Number of people in Dbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol Department: 27
Maximum Salary$ 97,526.05
Average Salary$ 54,887.70
Minimum Salary$ 29,148.84

Department Results for Dbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Early, Kevin EugeneASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$97,526.05$97,526.05
Aronson, Pamela JPROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$86,907.88$86,907.88
Draus, Paul JPROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$86,327.05$86,327.05
Banner-Hubbard, FrancineASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$78,700.00$78,700.00
Patel, Nehal AASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$78,373.00$78,373.00
Forsythe-Brown, IvyASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$78,053.18$78,053.18
Shelton, Donald EugeneASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$75,933.00$75,933.00
McKenna, Brian MASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$72,887.00$72,887.00
Chenoweth, JohnASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$69,322.00$69,322.00
Price, CarmelASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$68,848.00$68,848.00
Beauchesne, Patrick DASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$66,678.00$66,678.00
Brainer, Amy KathrynASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$66,461.15$21,932.18
Wellman, Rose EdithASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$61,500.00$61,500.00
Javed, Arifa KLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$42,246.16$31,684.64
Baker, Benjamin StanleyLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$40,694.06$10,173.52
Shernoff, Neil WLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$40,660.69$40,660.69
Halloran, Bonnie BLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$40,627.16$10,156.80
Gaughan, Joseph PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$40,625.29$20,312.72
Walker, Pamela DLEO Intermittent LecturerDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$36,391.48$9,097.92
Dunn, Janet SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$35,300.66$17,650.40
Robinson, RichardLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$34,552.13$20,143.92
Myftari, AgronLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$32,375.30$8,093.84
Muhammad, Bilal RabahLEO Intermittent LecturerDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$31,531.58$15,765.79
Patti, Anthony PLEO Intermittent LecturerDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$30,229.64$7,557.41
Deward, Sarah LynnLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$30,229.54$15,114.77
Douglas Jr, JamesLEO Intermittent LecturerDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$29,839.10$7,459.78
Levitt, AmandaLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Sociology & Anthropol$29,148.84$7,287.28

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Boehmer, Gary L Administrative Specialist Grounds Services
Bentley, Steven C %Chief Information Youth & Social Issues
Sadler, D Project Intermediate Manager Flint AVC Student Success
Seyfried, John E PROFESSOR SRC-Family Demography
Picklesimer Jr, Ishmael Physician Asst Cardio Surg T3 LSA UG: Honors
Marsh Jr, Gerald J RESEARCH PROFESSOR LSA Asian Languages & Cultures
Kretin, Dennis Allen Patient Services Senior ROSS SCH Events
Nurmi, Theresa stockkeeper Athletics
Fleming, Joseph T REG NURSE - LEVEL C (B INC) LSA UG: OptiMize
Emery, Everett L Network Engineer Senior Univ Musical Society