Number of people in Cell and Developmental Biology Department: 60
Maximum Salary$ 225,599.00
Average Salary$ 68,909.81
Minimum Salary$ 23,599.94

Department Results for Cell and Developmental Biology 2009-10
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Engel, James DouglasPROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$225,599.00$32,673.50
Welsh, Michael JPROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$176,952.00$79,628.40
Gumucio, Deborah LPROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$150,000.00$75,000.00
Ernst, Stephen APROFESSOR EMERITUS/ACell and Developmental Biology$145,626.55$29,996.74
Giger, RomanASSOC PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$145,000.00$108,750.00
O'Shea, Kathy SuePROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$142,500.00$79,800.00
Barald, Kate FPROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$120,000.00$74,400.00
Hitchcock, Peter FProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$117,660.33$21,178.86
Verhey, Kristen JASSOC PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$111,000.00$43,290.00
Tsai, BillyASSOC PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$110,000.00$55,000.00
Fingar, Diane CASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$100,500.00$63,817.50
Barolo, Scott EASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$99,000.00$64,350.00
Nabeshima, KentaroASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$96,000.00$96,000.00
Allen, BenjaminASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$95,000.00$95,000.00
Hortsch, MichaelASSOC PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$93,101.25$87,514.94
Kim, Sun-KeeASSOC PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$92,957.50$46,478.75
Lang, Karen RAdministrative Dir HealthcareCell and Developmental Biology$92,700.00$88,065.00
Edwards, Chris AResearch Senior SupervisorCell and Developmental Biology$87,368.49$0.00
Elie, Linda LFinancial or Bus Analyst LdCell and Developmental Biology$83,465.12$41,732.56
Donohoe, Bruce WResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCell and Developmental Biology$83,172.60$0.00
Velkey, John MatthewLEO Lecturer IIICell and Developmental Biology$76,080.00$76,080.00
Lim, Kim-ChewRESEARCH ASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$74,586.72$44,752.03
Tanabe, OsamuRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$68,000.00$0.00
Longeway, Lori JAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCell and Developmental Biology$64,636.57$48,477.43
Hug, Mary-KristenAdmin Specialist Senior HealthCell and Developmental Biology$63,963.00$63,963.00
Johnson, Lisa AnneResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$63,653.98$0.00
Meeks, Karen MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthCell and Developmental Biology$62,000.00$58,900.00
Christensen, A KentPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ACell and Developmental Biology$60,000.00$30,000.00
Schell, Robert RDesktop Support ManagerCell and Developmental Biology$56,266.21$22,506.48
Sorenson, Dorothy RResearch Lab Specialist LeadCell and Developmental Biology$55,134.45$0.00
Almburg, Shelley JanResearch Lab Technician LeadCell and Developmental Biology$54,999.88$0.00
Qiao, XiaotanResearch Lab Specialist InterCell and Developmental Biology$52,694.80$0.00
Meshinchi, SashaResearch Lab Specialist AssocCell and Developmental Biology$47,421.42$0.00
Richards, Neil WResearch Lab Specialist SeniorCell and Developmental Biology$47,081.00$0.00
Shen, Yu-ChiRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$45,504.00$0.00
Althaus, Irene WilsonResearch Laboratory Tech SrCell and Developmental Biology$43,000.10$43,000.10
Duan, YuntaoRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$42,204.00$42,204.00
Nelson, Bradley BResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$42,190.98$0.00
Hosoya, TomonoriRESEARCH INVESTIGATORCell and Developmental Biology$42,000.00$0.00
Lynch, JillDesktop Publisher IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$41,999.88$8,399.98
Soppina, VirupakshiRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$41,796.00$0.00
Acosta-Jaquez, Hugo AlejandroResearch Lab Specialist InterCell and Developmental Biology$39,600.00$0.00
Inoue, TakamasaRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$39,360.00$39,360.00
Hosoya, SakieRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$39,000.00$0.00
Blasius, Teresa LynneResearch Laboratory Tech SrCell and Developmental Biology$38,674.48$0.00
Mojica, SandraResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$37,000.08$0.00
Shi, LihongRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$37,000.00$29,600.00
Klerkx, Elke Patricia FrancineRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$36,996.00$36,996.00
Kang, Hyun-JooResearch Lab Specialist AssocCell and Developmental Biology$35,000.00$0.00
Ripberger, MariaResearch Laboratory Tech SrCell and Developmental Biology$33,999.94$16,999.97
Kim, Seung-heeResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$33,589.92$30,230.93
Winters, JesseResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$32,999.98$29,699.98
Lang, JierongResearch Laboratory Tech SrCell and Developmental Biology$31,952.44$0.00
Czerwinski, MichaelLaboratory Tech General AssocCell and Developmental Biology$31,500.04$4,725.01
Herrmann, Mary RoseResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$27,040.00$0.00
Song, JaneResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$26,999.96$26,999.96
Maj, Nicole ElisabethResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$26,499.98$0.00
Williams, Jeffrey MarkResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$26,000.00$0.00
Kastl, AlexanderResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$24,960.00$0.00
Tomkovich, Sarah EmilyResearch Lab Tech IntermediateCell and Developmental Biology$23,599.94$0.00
Altschuler, Richard AProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Castelli, Walter APROFESSOR EMERITUS/ACell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Dauer, William ToddAssoc ProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Dishinger, John FrancisRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Dlugosz, Andrzej AProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Engel, James DouglasCHAIRCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Fan, XingASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Gage, Philip JAssoc ProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Guan, Jun-LinProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Han, ZheAsst ProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Holland, Graham RexProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Hu, Patrick JASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Lee, Cheng-yuAsst ProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Lin, JiandieASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Maillard, Ivan PatrickASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
McNamara Jr, James APROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Morrison, SeanProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Pasca Di Magliano, MarinaAsst ProfessorCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Walton, Katherine DRESEARCH FELLOWCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Weisman, Lois SPROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Wellik, DeneenASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Yamashita, YukikoASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Ye, BingASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00
Zhu, YuanASST PROFESSORCell and Developmental Biology$0.00$0.00

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