Number of people in EECS - CSE Division Department: 106
Maximum Salary$ 273,926.00
Average Salary$ 104,227.43
Minimum Salary$ 36,789.00

Department Results for EECS - CSE Division 2014-15
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Atkins III, Daniel EPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$273,926.00$8,217.78
Shin, Kang GeunPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$232,650.00$116,325.00
Mudge, Trevor NPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$206,500.00$92,925.00
Hayes, John PatrickPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$202,100.00$111,155.00
Jagadish, Hosagrahar VPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$198,200.00$177,781.44
Kuipers, BenjaminPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$185,000.00$185,000.00
Laird, John EPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$185,000.00$83,250.00
Papaefthymiou, Marios CCHAIREECS - CSE Division$183,300.00$91,650.00
Papaefthymiou, Marios CPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$183,300.00$82,485.00
Wellman, Michael PPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$171,500.00$145,775.00
Mazumder, PinakiPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$167,500.00$142,375.00
Chen, Peter MPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$162,500.00$162,500.00
Austin, Todd MPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$161,500.00$137,275.00
Soloway, ElliotPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$160,020.00$160,020.00
Baveja, Satinder SinghPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$160,000.00$130,219.20
Durfee, Edmund HPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$157,500.00$126,000.16
Prakash, AtulPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$157,000.00$141,300.00
Honeyman, PeterRESEARCH PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$152,991.00$7,649.70
Mahlke, ScottASSOCIATE CHAIREECS - CSE Division$152,440.00$30,488.00
Mahlke, ScottPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$152,440.00$99,086.00
Ackerman, Mark StevenProfessorEECS - CSE Division$152,191.00$63,319.83
Stout, Quentin FPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$152,000.00$152,000.00
Noble, Brian DPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$151,410.00$30,282.00
Kieras, David EdwardPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$137,500.00$116,875.00
Bertacco, Valeria MPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$132,980.00$113,033.00
Flinn, Jason NelsonPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$132,000.00$132,000.00
Mihalcea, RadaASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$131,800.00$116,972.50
Wakefield, Gregory HASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$129,489.00$55,032.83
Compton, Kevin JASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$129,200.00$129,200.00
Fu, KevinASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$128,300.00$109,055.00
Mao, ZhuoqingASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$127,000.00$107,950.00
Brehob, Mark W BLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$124,264.00$124,264.00
Strauss, Martin JProfessorEECS - CSE Division$122,273.00$61,136.50
Dorf, Mary LouLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$121,711.00$121,711.00
Chesney, David RLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$119,476.00$119,476.00
Jamin, SugihASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$117,600.00$117,600.00
Wenisch, Thomas FASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$117,500.00$99,875.00
Olson, EdwinASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$114,950.00$57,475.00
Cormier, Kelly ABusiness Administrator LeadEECS - CSE Division$114,000.00$114,000.00
Pettie, SethASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$112,689.00$107,054.55
Narayanasamy, SatishASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$112,640.00$107,008.00
Shi, YaoyunASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$108,000.00$108,000.00
Dutta, PrabalASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$106,000.00$90,100.00
Halderman, John AlexanderASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$106,000.00$90,100.00
Madhyastha, HarshaVISITING ASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$106,000.00$106,000.00
Syed, ZeeshanASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$104,000.00$104,000.00
Cafarella, Michael JohnASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$103,700.00$103,700.00
Essl, GeorgASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$102,459.00$102,459.00
Lee, HonglakASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$102,000.00$102,000.00
Provost, Emily Kaplan MowerASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$101,700.00$101,700.00
Schoenebeck, GrantASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$101,700.00$101,700.00
Mozafari, BarzanASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$101,200.00$101,200.00
Abernethy, JacobASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$101,000.00$101,000.00
Dreslinski Jr, RonaldASST RES SCIENTISTEECS - CSE Division$100,629.00$0.00
