Number of people in Civil - Environmental Engr Department: 76
Maximum Salary$ 298,740.00
Average Salary$ 109,891.19
Minimum Salary$ 36,500.10

Department Results for Civil - Environmental Engr 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Daigger, Glen TCLINICAL PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$298,740.00$224,055.00
Hayes, Kim FPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$219,692.00$219,692.00
Li, Victor CPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$217,130.00$217,130.00
Wight, James KPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$208,812.00$208,812.00
Love, Nancy GPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$206,000.00$206,000.00
Raskin, Lutgarde MPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$205,000.00$205,000.00
Lynch, Jerome PCHAIRCivil - Environmental Engr$198,120.00$99,060.00
Lynch, Jerome PPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$198,120.00$99,060.00
El-Tawil, SherifPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$193,846.00$130,690.97
Katopodes, Nikolaos DPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$192,843.00$192,843.00
Hryciw, Roman DPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$185,928.00$185,928.00
Michalowski, Radoslaw LPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$182,784.00$182,784.00
Adriaens, PeterPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$173,992.00$173,992.00
Yin, YafengPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$167,272.00$148,872.08
Skerlos, Steven JProfessorCivil - Environmental Engr$162,658.00$40,664.50
Semrau, Jeremy DPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$159,250.00$119,437.50
Kamat, Vineet RajendraPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$155,000.00$155,000.00
Liu, XianghongPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$149,500.00$37,375.00
Demond, Avery HPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$148,575.00$148,575.00
Hansen, WillPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$143,585.00$143,585.00
Ioannou, Photios GPROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$142,953.00$142,953.00
Woods, Richard DPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ACivil - Environmental Engr$133,334.00$40,000.00
Olson, Terese MASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$133,094.00$133,094.00
Lee, SangHyunASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$127,390.00$127,390.00
Lastoskie, Christian MASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$123,427.00$123,427.00
Zekkos, DimitriosASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$123,000.00$119,925.00
Clack, HerekRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$122,362.00$73,417.20
Brainard, PatriciaBusiness Administrator LeadCivil - Environmental Engr$122,018.00$122,018.00
Menassa, Carol CASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$120,000.00$120,000.00
McCormick, Jason PaulASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$119,500.00$110,943.80
Zekkos, Adamantia MariaASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$117,000.00$117,000.00
Cotel, Aline JASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$116,904.00$87,678.00
Ivanov, Valeriy YASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$116,053.00$109,496.01
Scruggs, Jeffrey TASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$115,921.00$115,921.00
Jeffers, Ann EASSOC PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$115,500.00$115,500.00
Clack, HerekLEO Lecturer IVCivil - Environmental Engr$114,678.68$45,871.47
Kerkez, BrankoASST PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$107,700.00$107,700.00
Wigginton, KristaASST PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$107,271.00$107,271.00
Spence, Seymour Milton JohnASST PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$104,221.00$104,221.00
Ellis, Brian RobertASST PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$103,538.00$103,538.00
Yavaraski, Thomas PResearch Area Specialist LeadCivil - Environmental Engr$101,945.00$101,945.00
Filipov, EvgueniASST PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$101,264.00$86,074.40
Masoud, NedaASST PROFESSORCivil - Environmental Engr$98,566.00$98,566.00
Rothfuss, Lissa MacVeanLEO Lecturer IIICivil - Environmental Engr$90,000.00$90,000.00
Bernardini, EnricaLEO Lecturer IIICivil - Environmental Engr$85,000.00$85,000.00
Donajkowski, SteveMechanical Technician SeniorCivil - Environmental Engr$77,717.00$77,717.00
Pantolin, Jan EResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCivil - Environmental Engr$77,301.00$77,301.00
Ford, Stephanie AResearch Process ManagerCivil - Environmental Engr$75,786.00$75,786.00
Tai, Yuh ShiouADJUNCT RES SCIENTISTCivil - Environmental Engr$75,429.00$60,343.20
Randolph, Jessica LynnStudent Administration ManagerCivil - Environmental Engr$71,925.00$71,925.00
Blank, Matthew ThomasAcademic Advisor/Couns SeniorCivil - Environmental Engr$66,788.00$66,788.00
Kropelnyckyj, ChristineResearch Process CoordinatorCivil - Environmental Engr$65,000.00$65,000.00
Spence, Robert MEngineering TechnicianCivil - Environmental Engr$60,404.00$60,404.00
Bills, Tierra SuzanASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFCivil - Environmental Engr$60,000.00$19,995.00
Brueger, Sheryl LSecretary SeniorCivil - Environmental Engr$55,245.00$55,245.00
Pallmeyer, Audrey NelsonResearch Area Specialist AssocCivil - Environmental Engr$55,000.00$6,600.00
Wong, WaiRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$55,000.00$0.00
Kennedy, EthanElectronics Tech IntermediateCivil - Environmental Engr$54,458.00$54,458.00
Petras, JessicaMktg Communications SpecialistCivil - Environmental Engr$53,000.00$53,000.00
Wong, Brandon PreclaroRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$52,000.00$52,000.00
Chen, ZhibinRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$51,500.00$0.00
Rohn, Tabitha LContract - Grant SpecialistCivil - Environmental Engr$50,440.00$50,440.00
Jaworska, Beata ElizaVISITING ASST RES SCI ICivil - Environmental Engr$50,400.00$0.00
Hu, YaoRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$50,000.00$0.00
Bautista de los Santos, Quyen MelinaRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$49,000.00$24,500.00
Sun, PengRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$49,000.00$0.00
Wang, WentaoRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$49,000.00$0.00
Xia, TianRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$49,000.00$49,000.00
Zhang, DuoRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$49,000.00$0.00
Shepherd, AmyAdministrative Assistant SrCivil - Environmental Engr$48,909.00$48,909.00
Obulisamy, Parthiba KarthikeyanVISITING ASST RES SCI ICivil - Environmental Engr$48,000.00$0.00
Shen, YunRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$48,000.00$0.00
Stimach, IngraAdministrative Assistant SrCivil - Environmental Engr$47,786.96$35,840.25
Fonoll Almansa, Xavier MarcRESEARCH FELLOWCivil - Environmental Engr$47,500.00$0.00
Stites, StaceyStudent Admin Asst InterCivil - Environmental Engr$43,155.00$43,155.00
Smith, BrianaStudent Admin Asst InterCivil - Environmental Engr$36,500.10$36,500.00

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