Number of people in DENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry Department: 31
Maximum Salary$ 229,522.27
Average Salary$ 65,113.55
Minimum Salary$ 36,029.09

Department Results for DENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
McNamara Jr, James APROFESSOR EMERITUS/ADENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$229,522.27$45,904.45
Salzmann, Larry BillCLINICAL ASSOC PROFDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$151,597.50$121,278.00
Yatabe Ioshida, Marilia SayakoCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$112,745.00$90,196.00
Oljace, GailBusiness Administrator InterDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$82,000.00$0.00
Walker, Abbie LADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$80,000.00$4,000.00
Hsiao, Chu-ChunCLINICAL LECTURERDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$78,412.50$62,730.00
Roberts, Christopher AADJUNCT CLIN ASSOC PROFDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$70,830.95$14,166.19
Maturo, Raymond AADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$67,957.50$16,989.38
Majewski, Robert FADJUNCT CLIN ASSOC PROFDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$65,000.00$13,000.00
Shipman, Sara MDental Assistant SeniorDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$59,774.56$0.00
Taylor-Dicks, GinaAllied Health Intermediate SupDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$58,372.82$0.00
Iglesias, Miriam AAdministrative Assistant SrDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$56,680.76$56,680.76
Smith, Scott DouglasADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$56,100.00$5,610.00
Pecoraro, SandraClinic LeadDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$54,524.63$0.00
Hannapel, Eric DavidADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$53,997.67$5,399.77
Weeden, Josephine ClarkADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$53,997.67$5,399.77
Adams, David MADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$51,943.80$2,597.19
Barkley, MaryADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$51,000.00$2,550.00
Sarment, Sylvie AADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$49,572.00$19,828.80
Panyard, Melanie LAdministrative Assistant InterDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$48,935.36$24,467.68
Kwon, EdwinADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$48,615.75$2,430.79
Shoukri, Brandon SamirADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$48,500.00$4,850.00
Mizuhashi, KojiRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$47,484.00$0.00
Nagata, MizukiRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$47,484.00$0.00
Vesela, IvaRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$47,484.00$0.00
Shin, Stephanie SuhyoungADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$46,500.00$1,162.50
Graf, Kayla KDental Assistant SeniorDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$44,247.71$0.00
Baty, DeverellDental Assistant SeniorDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$43,388.15$0.00
Sherwood, PaulaPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$38,896.30$0.00
Meyer, CassandraPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$36,926.14$0.00
Hess, LauraPatient Services AssociateDENT Ortho/Peds Dentistry$36,029.09$0.00

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