SR HEALTHCARE IntMed-Geri - Palliative Med.
Goldstein, Cathy Financial Specialist Senior Dbn Physical Plant-Ground Main
Belloli, Admin Specialist Assoc Health UMH MI Visiting Nurse Assoc
Burgett, Vivian executive vice dean Office of Institutional Equity
Odum, Illya TRANSIT COACH OPERATOR SOE-Student Services
Ge, Chunxi business system Assoc. V-P Facilities &Ops
orvell, Fundraising Campaign Director Health Svc General Operations
orvel, Attorney Lead Hlth Behavior & Hlth Ed Dept
Britt, Academic Advising Director Int Med-Pulm./Critical Care