Number of people in Comp Med and Bioinformatics Department: 61
Maximum Salary$ 247,176.00
Average Salary$ 92,856.02
Minimum Salary$ 40,147.04

Department Results for Comp Med and Bioinformatics 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Omenn, Gilbert SPROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$247,176.00$207,121.13
Athey, Brian DPROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$225,000.00$168,750.00
Zhang, YangPROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$204,100.00$87,720.14
Higgins, GerryRESEARCH PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$203,000.00$0.00
Najarian, KayvanASSOC PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$185,440.00$5,563.20
Ye, JiepingASSOC PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$182,040.00$0.00
Peasley, Linda MChief Dept Administrator HlthComp Med and Bioinformatics$175,952.85$175,952.85
Burmeister, MargitPROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$168,100.00$67,240.00
Sartor, MaureenASSOC PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$157,594.00$18,911.28
Parker, Stephen CJASST PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$135,269.00$29,082.84
Dilworth, DavidResearch Senior SupervisorComp Med and Bioinformatics$132,165.07$0.00
Mills, Ryan EdwardASST PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$129,780.00$16,871.40
Boyle, Alan PASST PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$129,222.00$74,948.76
Rajapakse, IndikaASST PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$128,698.00$41,183.36
Guan, YuanfangASST PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$128,048.00$35,213.20
Weiss, Kenneth GIT Project Senior ManagerComp Med and Bioinformatics$118,628.25$59,314.13
Ade, Alex SApp Programmer/Analyst LdComp Med and Bioinformatics$115,447.11$0.00
Karnovsky, AllaRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORComp Med and Bioinformatics$113,262.00$13,025.13
de Wet, Jeffrey RouxLEO Lecturer IVComp Med and Bioinformatics$101,496.74$81,197.39
Bankhead III, Armand RobertLEO Lecturer IIIComp Med and Bioinformatics$101,350.00$30,405.00
Poisson, JonathanTechnical Support ManagerComp Med and Bioinformatics$96,000.00$62,400.00
Duren, WilliamApplications Programmer LeadComp Med and Bioinformatics$95,000.33$0.00
de Wet, Jeffrey RouxResearch Lab Specialist LeadComp Med and Bioinformatics$94,046.97$18,809.39
Mc Eachin, Richard CharlesASST RES SCIENTISTComp Med and Bioinformatics$88,847.00$35,538.80
Gryak, JonathanResearch Senior SupervisorComp Med and Bioinformatics$88,000.00$0.00
Meixner, Walter MResearch Lab Specialist SeniorComp Med and Bioinformatics$86,561.28$0.00
Menon, RajasreeASST RES SCIENTISTComp Med and Bioinformatics$86,376.00$0.00
Peake, Janet MAdmin Specialist Senior HealthComp Med and Bioinformatics$84,102.85$84,102.85
Guest, Stephen ThomasLEO Lecturer IIIComp Med and Bioinformatics$82,500.00$82,500.00
Marini, SimoneRESEARCH INVESTIGATORComp Med and Bioinformatics$80,000.00$0.00
Hensley, JohnResearch Computer SpecialistComp Med and Bioinformatics$75,011.04$0.00
Qin, TingtingASST RES SCIENTISTComp Med and Bioinformatics$71,750.00$7,175.00
Severino, HelenResearch Process CoordinatorComp Med and Bioinformatics$71,575.00$71,575.00
Soroushmehr, SayedmohammadrezaRESEARCH INVESTIGATORComp Med and Bioinformatics$68,000.00$18,870.00
Bookvich, Aaron VittalaWeb Designer/Administrator SrComp Med and Bioinformatics$67,815.40$61,033.86
Patil, SnehalApplications Programmer InterComp Med and Bioinformatics$66,118.82$0.00
Chen, HaimingResearch Lab Specialist SeniorComp Med and Bioinformatics$63,945.00$31,972.50
Trombley, Paul DGraphics ArtistComp Med and Bioinformatics$60,082.12$33,045.23
Lin, MingRESEARCH INVESTIGATORComp Med and Bioinformatics$60,000.00$0.00
Terzian, Alexander KMedia ConsultantComp Med and Bioinformatics$57,710.44$43,282.87
Wiesner, JaneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthComp Med and Bioinformatics$57,353.65$57,353.62
Diehl, AdamResearch Computer SpecialistComp Med and Bioinformatics$56,334.82$0.00
Li, YanRESEARCH INVESTIGATORComp Med and Bioinformatics$55,000.00$0.00
Tsai, Tsung-YehRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$53,000.00$0.00
Wang, GuangtaoRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$52,800.00$0.00
Mirelez, Jessica LynnResearch Process CoordinatorComp Med and Bioinformatics$52,600.00$52,600.00
Mortuza, S M GolamRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$50,400.00$0.00
Biwer, CraigRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$50,000.00$0.00
Hernandez, LarryRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$50,000.00$0.00
Hooshmand, MohsenRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$50,000.00$0.00
Koneva, Lada AnatolievnaRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$50,000.00$0.00
Quang, Daniel XinRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$50,000.00$0.00
Zhou, WeichenRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$48,909.00$0.00
Huang, XiaoqiangRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$48,000.00$0.00
Mohanty, SmitaRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$48,000.00$0.00
Zheng, WeiRESEARCH FELLOWComp Med and Bioinformatics$48,000.00$0.00
Koger, Amy LynnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthComp Med and Bioinformatics$45,860.10$45,860.00
Wood, AlexanderResearch Lab Specialist AssocComp Med and Bioinformatics$45,000.00$0.00
Switzenberg, JessicaResearch Lab Specialist AssocComp Med and Bioinformatics$44,341.52$0.00
Manickam, NandiniResearch Lab Specialist AssocComp Med and Bioinformatics$43,259.88$0.00
Fon, Gordon-VictorResearch Laboratory Tech SrComp Med and Bioinformatics$40,147.04$0.00

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