Number of people in EECS - CSE Division Department: 127
Maximum Salary$ 258,950.00
Average Salary$ 113,757.80
Minimum Salary$ 40,170.00

Department Results for EECS - CSE Division 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Shin, Kang GeunPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$258,950.00$51,790.00
Jagadish, Hosagrahar VPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$235,000.00$199,750.00
Mudge, Trevor NPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$230,475.00$126,761.25
Hayes, John PatrickPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$222,075.00$155,452.50
Baveja, Satinder SinghPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$218,450.00$189,496.64
Wellman, Michael PPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$212,150.00$0.00
Halderman, John AlexanderPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$210,600.00$179,010.00
Laird, John EPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$206,605.00$103,302.50
Kuipers, BenjaminPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$204,550.00$184,095.00
Sakallah, Karem APROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$196,253.00$196,253.00
Noble, Brian DCHAIREECS - CSE Division$192,300.00$96,150.00
Noble, Brian DPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$192,300.00$96,150.00
Chen, Peter MPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$188,300.00$188,300.00
Mazumder, PinakiPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$187,629.00$93,814.50
Austin, Todd MPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$186,366.00$130,456.20
Prakash, AtulPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$176,645.00$150,148.25
Durfee, Edmund HPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$175,703.00$161,646.76
Mahlke, ScottPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$172,944.00$147,002.40
Soloway, ElliotPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$172,803.00$172,803.00
Guzdial, Mark JosephPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$172,000.00$172,000.00
Ackerman, Mark StevenProfessorEECS - CSE Division$170,420.00$85,210.00
Stout, Quentin FPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$165,512.00$165,512.00
Mihalcea, RadaPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$162,500.00$138,125.00
Jenkins, Odest ChadwickeASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$157,356.00$149,488.20
Flinn, Jason NelsonPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$157,000.00$78,500.00
Mao, ZhuoqingPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$155,500.00$132,175.00
Bertacco, Valeria MPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$155,000.00$31,000.00
Pettie, SethASSOCIATE CHAIREECS - CSE Division$152,600.00$30,520.00
Pettie, SethPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$152,600.00$114,450.00
Kieras, David EdwardPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$149,899.00$63,707.04
Cormier, Kelly ABus Admin Staff SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$149,000.00$149,000.00
Weimer, Westley RPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$149,000.00$149,000.00
Peikert, Christopher JASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$147,500.00$147,500.00
Markov, Igor LPROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$144,708.00$144,708.00
Chesney, David RLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$143,892.23$143,892.23
Wenisch, Thomas FASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$143,000.00$92,950.00
Wenisch, Thomas FASSOCIATE CHAIREECS - CSE Division$143,000.00$28,600.00
Compton, Kevin JASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$142,103.00$142,103.00
Fu, KevinASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$140,261.00$119,221.85
Brehob, Mark W BLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$139,945.96$139,945.96
Leach, KevinRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$138,375.00$83,025.00
Olson, EdwinASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$138,000.00$9,660.00
Wakefield, Gregory HASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$137,570.00$51,588.54
Sample, AlansonASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$130,000.00$130,000.00
Cafarella, Michael JohnASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$126,999.00$126,999.00
Jamin, SugihASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$125,265.00$125,265.00
Narayanasamy, SatishASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$125,211.00$106,429.35
Ensafi, RoyaRESEARCH ASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$124,500.00$124,500.00
Provost, Emily Kaplan MowerASSOC PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$124,068.00$62,034.00
Das, ReetuparnaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$117,374.00$117,374.00
Dreslinski Jr, RonaldASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$117,206.00$41,022.10
Genkin, DanielASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$115,000.00$115,000.00
Tang, LingjiaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$115,000.00$109,250.00
Wiens, JennaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$115,000.00$46,000.00
Mozafari, BarzanASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$114,530.00$109,948.80
Schoenebeck, GrantASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$114,273.00$114,273.00
Mars, JasonASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$114,086.00$114,086.00
Lasecki, WalterASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$114,000.00$108,300.00
Kasikci, Baris Can CengizASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$113,423.00$113,423.00
Honeyman, PeterLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$113,374.18$113,374.18
