Number of people in Flint English Department: 31
Maximum Salary$ 174,255.15
Average Salary$ 69,135.51
Minimum Salary$ 38,000.00

Department Results for Flint English 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Trela, Dale JPROFESSORFlint English$174,255.15$174,255.15
Svoboda, Frederic JPROFESSORFlint English$110,719.93$110,719.93
Bernstein, Stephen DPROFESSORFlint English$108,625.33$108,625.33
Furman, Marva JPROFESSORFlint English$99,225.26$99,225.26
Blumner, Jacob SPROFESSORFlint English$91,535.44$91,535.44
Emenyonu, Patricia TLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$86,276.44$28,730.06
Thum, Maureen DLEO Lecturer IVFlint English$86,210.66$86,210.66
Roach, Stephanie MASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$82,215.12$82,215.12
Hiramatsu, KazukoASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$78,893.84$78,893.84
Knight, SuzanneASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$76,834.42$76,834.42
Britt, EricaASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$76,626.50$76,626.48
Gifford, Mary JoASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$76,564.64$76,564.64
Kent, AliciaASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$76,474.72$76,474.72
Schirmer, James RobertASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$74,824.16$74,824.16
Larsen, Vickie JeanneASSOC PROFESSORFlint English$74,456.40$74,456.40
Feuerherm, EmilyASST PROFESSORFlint English$64,184.63$64,184.63
Larsen Jr, Dave MLEO Lecturer IVFlint English$61,979.28$61,979.28
Akers-Jordan, Cathy MLEO Lecturer IVFlint English$60,629.28$60,629.28
Wiess, Janelle LynnLEO Lecturer IVFlint English$57,384.46$57,384.46
Vidaillet Gelderloos, Stephanie MigdaliaLEO Lecturer IVFlint English$51,668.90$51,668.90
Booms, Stephanie IrwinLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$46,459.04$46,459.04
Dawson, VickyAcademic Support Center CoordFlint English$45,642.96$45,642.96
Ehrlich, Monika RLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$45,475.00$45,475.00
Pendell Jr, John RLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$44,369.12$33,276.84
Atkinson, Scott MichaelLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$43,870.00$43,870.00
Clark, Jay ThomasLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$43,400.00$43,400.00
Hine, Lisa AnneLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$43,400.00$32,550.00
Washington, DianeLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$42,500.00$42,500.00
Wilhelm, Stephanie JeanLEO Lecturer IIFlint English$42,500.00$42,500.00
Linden, DavidLEO Lecturer IFlint English$38,000.00$38,000.00
Zawilinski, MelojeaneLEO Lecturer IFlint English$38,000.00$19,000.00

Lists of recent searches of
Green, Nicole Marie Administrative Assistant inter% Flint English
, Graphics Artist PHARMACY Clin Soc and Admin Sci
Harris, A App Sys Analysis/Prgmming Mgr office of the general counsel
Green, Monique T Clinical Documentation Spec Office of the President
Grazioli, Gregory Evidence/Records Coordinator FinOps Investment Recon
Gray, Holly L Project Associate Manager UMHS Development - Campaign
Gray, Alexander Food Service Manager H.O. PM-R Core
Bylica, Nancy MEDICAL INVESTIGATOR III UMH Dexter Family Phys
Graves, Stacie Research Lab Specialist Assoc SRC-InnovationNetwrks-Knwldge
Grasham, Joelle Patient Services Intermediate Procurement Services
Grantham, Princess Lynnette GOLF COURSE GREENSKEEPER I Alumni Association