Mars, JasonASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$100,200.00$100,200.00
Tang, LingjiaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$100,200.00$100,200.00
Deng, JiaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$98,500.00$98,500.00
Wiens, JennaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$98,000.00$98,000.00
Tarcea, Victor GlennApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrEECS - CSE Division$97,789.00$0.00
Das, ReetuparnaASST RES SCIENTISTEECS - CSE Division$97,156.00$61,208.28
Ringenberg, Jeffrey StuartLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$90,374.00$90,374.00
Tesmer, JustinResearch Project EngineerEECS - CSE Division$85,000.00$0.00
Paoletti, David RLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$84,245.00$84,245.00
Crang, StevenMktg Communications SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$82,000.00$82,000.00
Morgan, Andrew MichaelLEO Lecturer IIEECS - CSE Division$81,593.71$16,318.72
Gibson, JeremyLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$81,200.00$81,200.00
Darden, Marcus MLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$81,000.00$81,000.00
Duprie, Denise MResearch Process ManagerEECS - CSE Division$80,000.00$80,000.00
Miller, Carl AlexanderASST RES SCIENTISTEECS - CSE Division$74,970.00$0.00
Smith, Rebekah AnnBusiness Manager SubunitEECS - CSE Division$72,800.00$72,800.00
Hicks, Matthew DRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$71,000.00$0.00
Foo, ZhiyoongRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$70,000.00$0.00
Samadiarakhshbahar, MehrzadRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$70,000.00$0.00
Han, Kyu SukRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$68,750.00$0.00
DeOrio, Andrew WhitehouseLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$67,954.00$67,954.00
Assanie, MazinResearch Computer SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$66,810.00$0.00
Freysinger, DawnStudent Admin Asst SrEECS - CSE Division$65,390.00$65,390.00
Parikh, RiteshRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$65,000.00$0.00
Swanson, Colleen MarieRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$62,830.00$0.00
Rice, Brian EFacilities Coordinator/ManagerEECS - CSE Division$62,760.00$62,760.00
Banea, Carmen NicoletaRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$61,800.00$0.00
Carmody, PatrickApplications Programmer InterEECS - CSE Division$61,626.00$0.00
Amin, KareemVISITING RES INVEST IEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
DeMeulenaere, ShaneResearch Project EngineerEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
Kopelowitz, TsviRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
Kulesza, John AlexanderRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
Telgarsky, Matus IanRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$60,000.00
Mann, KimberlyResearch Process CoordinatorEECS - CSE Division$56,005.00$56,005.00
Pasek, Laura RAdministrative SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$55,366.00$55,366.00
Mattison, Charles RobertResearch Process CoordinatorEECS - CSE Division$55,001.00$55,001.00
MacKenzie, Kristi LynnStudent Admin Asst SrEECS - CSE Division$53,992.00$53,992.00
Boltz, ChristineWeb Designer/Admin InterEECS - CSE Division$53,849.00$0.00
Wonfor, LisaAdministrative Assistant SrEECS - CSE Division$51,402.00$51,402.00
Abouelenien, MohamedRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$49,000.00$0.00
Chen, QuanRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$48,851.00$48,851.00
Raymond, RobynFinancial Specialist InterEECS - CSE Division$48,340.00$19,336.00
Estell, CynthiaAdministrative Assistant SrEECS - CSE Division$48,133.02$36,099.76
Tison, GraceContract and Grant SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$46,000.00$46,000.00
Coleman, Yolonda PAdministrative Assistant InterEECS - CSE Division$44,371.00$44,371.00
Hicks, DanielleMarketing CoordinatorEECS - CSE Division$44,000.00$44,000.00
Johnson-Rafalski, Lauri KSecretary IntermediateEECS - CSE Division$43,784.00$43,784.00
Reger, Stephen EricSecretary IntermediateEECS - CSE Division$42,789.00$42,789.00
Moulton, Dia MStudent Admin Asst InterEECS - CSE Division$42,111.00$42,111.00
March, SuziStudent Admin Asst InterEECS - CSE Division$40,969.00$40,969.00
Rendell, Rita SSecretary IntermediateEECS - CSE Division$36,789.00$29,431.20

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, Program Manager EECS - CSE Division
doy, chel RAHS Site Supervisor CoE Communications & Marketing
Booker, Doreen+D Admissions Officer Inter Neurology Department
Hipple, Shelly+Rhoades Medical Assistant %ROSS%SCH%Information%Technolog%
Manickam, Nandini Applications Programmer Senior UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)
Vesia, Michael Academic Records Asst Assoc UMH 7C Cardiology
Hendy, Ingrid L %Financial specialist %Continuous%Improvement%
Giammittorio, David Major Gifts Officer Inter% CW 12W - Ped General Care
Wang, Amy Respiratory Therapist SOE-Educational Studies
Choisy, Erik genetic% %HITS%Org%Development%
Chen, Yan ASST RES SCIENTIST %ROSS%SCH%Human%Resources%