Number of people in Flint Physical Therapy Department: 43
Maximum Salary$ 133,426.20
Average Salary$ 85,098.87
Minimum Salary$ 36,717.80

Department Results for Flint Physical Therapy 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Vandewiele, Nancy MadelineCLINICAL ASSOC PROFFlint Physical Therapy$133,426.20$60,041.79
Vandewiele, Nancy MadelineASST DIR ACAD PROGRAMFlint Physical Therapy$133,426.20$66,713.10
Larson, CathyASSOC DIR ACAD PROGRAMFlint Physical Therapy$126,423.83$50,569.54
Larson, CathyASSOC PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$126,423.83$67,005.14
Talley, Susan AnnINTERIM DIR ACADEMIC PRGMSFlint Physical Therapy$123,824.94$61,912.47
Talley, Susan AnnCLINICAL ASST PROFFlint Physical Therapy$123,824.94$61,912.47
Rodda, Becky JCLINICAL PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$120,880.90$120,880.90
Kovacek, Peter RLEO Intermittent LecturerFlint Physical Therapy$108,206.00$11,361.68
Yorke, Amy MASST DIR ACAD PROGRAMFlint Physical Therapy$106,202.08$10,620.21
Yorke, Amy MASSOC PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$106,202.08$95,581.87
Huang, Min-HuiASSOC PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$105,731.66$105,731.66
Blackwood, Jennifer AASSOC PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$102,454.74$90,160.17
Smith, LauraASST PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$102,386.70$71,670.69
Smith, LauraASST DIR ACAD PROGRAMFlint Physical Therapy$102,386.70$30,716.01
Alsalaheen, BaraASSOC PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$101,172.18$80,937.74
Tiernan, Chad WilliamASST PROFESSORFlint Physical Therapy$97,631.14$97,631.14
Smith, LeslieCLINICAL ASST PROFFlint Physical Therapy$93,172.18$86,650.13
Bean, Ryan ACLINICAL ASST PROFFlint Physical Therapy$90,458.43$90,458.43
Berg, KarenASSOC DIR ACAD PROGRAMFlint Physical Therapy$90,202.68$45,101.34
Berg, KarenCLINICAL ASST PROFFlint Physical Therapy$90,202.68$45,101.34
Sherman, Erica SueASSOC DIR ACAD PROGRAMFlint Physical Therapy$90,202.68$45,101.34
Sherman, Erica SueCLINICAL ASST PROFFlint Physical Therapy$90,202.68$45,101.34
Trojanowski, Suzanne MarieCLINICAL ASST PROFFlint Physical Therapy$89,571.30$89,571.30
Packard, Donald Wai SingLEO Lecturer IIFlint Physical Therapy$82,228.95$2,878.08
Buchholz, Ellen LBusiness Administrator SeniorFlint Physical Therapy$76,500.00$76,500.00
Hammond, Alan JLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$68,826.00$9,635.68
Kenyon, LisaLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$68,810.52$7,225.12
Quinton, Jonathan AlexanderLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$66,812.38$4,700.29
Rucker, ErinLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$65,296.22$5,876.72
Barnett, AlisonLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$64,015.00$4,481.12
Carter, Emily JLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$64,015.00$4,481.12
Trudeau, CherylLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$62,206.06$8,397.84
Aikman, JudithLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$62,000.00$5,580.00
Alonzo, BryanLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$62,000.00$8,680.00
Kline, Jessica BLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$62,000.00$8,680.00
Vasicek, Brian DLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$60,805.52$8,512.80
Roy, SharonLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$60,436.48$5,439.36
Delzer, Mary FarrehiLEO Lecturer IFlint Physical Therapy$58,240.00$8,153.60
Wixson, ChristinaAdministrative SpecialistFlint Physical Therapy$50,490.00$50,490.00
Davis, Karen LynneOffice ManagerFlint Physical Therapy$48,000.00$48,000.00
Fanzone, Frank JAdministrative Assistant SrFlint Physical Therapy$44,908.87$44,908.87
Munger, YulelissaAdministrative Assistant SrFlint Physical Therapy$40,325.90$40,325.90
Ruber, BeverlySecretary SeniorFlint Physical Therapy$36,717.80$36,717.80

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