Chowdhury, N M Mosharaf KabirASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$113,194.00$113,194.00
Kapritsos, ManosASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$113,008.00$113,008.00
Koutra, DanaiASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$113,008.00$99,447.04
Banovic, NikolaASST PROFESSOREECS - CSE Division$113,000.00$113,000.00
Sinha, AruneshASST RES SCIENTISTEECS - CSE Division$110,786.00$50,629.20
Tarcea, Victor GlennApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrEECS - CSE Division$109,779.00$0.00
Paoletti, David RLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$109,718.12$109,718.12
Liska, Karen RHR Generalist LeadEECS - CSE Division$106,667.00$106,667.00
Ringenberg, Jeffrey StuartLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$102,539.74$102,539.74
Aerts, WilliamExternal Relations DirectorEECS - CSE Division$100,000.00$0.00
DeOrio, Andrew WhitehouseLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$98,877.36$98,877.36
Darden, Marcus MLEO Lecturer IVEECS - CSE Division$98,726.13$98,726.13
Morgan, Andrew MichaelLEO Lecturer IIEECS - CSE Division$95,994.92$38,397.97
Kloosterman, John SidneyLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$93,000.00$93,000.00
Hamilton, NicoleLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$92,925.00$92,925.00
Crang, StevenMktg Communications Inter SuprEECS - CSE Division$92,200.00$92,200.00
Kamil, AmirLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$91,305.82$91,305.82
Arthur, WilliamLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$90,860.00$90,860.00
Juett, JamesLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$90,860.00$90,860.00
Kutty, Sindhu KrishnanLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$90,860.00$90,860.00
Volkovich, IlyaLEO Lecturer IIIEECS - CSE Division$90,860.00$90,860.00
Duprie, Denise MFinancial Specialist SeniorEECS - CSE Division$89,408.00$89,408.00
Erementchouk, MikhailResearch Area Specialist LeadEECS - CSE Division$87,550.00$0.00
Perez-Rosas, VeronicaASST RES SCIENTISTEECS - CSE Division$86,000.00$4,300.00
Foran, Therese Diane JakubowskiResearch Process ManagerEECS - CSE Division$79,862.00$79,862.00
Hauff, ErikaResearch Process ManagerEECS - CSE Division$78,908.00$39,454.00
Samadiarakhshbahar, MehrzadRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$78,023.00$0.00
Garcia-Ramirez, HectorLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$77,473.51$30,989.40
Assanie, MazinResearch Computer SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$74,900.00$0.00
Sethia, AnkitRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$73,902.50$0.00
Almomani, RaedLEO Intermittent LecturerEECS - CSE Division$72,800.00$29,120.00
Diaz, Kimberly KhalsaLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$72,800.00$72,800.00
Perretta, James LouisInstructional Learning SeniorEECS - CSE Division$71,148.00$26,680.50
Rice, Brian EFacilities Coordinator/ManagerEECS - CSE Division$70,119.00$70,119.00
Asudeh Naee, AbolfazlRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$70,000.00$0.00
Stewart Jr, Jack CResearch Process CoordinatorEECS - CSE Division$69,000.00$69,000.00
Graetz, Emily RobinLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$67,600.00$67,600.00
Kummerfeld, JonathanRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$67,367.00$33,683.50
Yarger, Austin DavidLEO Lecturer IEECS - CSE Division$65,974.88$32,987.44
Meyer, JoshuaApp Programmer/Analyst InterEECS - CSE Division$65,590.00$0.00
Park, YongjooRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$65,000.00$32,500.00
Estell, CynthiaAdministrative Assistant SrEECS - CSE Division$63,822.98$47,867.24
VanLaven, Joel JacobLEO Adjunct LecturerEECS - CSE Division$63,806.66$25,522.64
Firlik, ChristineAcademic Advisor/Couns InterEECS - CSE Division$61,000.00$61,000.00
Rampazzi, SaraRESEARCH INVESTIGATOREECS - CSE Division$60,850.00$3,042.50
Andreae, Ashley TaylorStudent Admin Asst SrEECS - CSE Division$60,413.00$60,413.00
He, SuiningRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
Hong, SeunghoonRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
Laurenzano, Michael AndrewRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$60,000.00$0.00
Boltz, ChristineWeb Designer/Admin InterEECS - CSE Division$59,740.00$0.00
O'Keefe, StephanieResearch Area Specialist AssocEECS - CSE Division$55,167.00$12,136.85
Reger, Stephen EricPurchasing Associate SuprEECS - CSE Division$55,117.00$55,117.00
Clark, KimberlyAdministrative Assistant SrEECS - CSE Division$55,033.00$55,033.00
Champion, ZacharyMarketing CoordinatorEECS - CSE Division$53,000.00$33,125.00
Coleman, Yolonda PAdministrative Assistant SrEECS - CSE Division$52,839.00$52,839.00
Pena, Sarah ElizabethAdministrative Assistant SrEECS - CSE Division$52,765.00$0.00
Bunescu, AureliaResearch Area Specialist AssocEECS - CSE Division$51,500.00$0.00
Mickle, DanaAdministrative SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$51,000.00$51,000.00
Yousefi, HamedRESEARCH FELLOWEECS - CSE Division$50,000.00$0.00
March, SuziStudent Admin Asst InterEECS - CSE Division$49,475.00$49,475.00
Zucal, JoshuaContract - Grant SpecialistEECS - CSE Division$49,000.00$49,000.00
Crang, DianeAdministrative Assistant InterEECS - CSE Division$46,760.00$35,070.00
Sherry, RoseStudent Admin Asst InterEECS - CSE Division$43,000.10$43,000.00
Goldsmith, JamiePurchasing Clerk IntermediateEECS - CSE Division$42,342.00$42,342.00
Santa Cruz, AlexisStudent Admin Asst InterEECS - CSE Division$41,696.00$41,696.00
Melloni, AliceAdministrative Assistant InterEECS - CSE Division$40,999.92$20,500.00
Galaty, SylviaStudent Admin Asst InterEECS - CSE Division$40,170.00$30,127.50

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