Number of people in DENT OM Surgery/HD Department: 49
Maximum Salary$ 260,614.79
Average Salary$ 68,858.73
Minimum Salary$ 34,004.53

Department Results for DENT OM Surgery/HD 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Ward, Brent BASSOC PROFESSORDENT OM Surgery/HD$260,614.79$177,998.08
Feinberg, Stephen ElliottPROFESSORDENT OM Surgery/HD$205,000.00$145,797.64
Edwards, Sean PeterCLINICAL PROFESSORDENT OM Surgery/HD$170,390.10$56,228.99
Chin, Amy Man-WaiDentistDENT OM Surgery/HD$165,000.00$82,500.00
Ashman, Lawrence MCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT OM Surgery/HD$157,166.19$19,645.77
Aronovich, SharonCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT OM Surgery/HD$121,771.20$85,239.60
Moe, JustineCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT OM Surgery/HD$120,000.00$79,800.00
Cornwall, Benjamin CCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT OM Surgery/HD$117,383.00$96,254.06
Skouteris, ChristosCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT OM Surgery/HD$114,219.30$45,687.43
Munz, Stephanie MarieCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT OM Surgery/HD$108,990.00$81,197.55
Washington, James BLaboratory ManagerDENT OM Surgery/HD$79,768.15$0.00
Abramson, AlexCLINICAL LECTURERDENT OM Surgery/HD$71,750.00$0.00
Hossameldin, Reem HamdyCLINICAL LECTURERDENT OM Surgery/HD$70,000.00$70,000.00
Mohammed, AnasCLINICAL LECTURERDENT OM Surgery/HD$70,000.00$0.00
Sugiyama, DebraAllied Health Intermediate SupDENT OM Surgery/HD$69,255.38$34,627.69
Kline, Stephanie KProsthetistDENT OM Surgery/HD$68,306.28$0.00
Ramos-Toledo, Jose MariaCLINICAL LECTURERDENT OM Surgery/HD$68,000.00$68,000.00
Murphy, BarbaraDental HygienistDENT OM Surgery/HD$64,142.91$0.00
Lay-Luskin, Jennifer AnnClinical Res Coordinator HlthDENT OM Surgery/HD$58,117.50$4,939.99
Levi, BeckyDental Assistant SeniorDENT OM Surgery/HD$46,279.06$13,883.72
Thompson, MeganDental Assistant SeniorDENT OM Surgery/HD$45,999.98$0.00
Mills-Stines, LaTonyaPatient Services SeniorDENT OM Surgery/HD$45,461.70$0.00
Kulas, DamaAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareDENT OM Surgery/HD$44,000.06$0.00
Valente, Carolyn RPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$43,756.92$21,878.46
Maazza, PauletteDental Assistant SeniorDENT OM Surgery/HD$43,176.39$21,588.20
Chessor, DanaDental Assistant IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,977.33$0.00
Martin, Chantal ReneeAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,977.33$0.00
Mata, SandraAdmin Asst Inter HealthcareDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,653.52$41,800.56
Cook, TrinaPatient Services IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,640.55$0.00
Andrews, BrookDental Assistant SeniorDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,329.79$21,164.87
Burr, Mary KatherineDental Assistant SeniorDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,024.92$21,012.50
Crist, Jennifer LynnPatient Services IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$42,024.92$0.00
Kersey, ValeriePatient Services IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$41,983.34$0.00
Leonhardt, JasonPatient Services IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$41,776.57$0.00
Sims, DeNetraPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$39,981.84$0.00
Evans, JoycePatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$39,670.45$0.00
Pinto, NancyPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$39,670.45$0.00
Wallace, SommerDental Assistant IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,988.89$0.00
Burris, SherriPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,673.25$0.00
Abrahamian, SandraPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,500.02$0.00
Thomas, AntwonDental Assistant IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,464.12$0.00
Goss, R MachillePatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$38,076.78$0.00
Creech, VanessaPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$37,749.92$0.00
Folk, SiobhanPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$37,380.60$0.00
Coffey, RonellePatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$37,051.32$0.00
Flores, RaquelPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$36,025.40$0.00
Landrum, RaymondPatient Services AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$35,827.36$0.00
Sweigard, DianeDental Assistant AssociateDENT OM Surgery/HD$34,075.78$0.00
Nichols, AshleyDental Assistant IntermediateDENT OM Surgery/HD$34,004.53$0.00

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, Research Laboratory Tech Assoc DENT OM Surgery/HD
Foster, John Amos Pharmacy Assistant Director Housing-Information
Ben Yair, Ron Mechanical Drafter Inter BRCF Biomedical Research Store
Evans, Anthony Administrative Specialist Neurology Department
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