Number of people in Flint Safety Department: 32
Maximum Salary$ 117,985.62
Average Salary$ 64,450.43
Minimum Salary$ 26,117.34

Department Results for Flint Safety 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hall, RaymondChief Of PoliceFlint Safety$117,985.62$117,985.62
Smith I, PhillipPolice LieutenantFlint Safety$91,005.00$91,005.00
Bundy, JohnPolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
Fray, JeffreyPolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
Hunter Jr, David LPolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
McDonald, Heather APolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
Needham, ThomasPolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
Proby, MeoachyPolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
Sepanak, Bruce ErvinPolice SergeantFlint Safety$84,385.60$84,385.60
Coles, Todd EPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$75,212.80$75,212.80
Lipp, MitchellPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$75,212.80$75,212.80
Mata, AntonioPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$75,212.80$75,212.80
Mayfield, StephenPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$75,212.80$75,212.80
Smith, Mark RPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$75,212.80$75,212.80
Walker, MarkPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$68,390.40$68,390.40
Ruffin, TorreyPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$61,276.80$61,276.80
Andres, BrucePOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$55,265.60$55,265.60
Thompson, EricPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$55,265.60$55,265.60
Weston, TerrellPOLICE OFFICERFlint Safety$55,265.60$55,265.60
Ball, Twinette DCOMMUNICATIONS OFCRFlint Safety$49,732.80$49,732.80
Bender, StaciaCOMMUNICATIONS OFCRFlint Safety$49,732.80$29,839.68
Cox, AlcindaCOMMUNICATIONS OFCRFlint Safety$49,732.80$49,732.80
Groulx, SaraCOMMUNICATIONS OFCRFlint Safety$49,732.80$29,839.68
Lopez, Misti SCOMMUNICATIONS OFCRFlint Safety$49,732.80$49,732.80
Howe, Kathryn JBusiness Administrator AssocFlint Safety$46,929.79$46,929.79
Taunt, Russell RLEAD SECURITY OFFICERFlint Safety$46,924.80$46,924.80
Vogt, James RLEAD SECURITY OFFICERFlint Safety$46,924.80$46,924.80
Allen, Philicia LatreceSECURITY OFFICERFlint Safety$43,908.80$43,908.80
Glover, Shenita RSECURITY OFFICERFlint Safety$43,908.80$43,908.80
Maurer, GarySECURITY OFFICERFlint Safety$43,908.80$43,908.80
Overall, SonjaSECURITY OFFICERFlint Safety$43,908.80$43,908.80
Stover, GayeClerk AssociateFlint Safety$26,117.34$26,117.34

Lists of recent searches of
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zao, Office Admin Assoc Supr Int Med-Rheumatology
dawson, Multimedia Svcs Position Inter Biomedical Engineering
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Hoelter, Lynette F Purchasing Clerk Intermediate UMH - HIM Coding
brown, rebecca ASST DIR ACAD PROGRAM Psychiatry-ASAP
Chambers, Kiah Research Process Sr Manager athletics
Scholke, Melissa staff PHARMACY Medicinal Chemistry
Chen, Huimin athletic event ticket manager UM Children-s Centers
Tell, Carol DIR ACADEMIC PROGRAM SRO Technical Services