Number of people in Flint School of Management Department: 49
Maximum Salary$ 228,109.94
Average Salary$ 108,876.75
Minimum Salary$ 30,000.10

Department Results for Flint School of Management 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Person, Ruth JPROFESSORFlint School of Management$228,109.94$228,109.94
Kandogan, YenerASSOC DEANFlint School of Management$216,830.95$145,276.74
Simon, MarkPROFESSORFlint School of Management$194,731.00$153,837.49
Chen, Clement Chih HaoPROFESSORFlint School of Management$156,179.31$156,179.31
Mehdian, Seyed MPROFESSORFlint School of Management$152,005.20$152,005.20
Blume, Brian DPROFESSORFlint School of Management$147,407.21$147,407.21
Kandogan, YenerPROFESSORFlint School of Management$146,278.25$48,271.82
Robinson, AdinaASST RES SCIENTISTFlint School of Management$143,366.66$0.00
Moreland, Keith APROFESSORFlint School of Management$142,942.56$142,942.56
Li, ZhaochuASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$142,758.00$142,758.00
Helmuth, John APROFESSORFlint School of Management$142,443.96$142,443.96
Liu, ZhenfengASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$142,366.00$142,366.00
Perry, Mark JPROFESSORFlint School of Management$141,482.58$70,741.29
Miller, Cathleen LASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$140,534.70$140,534.70
Hemphill, Thomas APROFESSORFlint School of Management$139,779.74$139,779.74
Kartha, C PeethambaranPROFESSORFlint School of Management$137,883.20$137,883.20
Xu, ShichunASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$135,663.44$135,663.44
Cavusgil, ErinASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$135,470.74$135,470.74
Banerjee, SyagnikASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$131,693.11$131,693.11
Laurence, Gregory AllenASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$129,306.29$129,306.29
Kang, Min JungASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$126,050.48$126,050.48
White III, George OASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$125,000.00$125,000.00
Ahmed, Muhammad UsmanASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$122,000.00$122,000.00
Fortsch, SimaASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$121,529.79$121,529.79
Perera, SandunASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$120,797.64$120,797.64
Li, WeiqiASSOC PROFESSORFlint School of Management$116,800.08$116,800.08
Longstreet, PhillipASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$116,425.76$116,425.76
Li, JieASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$114,658.06$114,658.06
Kelley, KeithASST PROFESSORFlint School of Management$113,393.11$113,393.11
Stephens, JohnLEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$90,783.13$90,783.13
Cullari, Francine LenoraLEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$86,217.70$64,663.28
Tuttle, Dale BLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$73,931.25$66,260.89
Nelson, DavidLEO Lecturer IIIFlint School of Management$73,032.00$73,032.00
Harrison, Brenda LProgram ManagerFlint School of Management$69,009.51$69,009.51
Lake, Daniel ALEO Lecturer IVFlint School of Management$68,994.23$34,497.12
Nichols, LarryLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$67,304.94$50,478.72
Witt, Michael DLEO Lecturer IIIFlint School of Management$66,000.00$66,000.00
Knesek, GeraldLEO Lecturer IIIFlint School of Management$62,628.00$62,628.00
Gomolka, CraigRecruiting Coordinator UnitFlint School of Management$58,591.23$58,591.23
Lezovich, ChristopherLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$58,028.70$29,014.40
Carolan, JosephLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$57,120.00$14,280.00
McCarthy, Michael BLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$56,198.33$42,148.80
Bush, Peter JLEO Lecturer IIFlint School of Management$56,059.32$28,029.66
Sabolish, Jeffrey JLEO Lecturer IFlint School of Management$53,850.12$26,925.12
Fusero, DominicDesktop Support Specialist SrFlint School of Management$50,697.76$50,697.76
Riggs, AntonioEmployer Recruiting CoordFlint School of Management$48,301.76$48,301.76
Bennett Reed, AnnaAcademic Advisor/Couns InterFlint School of Management$44,612.85$44,612.85
Swartz, AnnaAdministrative Assistant InterFlint School of Management$39,712.20$39,712.20
Thomas, BrittneyAdministrative Assistant AssocFlint School of Management$30,000.10$30,000.10

Lists of recent searches of
, Admin Asst Sr Healthcare Flint School of Management
Huesmann, L+Rowell Web Designer/Admin Inter CW Mott Resp Therapy
Conant-Buhler, Brayda M Admin Specialist Assoc Health Biostatistics Department
Dillahunt, REG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC) Pathology Department
Wadland , HOUSE OFFICER I AV Set-up
Callan, Mary+Jo LEO Adjunct Lecturer CoE Undergraduate Education
Todoroff, Pamela Drafting Intermediate Supr Building Services
Yeung, Wei-Jun+Jean ASSOC PROFESSOR Central Staffing Resource
quintana, LECTURER III LSA Facilities & Operations - IS
Gallardo, Maria+Cecilia ACCOUNT REP M-CARE UMH Radiation Onc-Foote
Wehe, David+K LECTURER II LSA UMH Facilities Planning