Number of people in FinOps Payroll Office Department: 37
Maximum Salary$ 139,086.67
Average Salary$ 58,206.98
Minimum Salary$ 34,999.90

Department Results for FinOps Payroll Office 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Mettlach, Jim PPayroll DirectorFinOps Payroll Office$139,086.67$139,086.67
Mullaly, Carolyn JPayroll ManagerFinOps Payroll Office$96,197.77$96,197.77
Brown, LesliePayroll ManagerFinOps Payroll Office$96,164.62$96,164.62
Wallen, Sally LBusiness Systems Analyst SrFinOps Payroll Office$89,573.34$89,573.34
Miley, Susan MPayroll Senior SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$82,180.59$82,180.59
Moran-Woloszyn, Karen EPayroll Senior SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$80,519.96$80,519.96
Hassan, Kimberly LanishaPayroll Senior SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$67,600.00$67,600.00
Potvin, Georgina MetsovasBusiness Systems Analyst InterFinOps Payroll Office$64,621.54$64,621.54
Elliott, Josephine HPayroll Associate SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$64,287.86$64,287.74
Mayes, Jean MaryPayroll Intermediate SuprFinOps Payroll Office$64,123.74$64,123.74
Hardy, PatriciaAccounting Unit SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$63,000.00$63,000.00
Baum, Tracy LPayroll Analyst SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$61,303.32$61,303.32
Olson, Barbara JeanBusiness Systems Analyst InterFinOps Payroll Office$60,736.00$60,736.00
Welty, Denise MariePayroll Analyst SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$59,832.70$59,832.70
Mireles, Maria DPayroll Intermediate SuprFinOps Payroll Office$58,537.94$58,537.94
Fleszar, Jonathan JPayroll Analyst SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$57,980.53$57,980.53
Jeffery, Wayne APayroll Analyst IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$54,599.06$54,599.06
Monty, Sheila KPayroll Associate SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$54,294.27$54,294.27
Poet, Karen LPayroll Analyst IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$52,988.11$52,988.11
Mann, Amy RPayroll Analyst IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$51,843.08$51,843.08
Jelks, Sheila APayroll Associate SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$51,199.98$51,200.00
Murrell, PaulaPayroll Associate SupervisorFinOps Payroll Office$50,614.20$50,614.20
Wagner, Jeraldine MichelePayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$48,384.18$43,545.74
Russell, Laurie APayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$46,806.52$46,806.52
Tomlin, Yvonne KPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$46,163.92$46,163.92
Curnow, Kevin WPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$45,572.94$45,572.94
Munoz, Mary APayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$45,567.59$45,567.59
Jackson, Teresa IPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$44,872.89$44,872.89
McLaughlin, TaneshaPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$43,993.02$43,993.02
Wiedmayer, LoraPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$42,500.12$42,500.00
Hudson, AndreaPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$41,299.96$41,300.00
Brown, AshleyPayroll Clerk IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$41,199.86$41,199.86
Barrett, AndreaPayroll Clerk SeniorFinOps Payroll Office$40,199.90$40,200.00
Knowles, KellyePayroll Clerk IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$37,440.00$37,440.00
Sleep, HeatherPayroll Clerk IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$37,440.00$37,440.00
Harris, AmandaPayroll Clerk IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$35,932.00$35,932.00
DeCelle, MaryPayroll Clerk IntermediateFinOps Payroll Office$34,999.90$35,000.00

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