Number of people in Dbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences Department: 27
Maximum Salary$ 86,480.00
Average Salary$ 48,549.13
Minimum Salary$ 25,882.00

Department Results for Dbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences 2005-06
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Bogin, Barry APROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$86,480.00$86,480.00
Lempert, Lora BexPROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$80,799.00$80,799.00
Gruber, James EPROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$79,703.00$79,703.00
Loeb, Roger CPROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$74,757.00$74,757.00
Straub, Richard OPROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$74,574.54$74,574.54
Akiyama, M MichaelPROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$64,957.00$64,957.00
Radine, Lawrence BASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$62,845.00$62,845.00
McAuslan, Pamela AASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$60,431.00$60,431.00
Waung, Marie PASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$60,358.00$60,358.00
Wrobel, Nancy HowellsASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$59,845.00$59,845.00
Hymes, Robert WASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$58,639.00$58,639.00
Swift, Dan JASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$57,871.00$57,871.00
Sheldon, Jane PASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$57,533.00$57,533.00
Jacobs, Claude FASSOC PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$55,747.00$55,747.00
Draus, Paul JASST PROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$50,000.00$50,000.00
Yocom, Staci LAdministrative SpecialistDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$35,403.94$35,403.94
Birkhill, William RLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$27,151.00$13,575.50
Gaughan, Joseph PLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$27,151.00$13,575.50
Joseph, Tarek ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$27,151.00$6,787.75
McNeece, William ALEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$27,151.00$13,575.50
Balogh, Shelly MSecretary IntermediateDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$26,499.98$26,499.98
Silva, Maria Ines O varelaVISITING RES INVEST IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$26,368.00$13,184.00
Thomas, Gregory LamontLEO Lecturer IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$25,883.00$6,470.75
Archer, Diane PLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$25,882.00$12,941.00
Cudel, EvelyneLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$25,882.00$6,470.50
Shernoff, Neil WLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$25,882.00$19,411.50
Walters, Claudia KLEO Lecturer IDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$25,882.00$12,941.00
Anderson-Levitt, Kathryn MPROFESSORDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$0.00$0.00
Straub, Richard OCHAIRDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$0.00$0.00
Walters, Claudia KVISITING RES INVEST IIDbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences$0.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Physician Asst Surg Subspec T2 Dbn CASL-Behavioral Sciences
auge, Speech language %UMH%PMR%IP%OTPT%Acute%
McDonough, Jillmarie A %Development Director Lead UMH Infusion Cancer Center
Higgins, Ellen J Call center Library B&P - HR
Roberts, Antwoniq Business System %UMH%Mat%Svcs%Warehouse%Ops%
burgamy, jason HR Generalist Senior SRC - Education & Well Being
Laing, Timothy J Methods UMH Facial Cosmetic Surg Prof
Love, Gloria A Physician Asst Cardio Surg T2 UMH Emergency Mgt Operations
galecki, Surgical Technologist Senior UMH Emergency Department
Miotke, Emily Marketing Specialist UMH Cancer Center RAD