Number of people in Dbn CASL-Physical Sciences Department: 40
Maximum Salary$ 106,498.02
Average Salary$ 56,348.18
Minimum Salary$ 28,300.00

Department Results for Dbn CASL-Physical Sciences 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Naik, Vaman MPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$106,498.02$106,498.02
Murray, Kent SPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$105,258.04$105,258.04
Prentis, Jeffrey JPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$102,513.05$102,513.05
Bazzi, Ali A HPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$102,302.19$102,302.19
Benore, Marilee AnnPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$97,815.08$97,815.08
Bandyopadhyay, KrisanuPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$91,420.00$91,420.00
Napieralski, Jacob APROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$91,047.24$91,047.24
Lawson, Daniel BPROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$86,530.00$86,530.00
Donahue, Craig JosephASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$84,803.02$84,803.02
Deng, YiweiASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$79,814.00$79,814.00
Wang, JinASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$79,366.73$79,366.73
Smith, Sheila RASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$78,405.02$78,405.02
Marincean, SimonaASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$75,567.05$75,567.05
Clarkson, William IanASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$72,739.03$72,739.03
Licata, Nicholas AaronASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$72,540.02$72,540.02
Li, XiaohuaASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$70,214.02$70,214.02
Constantinides, ChristosASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$66,332.00$66,332.00
Al-Qaisi, Samia MLEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$56,564.82$56,564.82
Hartshorn, Patricia ALEO Lecturer IVDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$53,401.48$53,401.48
Bord, Donald JPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ADbn CASL-Physical Sciences$48,000.00$12,000.00
Vaysman, Lyudmila NLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$39,683.84$37,203.60
Swift, Carrie MayLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$39,620.06$33,875.20
Goodman, Annise PaigeLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$37,148.50$26,004.00
Holubka, Joseph WalterLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$37,147.91$34,826.24
Stemmler, Ann B JLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$34,779.92$26,084.96
Savu, Codruta ElenaLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$33,674.28$31,990.57
Nalepa, NicholasLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$33,661.39$33,661.44
Scribner, Steven LLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,839.10$27,974.16
Harati, MohammadLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.16$20,040.08
Pacheco, Ryan MichaelLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.08$27,691.60
Perry, Jacqueline SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.04$25,505.44
Abou Aleiwi, Bilal AliLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.00$14,574.50
Basheer, Rafil ALEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.00$16,760.72
Dhakal, BadrinathLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.00$23,683.60
Farhat, Hussein ALEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.00$7,287.28
Mehdi, MariamLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,149.00$16,396.32
Ketchum, AlexLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$29,148.98$14,574.56
Al Alwan, BasemLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$7,075.04
Paik, Amy SLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$8,843.76
Serri, Paul JosephLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Physical Sciences$28,300.00$12,381.28

Lists of recent searches of
, Research Lab Specialist Assoc Dbn CASL-Physical Sciences
Goble, Shauna M Financial Lead Manager LS-A Romance Lang - Literature
Allen, Adam C %bus%inte% SOE-Educational Studies
Godel, Data Entry Operator Inter LS-A Residential College
Parnes, Marvin G Academic Records Asst Inter LSA Near Eastern Studies
Stark, Lori Research Area Specialist Assoc LS-A Psychology Department
Raymond, Renee R Sys Programmer/Analyst Inter LSA Psychology
Lossing, Lindsey Training Manager LS-A Museum of Paleontology
Alfafara, Emily Patient Care Tech Associate LS-A International Institute
Edwards, Douglas A ATHLETIC FACIL WKR II Flint Biology
Meyer, Merry L Nursing Supervisor LS-A History of Art Department